Friday, April 16, 2010

Hither and thither 4/16/10

Well it's been a pretty full week, and particularly brutal yesterday. (For that reason, I haven't been able to follow up some readers' tips; they'll have to wait for next week.) It's been nearly as bad today. Yet I've gathered hence and thence for you, so here you have it:
  • Arizona is poised to join Alaska and Vermont in becoming a politer state.
  • DAOD sent me this that BSIL found: Iceland's volcanic eruption.

  • The Cookie Monster brings to mind....

  • Our friend from across the pond, Pastor Gary Benfold, notes a happy-ish ending to the tale of the Christian lady who was fired for soliciting prayer on her own time from her own computer.
  • I wonder whether Pastor Benfold has ever had a full English breakfast pizza? (Thanks to faithful reader Berry Davis for that one.)
  • Another happy ending, from the sort of story that so often does not end happily. An eleven-year-old girl with Asperger's Syndrome is lost in an alligator-infested Florida swamp for four days — and is found, fundamentally safe and sound. Both the rescuer and the father give glory to God.
  • We have a Title of the Week. When you read the ad, it makes a kind of sense... but where's the fun in that? Here 'tis: Proposal to make it unlawful to sell fake urine.
  • It does leave unanswered questions. Like, Why would anyone sell, when real product is so readily available? And, So it would still be legal to sell real urine? And, Is there real money in it, if you're a blogger in his fifties (say) who's never knowingly touched illegal drugs?
  • But of course, that would be Wrong.
  • The iPad is also a phone. Gre-e-e-eat.

  • Magazine backhand air-tap: if execute properly, no can defense.
  • Dude, look behind you. Or... don't.
  • Want to see a Star Wars AT-AT Walker made out of... bacon? You know you do. Go on. Look.
  • Ever hear of Jennifer Knapp? I haven't. But apparently she's the latest "Christian" "musical" "artist" to announce to the world that perverted, degrading passions trump Jesus. Once again, broken abacus = tragic miscalculation.
  • Think they flipped for position?
  • Oh my. As if there weren't already enough to worry about. Now we have to face the possibility of being confronted by a herd of purposeful, focused, angry... earthworms!
  • Which all comes down to...


LeeC said...

Yeah, I know who Jennifer Knapp is.
We enjoyed her music, and wondered what happened to her. eight years ago or so she dissapeared pretty much completely.

We prayed for her when we thought of her.

The most tragic part is that she is still insisting that she is a Christian.

Gary Benfold said...

No, Dan, I haven't. But I've had plenty of Full English Breakfasts, as my girth shows - come to Bournemouth next time you're in the UK (opposite end to Scotland!) and I'll treat you to a real one.

Fred Butler said...

Speaking of angry worms

Mesa Mike said...

So... Now I gotta worry about roving gangs of thug-worms? I thought I had enough to be worried about. I'm gonna go neurotic, or something.

REM said...


-They are sweet and fine art.
-They'd make a bundle selling them as hunting targets
-They should have included a fetus

Also, I'd say that shark is eclipsing JAWS in it's level of fakeness.

Chuck said...

>0bama's compulsive bowing

Enough to impeach?

Sir Aaron said...

I also know who Jennifer Knapp is. I enjoyed some of her songs. Now she's bagging on those who abstain, huh? Looks like she's going to go the pop route rather than Christian radio. Good thing...I'd call my local station if I heard any of her new songs on.

sem said...

sWell crikey! I was hoping all of those rumors about Jennifer Knapp were just that, rumors. Very disappointed, indeed.

Gabby said...

The article about Obama bowing - again. :::Sigh::: It's surprisingly painful. There's a passage in Jeremiah that often comes to mind when I think about him. "Cursed is the man who trusts in man, who makes flesh his strength... For he shall be like a shrub in the desert and shall not see when good comes..." Obama is deceived, and CANNOT see when good comes because he doesn't know good from evil and therefore can't recognize good. It's very sad when one is in the clutches of Satan.

That pic of the shark!!!! Omigoodness!! Is that photoshopped?

Mark Patton said...

Well, my day is shot. Why I thought that it was actually your world record when I clicked on the link, I am not sure, but now I can't stop trying to imagine you with that particular record. Add to that the fact that I continued to read H&T and cannot stop laughing from the lady falling out of her chair from the "mag tag", well any idea of production in my day from here on out is just unthinkable. Thank you?

David said...

Mmmmm. Bacon. They should have gone ahead and done a Death Star.

Citizen Grim said...

- Shame about Jennifer Knapp. She made some pretty decent music. It baffles me that people think they can pick and choose the parts of the Bible they want to believe, as if they're the final arbiters of right and wrong. Of course, I suppose this is what the serpent suggested in the garden, and in our sinful state, I suppose it's the lie we all default to.

- This line, however, is beyond the pale: "Anyone who has a decade of celibacy has 'complete loser' written on their back," she joked, although she still respects those who do abstain. Apparently she's an Antinomian. I'm not sure which applies more: Matt 5:11-12 or Matt 5:19. Perhaps 1 Cor 3:10-15.

