Friday, June 04, 2010

Hither and thither 6/4/10

Here we are yet again, boys and girls, ready to call "wrap" on another week and dart through another weekend. I'm sequestering myself for a literary push - but not before sharing with you a few baubles concocted to amuse, delight, madden and inform you for the next few days.
  • BibChr Public Service Announcement for helping swallow bitter pills. Maybe you have problems, more likely your kids do. Here are some tips. The one I have liked best for years, for dry, difficult pills, is using bubbly seltzer waters. Picks it up and gets it right down.
  • Another service: I know a lot of people are looking for work. I have a suggestion. Here's how to land a plush offer: run for office against someone Obama backs.
  • Longtime reader Candy Webb found a clever parody video titled "We Con the World," about the peaceful flotilla of knives and metal rods.
  • Well, sometimes some news gets out.
  • Hunh. Lego printer.
  • Phil Johnson Tweeted this really interesting, fun video featuring a gent who owns a store in Los Angeles specializing in sodas of all varieties. Pleasure to watch; I want to go there.
  • Speaking of Phil — future conquests?
  • One last Phil note: he'll be guest-hosting Wretched Radio today, 12-2pm PT. For once, Phil gets to be his own guest!
  • Now back to beverages, reader Berry Davis spotted an instructive video on how to make root beer.
  • Well, whoever said that doe-eyed optimism isn't still alive and well in America? Here's a man (Peter Ferrera) who argues at length that Obama will be forced to resign before his term is complete. In the couse, he makes this acerbic but correct observation: "Presently, one reason to vote Republican for President is that Republican Presidents are subject to the rule of law, but Democrat Presidents are not."
  • What do I think? I think (A) all his reasons are sound, but (B) nothing short of conversion would get Obama out of that office voluntarily. The author does not factor in his towering, meta-Clintonian arrogance.
  • I knew a fellow who worked with a Search and Rescue team in a hilly area with a massive, muddy lake. On some unhappy occasions, divers had to search waters for drowned boaters. One fellow, as he searched, ran his hand along this massive, submerged log — and then the log moved! He quit. Maybe the "log" was something like this.
  • On Mike Leake's blog, you have a chance to win a copy of The Trellis and the Vine.
  • Tullian Tchqjncingoiqoflpmxpn has a thought-provoking post on the Law and the Gospel. He says there is only Gospel and legalism — not legalism and lawlessness.
  • IT nerd does barbecue:

  • In January I gave you a heads up on a cool voice-recognition app for iPhone called Dragon Dictation. As a follow-up, I found a page spelling out the vocal cues for punctuation and signs.
  • Christians who voted for Obama: your president calls on you to celebrate National Glory In Their Shame Month.
  • Well, he called it something else.
  • When Justin Taylor, excellent brother that he is, quoted George Will with approval as the latter raised his pinkie and sniffed a lofty sneer at "populism" (read: Sarah Palin), your correspondent mused aloud, "A far greater mystery than Sarah Palin’s popularity is the question of why any principled conservative finds the ever-prissy Mr. Will persuasive. Really." Brother Taylor found the ad hominem to be "beneath" me. There's some irony in that response, but I bring it up to note that now Will has signed on for homosexuals in the military, and offers the somber assessment that Congressmen (and, by inference, the rest of us) who dare to oppose  are "not being very intelligent." Well, there y'go. That settles that.
  • Al Mohler dwells on some of the nightmarish implications of yet another forced normalization of perversion. Oh well, I guess he's "not being very intelligent," eh?
  • Pause and reflect: some Christians voted for Obama, and are still in denial about the gravity of their error. Wonder what it'll take, don't you?
  • Fred Butler has helpfully amassed links to his own articles bringing the Bible to bear on the topic of homosexuality.
  • Okay, now we come to Reason #47289 Why We Homeschool: pooled perversity. Warning: it's an ugly story. Many lines beg to be quoted. Please don't. Here.
  • The Proverbs 13:20 Effect, I call it.
  • Did you know that the Cookie Monster was created for an IBM ad? And that he had teeth?
  • Tipper and Al Gore separate! Bush to blame!
  • I'm guessing... government reeducation center student.
  • Ted Haggard's big surprising announcement is that he's starting a church, and he apparently isn't so big on what the Bible says about homosexuality.
  • Surprise!
  • When is it OK with the MSM for you to be a politician and claim that Jesus guides your public policy? Simple: when (A) you're a Democrat, and (B) the claim means nothing, at best. See Nancy Pelosi do terrible things to John 1. (Thanks to reader Joel Griffith for that link.) And don't forget the reality of her policies.
  • Reader Ralph Traylor found a great way to plug the oil leak (click to enlarge):
  • Suppose you did something so stup... er, unwise, that every time you told anyone about it they stared at you like you were a complete idiot. What do you think you'd do then? I know! File a lawsuit blaming someone else for it, so that the whole world will know about you!
  • Just a reminder: Father's Day is coming up.
  • Another reminder that big bad tough-talking liberals' assault on religion is highly selective. Among many quotables: "The producers at Comedy Central know one seminal fact: They can mock Jesus all they want - no Christian jihadist is going to blow them up. It is easy - and safe - to take pathetic potshots at Christ."
  • Olive Tree Software is having a substantial sale until June 14.
  • A new entry in the fabled History of Bad, Bad Ideas:


