Monday, November 09, 2009

Much as I love my iPhone, this is pretty good

iPhone, yay; AT&T, not so much:

Though I will say I was pleasantly surprised at AT&T's coverage on our recent trip to the Sierra. It was pretty much at least as good as Verizon, if not slightly better.


ChosenClay said...


Another reason for AT&T customers to convert to Verizon.

BTW, the new Droid looks awesome!

Sir Aaron said...

Ummhmm. When I travel I have verizon customers that have no signal while I'm going full coverage. Especially overseas.

Gilbert said...

It's interesting, the "G" or "2G" coverage by AT&T beats Verizon, that's what they don't tell you. For us storm chasers out in the middle of nowhere, AT&T rules, Verizon drools. Most of the time.

But of course, Sprint's 4G coverage beats AT&T and Verizon by a country mile, and it's much faster. In the big cities, all 3 work, and Sprint downloads faster. But the Iphone is the Iphone. And I want to check out the Droid.