Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday music: "ABCD said," by PixieTea

Continuing in the theme of not usually having a theme for Mondays (apart from being eclectic)....

We celebrate creativity in our MM posts, and this qualifies. Don't know what the lyrics mean (rough translation in the comments here), but dude: girl makes the whole song off an iPhone.


David Regier said...

I am always amazed to see what one creative mind can put together using technology.

But get this: I was in a room yesterday where hundreds of people combined to perform several musical pieces. Each had a different part to play or sing, and only a few from the number had rehearsed. The sound of the hundreds of singers rose above the instrumentalists, who served as able accompaniment to the performance. Even the imperfections in the performance added to the perfection of the performance. It was all done in one take.

Today, I'm back in my little studio making music by myself, playing, editing, doing and undoing. I like what happened yesterday better.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

My goodness. If that fresh-faced cutie can do all that on her iPhone (and computer...) imagine what I might be able to accomplish with one! Do they have a laundry app? Most likely one for planning a menu and shopping list? How about washing the dishes? I'm gonna start saving my nickels for one anyway!

Cute song. I love Mondays.

Susan said...

Okay, so I'm reading Monday's post on a following Thursday. This week has been busy, I guess.

She's singing a contemporary love song, from what I can gather. I probably will have to listen to it 2 or 3 times before I can get the whole thing. Gotta love 'em iPhones. :)