Friday, September 04, 2009

Hither and thither 9/4/09

Once again, I thought pickings would be scarce, but we've ended up with a nice little assortment to send you off to your long weekend. (Tell a friend; holiday-weekend Friday stats are always a bit disappointing, snif.)
  • Kinda sad. My older two watched Reading Rainbow, and it's how I got started making pizzas.
  • Staying with, er, kids, unsurprisingly homeschooled kids outperformed government reeducation camp kids in ACT averages.
  • "Gay" ice cream? Oy! (h-t reader Gil Sebenste)
  • Whatever you think of Michelle Obama, just know that she could be 'way weirder.
  • It's nice to be with the majority for once. Pollster Scott Rasmussen reports that 57% would replace the entire Congress if they had the option. Yea, bo.
  • You know, I think it's great to have goals in life... but eeh! Give me Matthew 6:33, instead.
  • (Before all my stunt-man readers start breaking chairs over my head, throwing bottles at me, and tossing me through windows: I'm not saying you can't do that and be a Christian.)
  • (Do I have stunt-man readers? Because, you know, that'd be cool, too.)
  • Nutcase website Huffington Post dutifully reports what "Dr. Death," Jack Kevorkian, thinks of Michael Jackson's fatal dosing by a doctor. Yeah. That's some important knowledge, there. What next? Will they interview some convicted rapists, kidnappers, and child molesters for their sage observations concerning the Jaycee Dugard incident? Ick.
  • Reader NoLongerBlind points us to a funny pair of videos put up by pastor Kevin DeYoung: Calvinist Witnessing and Arminian Witnessing.
  • Have you seen those numerous stories about how most people who win huge cash prizes end up miserable and broke? Here's another. Weird, huh?
  • I've contemplated doing this for sometime, and by golly I'm going to do it. Strange Headlines of the Week. I won't link them, but they are actual headlines I see through the week. Here's one that screams "Don't Click Me!" — "Topless Geldof Reveals Piercing." Uhh... pass!
  • Breaking News for Girls! If a guy wants to have sex with you without marrying you, he may be a shiftless, brainless, amoral, opportunistic leech with no character and no future! Pass it on!
  • You say you like Gummy Bears? Pah! The five-pound Gummy Bear scoffs at your pallid excuse for devotion!
  • (Watch for the smooth-as-silk segue at the end of the next item.)
  • Irony as Thick as Smoke Alert. So what is likely the cause of the horrendous wildfires driving thousands from their homes (including the best man from our wedding) in Southern California? Anyone? Bueller? Right! It was environmentalist whackos, preventing the Forest Service from doing needed controlled burns. (Forestry guy named "Bear," heh.)
  • Staying with the sticky and rubbery, for you homeschooling moms, here are some ways to make your own silly putty.
  • And staying with the toys theme, we have a man building, and intending to sleep in, a house made completely of Legos.
  • Now a change of pace, perhaps especially for the men readers: a classic bear-versus-hunter story, told with some art. The least you'll say is, "Nice shot." Wistful reading for me.
  • And what would a H&T be without...?


Craig and Heather said...

"Gay" ice cream--who'd a thunk it? I always had an idea the company was liberally slanted

I like gummy bears :o)

Hubby and I have often discussed the irony of environmentalist-induced wildfires.

Speaking of Legos and re-education centers--have you seen this?


Gilbert said...
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Gilbert said...


I also refuse to support Starbucks because they are against the war and do not support the soldiers. They stopped providing them coffee.

As for the fires...4 dead, massive amounts of prime forest destroyed, and OH! The carbon footprint...emitted more garbage than California can spew out in a month. But because he's an "environmentalist", he'll be let off easy. Watch.

Joe W. said...

How sad, my favorite ice cream bites the dust. I'm not much for boycotts, but I wouldn't be caught dead buying a pint of "Hubby Hubby."

Levi Johnston, what a class act. I'm sure during his next interview with Larry King he will reveal that Sarah Palin has no reflection and maintains her youthful look by stealing the souls of unsuspecting teenage girls.

Robert-the-Chemist said...

Since you keep bringing up Gummi bears.

Aaron said...

The videos were hilarious and reminded me of the recent thread at pyros about what must I did to be saved.

I stopped eating Ben and jerry's when I got into law enforcement and learned that they paid for the defense of a cop killer.

DJP said...

Exactly, Aaron. If I'd had them, would have been perfect.

NoLongerBlind said...

Wait a minute; those were meant to be funny?

I thought they were modern, doctrinally-ecumenical, evangelism training films!

Aaron said...


I should say it more than reminded me. I was thinking that the video was verbatim from a couple posts.

Aaron said...


They looked like they were mocking the very worst of both sides.

NoLongerBlind said...

Sir Aaron:

I forgot to end my comment with

{/sarcasm}. Thanks tho'!


Paula said...

First, someone please explain the 'thereIfixedit' picture ??? I have no idea what that is.

RE: Levi...the comments demonstrate a serious inability to rub two brain cells together by the Palin haters:

"It doesn't matter whether he's telling the truth, and or exaggerating. What matters is that she is exposed for the hollow-hearted airhead bimbo trailer trash -- and piranha -- that she so obviously is.


RE the ACT. I was registering my son for a re-take of his ACT last night and we had to decide how to "classify" him. He has been homeschooled since kindergarten and has the kind of ACT score the homeschooling curve. This year, we enrolled him at the 'government reeducation camp' so he could take full time college classes for free ( funded) for his senior year.

He's never actually set foot in the local high school, so when the ACT form asked which high school he attended, it didn't seem right to say "Local High School C". OTOH, he's not "technically" being homeschooled anymore (according to Ohio law). However, we felt like homeschoolers should get "credit" for his stellar ACT score, not the local school district that had nothing whatsoever to do with his education. In fact, the local school board did everything in its power to make it more difficult for us, refusing to let our kids participate in sports and part-time classes. So we checked the "homeschooled" box.

Some time next year, I suppose he may be offered a government diploma. I'm not sure what we'll do with that one!

DJP said...

Which thereifixed it photo, Paula? There are two.

If the second, point your mouse/cursor at it for a moment, see if that helps any.

Paula said...

OK, I get it...I was too impatient to hover : ) BTDT!

Angie said...

I have eaten Ben & Jerry's once in the past four years in my own personal boycott of their company. I love their ice cream, but I hate their politics. My boycott started when I saw an ad they printed in the New York Times, showing an image of a floating corpse in the aftermath of Hurricaine Katrina, blaming the death on Bush because of the war. Right, because that prevented the government to strengthen the levees that they knew wouldn't hold in a big hurricaine and caused the hurricaine itself, and made the conditions unsafe for the National Guard to enter the area sooner than they did...

SandMan said...

That bear story...sheesh! You can just look at those guys and know that they are tough. The moral I took from the story: do not try to smell and sound like an elk.

lee n. field said...

So Reading Rainbow's demise is George Bush's fault. Riiiight.

LeeC said...

Is it wrong that after that last Obama cartoon I hear "Nom nom NOM!" ?

Gilbert said...
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Gilbert said...

OK, time for fun, courtesy of Phil Johnson (you know, THAT guy):

Do the following names:

Charles Spurgeon
Phil Johnson
Daniel J. Phillips Teampyro

You don't want to know what happens when you try Frank's name.