Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Is Where I'm At Right Now

So, I have a really Deep Thought post in the works on Jews who say you can't be Jewish and believe in Jesus. But it's not finished.

Instead, yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting my manager in the hospital; he's been unconscious for nearly 10 days with a nasty dose of septic pneumonia. I'd visited and prayed for him with his wife. He came to on Monday, thank God. That was a scare. Brought him a Bible, visited, got home later than usual.

Then this morning, my DAOD had spent the night. She is, as you know, great with child. But poor girl hurt her back, so I started the day trying to help her with that, which I hope/think I did.

At work, someone's bobbled an upgrade "push," and we're buried alive. I can only type this because I'm waiting through a lengthy uninstall, to be followed by a lengthy install. Dozens of other people are waiting. It's never been this bad in the 5+ years I've been here.

So... sorry! I have days like you do. Thank God I'm employed, healthy, have skills people want to pay money for. The post will come when I can do it, don't want to rush it.

Meanwhile, there is another Colossians installment at Pyro.

And... here's this, anyway.


Herding Grasshoppers said...


Good heavens - what a scare with your manager! Praying it will turn his attention to his future. And how very handy that God has you right there on the spot.

And my sympathy to your daughter. Forgot... when is she due?

Hope you dig yourself out soon at work and have time to share your Deep Thought. But meanwhile, the sign is HILARIOUS! The grasshoppers Get It. (We've resorted to license plates.)


Unknown said...

My Aunt recently had septic pneumonia as well and was in a coma for a number of days. Came out of nowhere. The doctors couldn't diagnose it correctly at first. She is doing well now. Scary stuff. I really hope my aunt, who is a nominal Catholic, will be shaken up by this to see that life is fleeting and we can't even keep ourselves alive and healthy by our own strength. Mainly praying for open doors to the Gospel though...

- Trevor

DJP said...

Moment for breather.

Julie, DAOD is due in 7-10 days-ish... so (to my mind) could be anytime.

Complicating the situation with my boss: he's been excellent to work for, is a great guy, we've a terrific working relationship... and I've never talked with him at any length about Jesus. He knows about my faith, but I've just never witnessed to him. So this really hit me hard - going on as if I'd have limitless opportunities. Then he's struck down with a potentially-fatal disease. Wake-up call.

So I gave him a Bible bookmarked at John, which he said he'd read. Now I pray and, God willing, will find an opportunity.

100 Mile Pants said...

Haha! I'm so busy I only got to do a post on Colossians over at Pyro... You crack me up, Dan. Very prolific.

On the topic of Colossians, I am due to start a series on it next month. How do I reference a blog when preaching? Seriously.
I'm going to be having a decent wrestle with your "one false teacher" theory shortly.

Praise God for a sickness that gives opportunity to share the gospel. Sickness for salvation? Sounds like a great swap!

DJP said...

Oh, sorry, false impression. I mostly did that one over the weekend.

jmb said...


I'll be praying about your daughter and your boss.

Looking forward to reading what you have to say about Jews who maintain that Jews who believe in Jesus are no longer Jews. If you have the time, would you add something about Gentile believers who consider themselves "spiritual Jews"? I've encountered this situation, and would appreciate your thoughts on the issue.

I don't "get" the photo.

Tom Chantry said...

Where's the "J"?

Anonymous said...


My first thought exactly!

As a kid I often told myself that if I ever lived on the highway, I'd put up signs like that...occasionally still do.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

@jmb - the sign relates to a game that parents with small children often play to pass the time during long drives.

Dan... ooooh! Soon for the baby! Is this your first "grampa-ship"? Will there be pictures?

Praying for good conversations with your boss. Your life has probably been a bigger testimony than you realize. Praying that paves a way into his heart for the gospel.


Barbara said...

In our dialysis clinic where I worked until this past Friday, I had a patient who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly not too long ago. Of all the people I carry the Gospel to in that place, she wasn't one of them. Turns out she had a nephew who is a pastor, but does that absolve me...?

These are hard things. But most definitely wake-up calls. And I have found that - so far, in my as-yet very limited experience - when I ask for an open door for the Gospel, He has yet to do anything but open it wiiiiide.

Pierre Saikaley said...

"Thank God I'm employed, healthy, have skills people want to pay money for."

I've been trying to pray that one for a while now. I work in the Pharmacy industry, retail sector, and I'm praying not to get demoted and lose much needed pay. care cuts...liberal government...need I say more???

Blessings on your daughter Dan...I have is just a year old and the other almost 4.


threegirldad said...

Thanks, jmb. You asked the question that I was too embarrassed to ask.

I still don't understand the significance of those four letters, though...

SandMan said...


The game is played by having your kids look for the letters of the alphabet in succession on road signs. Those particular letters are difficult to find because they occur infrequently (compared to other letters like "S," "T," "M," etc.)

Stefan Ewing said...


Sorry for the late comment, but I'm very much looking forward to the promised post!

Ironically, the first time in my life that I felt authentically Jewish was the moment when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, as the promised Messiah of the Old Testament.

Biblical Christianity is Judaism: the Judaism that affirms that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.

(To be fair, having been raised in the secular [cultural] Jewish tradition, I didn't have to wrestle with the same issues that those who have grown up immersed in an observant environment have to. On the other hand, Christianity never felt like "my" religion until our Gentile pastor preached on Romans 11 and, adhering to the Biblical text, showed how it's not a Gentile religion at all, but by the grace and sovereign design of God, Judaism in its essence.)