DJP said...

Remember, there may be unannounced updates up to noon PT.

Starbuck said...

Does this mean we can discuss whatever we want to? (meaning civil discourse and nothing disgusting..)

DJP said...

No. The general rule always obtains: something about the post.

Wait... seventy-two disparate items, and nothing there interests you?

< face-palm >

Jay Budzilowski said...

i think the "Chunky Bible" is no more

DJP said...

Oh dear. It looks as if - literally - terrorist types hacked that site. Good heavens, whatever for? Chunky Bibles would do more harm (of one kind) than bombs, I'd think.

Well, regardless, I've replaced it with a link to Zondervan's ad.


lee n. field said...

"Shirtless Kirk" cologne.

I can't say I've got "gaydar", but somethin' ain't right there.

Fred Butler said...

I found out yesterday that soda pop store is about 25 minutes from my house. I have a trip planned already.

Citizen Grim said...

I used to have trouble swallowing pills because I always placed it on the very back of my tongue, but I discovered one day that it's much easier if you place it on the front of your tongue. Obviously, any drink helps it go down easier.

That catfish is the stuff of nightmares.

Nancy Pelosi is crying, "Lord, Lord, did we not do many mighty works in your name?"

Pooka said...

Being military, every time some lgbtwxyz fanfare hits the scene, I'm sorta feeling a bit cold. All these events are due to infiltrate my workplace in a manner that will be distinctly different from what I experience "off-duty."

I know there will be a rash of messages from our wise Bible-breathing bloggers and pastors ( for instance), but the field hasn't been fully drawn up, far as I can tell.

What is this really gonna mean for us? I think this is on-topic? I'd write on it at my little blog, but I just don't think I have the deep-running brains to get anywhere with it.

DJP said...

Fred, get that one made with rose petals and tell me about it. For starters.


Sonja said...

Zondervan should publish a Chunky Bible for the KJV-only crowd and then they too could do the Chunky Bible happy dance.

Always look forward to H&T Day!

DJP said...

Oh, my.

Rhology said...

On the soda pop store, this one is near where I live. Great cream soda.

Missy said...

Looks like the "Chunky Bible" features quotes by folks like Dolly Parton, Mother Theresa, and Mark Twain. You know, people who don't believe the Bible. :-/

Gabby said...

One of the reasons I love Fridays so much is for Hither and Thither. I can't get any work done til I've had my fix.

Nancy Pelosi's shameful rant on the Word becoming flesh - correct me if I'm wrong, but under her laws babies don't get the opportunity to become flesh. This is nothing less than her peddling the word of God for votes - ala 2 Cor. 2:17.

Phil Johnson guest-hosting Wretched today - Whoo Hoo! What a good day! Hither and thither and Phil Johnson on Wretched! :)

Starbuck said...

DJP said...
No. The general rule always obtains: something about the post.

Wait... seventy-two disparate items, and nothing there interests you?

< face-palm >

Sorry.. I didn't speak everything I was thinking. I meant whatever we want in the post, of all the 72 items.. I guess you couldn't see me pointing to the items int he post..? Probably not.

You can kick me in the head now.

Brad Williams said...

Wow. Let's vote for that soda pop guy for Business Czar.

DJP said...

No problem, Starbuck. Have at it, have fun.

Rachael Starke said...

I'll have to save most of this week's H&T goodness for the weekend as I've got illustrious guests coming for dinner tonight, but the Tullian title made me laugh. Not only is that brother's name impossible to pronounce, it's impossible to type. But it's a great article.

DJP said...

Well, I tried.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oooo, lots to explore over the weekend.

Hmmm, so many reasons we homeschool, and - apparently - others that never even occurred to us. Yikes.

Though the student seeking to interview a veteran of the War for Independence did crack us up! Yah, when you find one, let me know.

Happy weekend,


Paula said...

The Flotilla parody was dead on (yikes, no pun intended). Our pastor is wrapping up his dispensationalism series with the end times & Turkey attacking Israel is an intriguing thought.