- I looked at that Iceland volcano picture and thought: wow, it must take forever to mow that lawn.

- The woman who emailed her church, and got fired from her school receptionist job? Seems pretty obvious that some Judas in the church sold her out to the school official.

- The article says the guy who rescued his daughter from the alligator-infested swamp spent a day being interviewed in the media, while clutching a Bible. Oh, also, his name is James King. I wonder what version his Bible is?

- Don't hunters sometimes buy deer urine, to mask their own scent?

- The magazine air-tap is amazing. Well, what's amazing is how well the woman tries to fake a horrific assault.

- Everytime it rains, a herd of earthworms comes squirming out of the ground and tries to get into my dry garage.

JTW said...

I also know who Jennifer Knapp is (was), have enjoyed some of her music, wondered why she disappeared.
Alas, she returns to deliver another punch in the gut from CCM. Very sad and disappointing.

Rachael Starke said...

The House graph is hilarious. They should do another one on proposed diagnoses before they figure out the real one. Paraneoplastic syndrome seems to come up every week.

Not that I would know, of course...

SandMan said...

@ Grim:

The magazine air-tap is amazing. Well, what's amazing is how well the woman tries to fake a horrific assault.

Ever watch professional soccer?

Jugulum said...

"Well, gentlemen. Moth larvae are destroying our precious fruit crops. What can we do to stop them?"

"Could we... reverse the polarity?"

Anonymous said...

Man. My top 3 all time favorite Christian albums list goes:

1. Jesus Freak (dc Talk of course)
2. Going Public (Newsboys)
3. Kansas (Jennifer Knapp)

What a disappointment that she stopped fighting sin.

jmb said...

Jennifer Knapp = broken abacus = you can't count on her.

DJP said...

Wouldn't it be kinda refreshing if, someday, after years of rumors that X (celebrity-embracing-some-perversion) were actually straight, (s)he came out of the closet and admitted it? "It's true! I just said it for the publicity!"

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh my, what a roundup!

The younger grasshoppers – predictably - love the Lego animals, the bacon AT-AT, as well as the tightrope-bike-leaping-tiger combination. And thank-you-very-much these boys, who don’t particularly like cake (other than as a vehicle for frosting,) now have cupcake cravings.

And what is up with the magazine backhand? I want the back-story! (And I'm starting to want to smack that woman myself.)

And the English Breakfast Pizza…

what are the things at about three o’clock (on the pizza) that look like wiggly worms?

What an encouraging story from Florida. *happy sigh*

P.D. Nelson said...

Interesting about Jennifer Knapp I see that she'll be with Derek Webb here in my hometown. Tends to make me wonder.

Sir Brass said...

Dan, we're not just poised, we're there. Gov. Brewer signed the bill :).

One more step in the right direction. Major milestone here, but still not done.

trogdor said...

Oh, so scienticians are just now learning that worms can form terrifying herds? Apparently those nerds didn't see this classic documentary. The director's commentary is also worth checking out.

Love that Homer rant. It's from one of my favorite quotable episodes, Marge Be Not Proud, after Bart gets caught stealing a video game. Other favorite lines include "Oh, sure, now he's just a little boy stealing little toys. But some day, he'll be a grown man stealing... stadiums and... and quarries" and the classic "Shoplifting is a victimless crime, like punching someone in the dark".

I wonder if the gay moth solution is an outgrowth of this research project.

DJP said...

Best. Educated. Readers. EVER!

DJP said...

Herding GrasshoppersAnd what is up with the magazine backhand? I want the back-story!

It's even better with sound.

Here is more, and here, and finally the aftermath.

Berry said...

Earthworms that from gangs and can think!? Reminds me of this bit of cinematic chum...

REM said...

Citizen Grimm,
Point noted on Knapp's paleness, it's there and it is really sad. I pray she repents. During that turbulent time of adolescence so many admit confusion and evil people all but pipe in, "Congratulations, that confusion/uneasyness/desire/uncertainty probably means you're a homosexual." It gets old to hear and see. It makes me want to weep for them and hold fast to all counsel from God's Word.

However, I hope we find it pathetic that it's now default for Christian young people to log the often assumed and expected 10+ years of celibacy for no good known reason. It could be caused by elevated feelings on marriage, parental ROIs not getting met, someone's overemphasized career, American assumptions on marriage or just simply because that is how the world rolls with the issue of delaying marriage. Granted, marriage isn't for all and it isn't JK's solution to her sin, Jesus is. However, JK's thoughts seem to echo those of my single, yet faithful Christian brother's and sisters so much that I don't see how we could say it doesn't point to a larger problem of deficient and assumed teaching on marriage inside of churches today, even good and biblical ones. That is, assuming there is any teaching on marriage going on at all. Sure we can shrug it off and say that is a single's problem, but I tend to think we have so many problems within marriage because we talk so little about it while working so diliberately hard at making the next generation so unmarriable because it's easier.