Monday, November 09, 2009

Indie version of Michael Jackson's "Beat It"

I have so many cool music vids online that we could have a week of nothing-but. Here's one from Pomplamoose.

Once I got over the initial shock at the singer's interpretation, the "feel" she gives the song, I actually liked it a lot. Monday music is all about creativity and eclectics. Stick with it:

Don't quite get the random ending, though.

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Anonymous said...

The singer's voice was painful to my ears at first. She started sounding better around the 1:40 mark. The music was pretty nice.

Overall, I think it was fair.

Al said...

The ending could have been an homage to Eat It by Weird Al. Of course they could just be vegans enjoying a lettuce, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

al sends

DJP said...

Yeah; as I mentioned, her "take" on it was a bit startling at first. But the manic energy of the guy playing all the instruments kept me, and then the singing made sense.

But boy, if you look at some of the sites hosting the vid (including YouTube), some folks HATE it.

Weeks to come, I will probably share another song or two of theirs.

SandMan said...

Ironic that MJ wrote these lyrics:

"Don't wanna be a boy you wanna be a man!"

I give it an overall B minus... but agree with you that the instrumental portion was what made me watch the whole thing.

Mesa Mike said...

The glockenspiel... Looks like something my kids play with!

As SandMan intimates, there is something incongruous about a wimpy wobbly voice singing those lyrics. That's probably on purpose, though. These people are artistes, after all.

DJP said...

I just think it's fun. She doesn't try to sing it like Jackson; she sings it her way. It puts a different feel to the same lyrics, bluer and more despondent. Then the chorus comes in, and it's just sweet.

Tastes differ.

Sir Aaron said...

I love the sound of the kids piano.

Michelle said...

I found it quite pleasant, even with her strange deer-in-the-headlights look. I'd love to know what Simon Cowell would think about her vocals.

SolaMommy said...

How does she keep her expression so blank the entire song?

Brad Williams said...

Two quick observations:

First, I liked it a lot.

Second, I never realized this before, but I had no idea what the words to "Beat It" were until I heard this version. My hazy recollection of this song has something to do with a gang fight in a warehouse and a red leather jacket...or was the jacket from Thriller?

Back to work!

Susan said...

(More blog moderation, Dan? What did they [or perhaps I?] do to you this time?)

Hmm, she does remind me of another person upon first hearing...actually, make that two people. She sounds like a combination of the leader singer of the Brit. band Swing Out Sister and Suzanne Vega.

And that plastic bag at the end of the vid looks familiar...Cheesecake Factory's, perhaps? (Yeah, I think Al may be right about "Eat It"--that was the first thing I thought of when I saw her eating that wrap/sandwich/whatever....)