On a not nearly so serious or important note, the most pathetic group of wanna-be celebrities from Cleveland have teamed up for a "We are the World" re-make of their own, called Please Stay LeBron. The pathetic panderers include (I'm not kidding - this is how desperate we are!) Gov. Ted Strickland (D), Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D), a bunch of councilmen & county commissioners, an "indimidating lawyer", local DJ's...If LeBron sees this, we're done.

Slinking away with a bag over my head...

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

"Pause and reflect: some Christians voted for Obama, and are still in denial about the gravity of their error. Wonder what it'll take, don't you?"

Yeah, I wonder what it'll take sometimes.

Anyone know of any Christian who voted for Obama and genuinely regrets his/her vote?

threegirldad said...

My parents have been to Perú several times, so I've heard all about cuy. Guess I need to ask them about that "tastes like slimy chicken" description.

And no list of "worst national foods" can be considered complete if it doesn't include Hákarl.

Magister Stevenson said...

Love the soda pop video. Not only is it nice to hear "soda pot" (as a West Coast transplant to PA), but I loved seeing some one stand up for the small man.
By the by, we make our own root beer and ginger ale (just has some of the later). Here's the ginger ale recipe:

1 empty 2-liter bottle
1 cup of cane sugar (can reduce to 2/3 cup)
1/4 tsp baking yeast (read that: 1/4 teaspoon!)
2 tbl lemon juice
cool water

combine the ingredients (in order listed) in the bottle, seal with the lid, shake around till the sugar dissolves, then leave out in a warm place till the bottle is tight (like in the store). Refrigerate once it is tight, drink when cold (you will have to strain it).
My Latin students love it--we're making some to have the day after finals. The yeast creates the bubbles (and a slight yeasty flavor), and the ginger gives a slight heat.
(here is a link to the site I found the recipe, I slightly modified how we make it:

Anonymous said...

i have to agree with threegirldad: if it's future conquests you're looking for, then Kæstur hákarl should be at the top (or maybe extreme bottom?) of your culinary list. good luck!

jmb said...

Hey, George Will loves baseball.

Woman Suing Google: In America, unlike Japan, money trumps shame.

SandMan said...

I thought the Moehler article on repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was thorough and insightful.

I also felt I could hear the jeering from the homosexual activists on each of his points.

I have to admit that this culture is so saturated with the normalization of this sin that I know what their arguments will be before they make them. That in itself made me a little sad when I realized it.

When I read the biblical account of the men of Sodom, and compare it with news stories such as this, it seems that there is something in the nature of this sin in particular that just will not rest until it has reached its "n"th degree.

Though, if I am honest my sins are jut as insidious apart from the restraint of the Holy Spirit.

The culture's effect on Lot is remarkable... and I am sure we are in the same danger if we do not cling to Christ and His Word. (Sometimes, I have a hard time believing Lot gets a nod from Peter who refers to him as "righteous Lot"--II Peter 2:7).

God's grace and mercy are amazing!

Merrilee Stevenson said...

Everyone please excuse my husband's typo. "Soda-pot" was not a favorite drink from the West Coast (although we did live in the uber-liberal state of Oregon, and it may be a favorite drink out there...).

And to TUAD:

"Anyone know of any Christian who voted for Obama and genuinely regrets his/her vote?"

I'm not speaking to those people any longer. ;o )

Terry Rayburn said...

Ahh, finally got to H&T a couple days late...

By the way, "Civil Disobedience Cat" is redundant, right?

DJP said...

Terry - LOL, I suppose so.

Susan said...

1. I just read Al Mohler's thoughts on the implications of repealing the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". From what this sleepyhead can gather, this point is particularly helpful (paraphrased): The military needs to "strip" each soldier's identity so that everyone can fight together as a unit. To repeal the "DADT" rule would weaken this uniformity. The implications are indeed grave.

2. (Well, there was one good thing that came out of reading such dismal news in #1--I started to pray that we would vote these stupid politicians out of office! Hopefully the aggregate of distasteful policies will make the American public long for change again!)

3. That soda shop is also within reasonable driving distance for me, so when I'm craving for some coffee-flavored soda one of these days, I'll go visit!

DJP said...

There was some comment weirdness. Aaron said this:


Agree wholeheartedly. What strikes me the most is the violence of said lifestyle, which is exactly what is described in the Bible in the story of Sodom.


That soda store is pretty cool. There are a lot of stores these days that do have a huge number of sodas these days though (like Henry
s). I'm Root Beer connoisseur but he had some brands not even I had seen before (of course, local brews are often only available, well...locally).