Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The value of BibleWorks

Everybody knows I love my BibleWorks. I've yet to do a full review of BW8 (epic FAIL on me), which I also love....

But here's one of the many things to love about BibleWorks: unmatched value. Check this chart as to the cost of BW from 1992-2009:

And in that time, the value and contents of BibleWorks has steadily risen. BW programmer Mike Bushnell says that the contents have increased fifty-fold over that time period.

If your pastor doesn't have it, Christmas is coming up. He'll love you forever.

Or, anyway, should.
I'm quite serious about that. You — church-member, deacon-board member, elder-board member — could hardly make a better investment of a few C-notes than to buy your pastor BibleWorks.

I respect Logos, am glad I have it, and use it daily.

But I love BibleWorks. It is a mind-boggling wealth of resources for a really decent price. It's fast, it's sleek, it's massively powerful. It gets you right into the text.

The single feature I love best is the marginal note feature. I have always been a Bible-noter. One of my earliest Bibles was an Oxford wide-margin KJV; later, a wide-margin Greek NT.

With BibleWorks, it's marginal notes on steroids, with a super-exo-suit, spinach, and a Scooby snack. It's a full-featured word processor that flicks instantly with a mouseover, and saves automatically when the mouse moves to the next verse. Load Greek, Hebrew, URLs, thoughts, quotations from Logos... bam, just like that.

If your pastor is a Bible-preacher, and doesn't have BibleWorks, he needs it.

If he isn't a Bible-preacher... what are you doing there, again?


Trevor Peck said...

Thanks for the post Dan. Here's hoping someone from my church reads it as well!! That would indeed be a nice Christmas present - or better yet - isn't October Pastor appreciation month!?!

Perhaps a not so subtle status update would do - LOL!

DJP said...

Or Reformation Day! It'd make a great Reformation Day present!

JackW said...

... and if he does have BibleWorks, get him Logos?

DJP said...

Sure, if you can. Much as I respect and value Logos, honesty forces me to say: money is still a consideration. You have to put down quite a bit to get useful material. I hope something develops to help bring the prices down.

But you get very useful material, and a very powerful database. Commentaries, references.

For instance: I hope to get the Spurgeon collection and be able to write about it. At present, when I try to find a Spurgeon quotation, it can be a nightmare. Paging through books, searching individual pdf files, weaving through The Internets...

...but once I have CHS in Logos (Lord willing), I can do a search just of that databaze, and life out the word or phrases reasonably fast.

Comparing them is a bit like saying "Which is better, a car or a horse?" Both are better. It all depends on what you want to do.

DJP said...

"life out the word" = "lift out the word."

You know, whatever.

Stefan said...

The Word is Life.

Sir Aaron said...

Does it work on a Mac? That's what my Pastor uses (he may already have it...he sold Logos and picked up Accordance? (sp?))

Also, if we are to purchase one program (I was originaly considering Logos original languages), which would you tell us to get? (I'm not getting anything until Windows 7 is in full effect).

DJP said...

No, not on a Mac yet. Only on real computers.

Boy oh boy, that's a hard one. Both are very good tools.

But I'll tell you straight-up... whew. If someone pointed a gun at a loved one and said I'd have to give one up and never replace it.... Wow. That's hard.

But I think I'd have to keep BW.

Yet right away I'd try to wheedle my way back to having Logos!

threegirldad said...

I think choosing between the two has much to do with one's background and training. That's why I'd choose Logos for some people, and BibleWorks for others (if I had to choose). That's why I ended up purchasing Logos for me. Frankly, I'm not sure how much use I could get out of BibleWorks. Because, as somebody famous once said, Dan + BibleWorks looks like this...and Me + BibleWorks looks like this.

DJP said...

Sir Aaron, I think I've thought of a better answer.

New premise: if I had ~$350 to spend, would I buy $350 worth of BW, or $350 worth of Logos?

No question. BW.

Mike Riccardi said...


I've got an opportunity to get BW 7 second hand for $175. Is it worth it, even though it's older? Keep in mind that I don't have any Bible software at all. Whatcha think?

DJP said...

Yes. Get it.

Then get 8 when you can, but 7 was a marvelous version, really splendid. You won't be sorry.

threegirldad said...


If you can get a proper transferal of ownership for that second-hand copy of BW7, you should be able to upgrade to version 8 at a later time, and actually be money ahead.