Friday, December 24, 2010

Hither and thither 12/24/10

By popular demand, here's the Christmas Weekend edition of Hither and Thither. If I may say so, I think we've got a great, fun, varied collection. Have fun, bring a friend, spread the word. Fun loves company, too. The usual verities apply.
  • Happy Christmas, y'all.
  • Admiral A for the epic win?
  • Alphabetically related, Al Mohler has a really good, Biblically-contentful, direct essay on the necessity of affirming the Virgin Birth. And no, I don't say that about all Mohler's essays.
  • Mohler plays around Kristof's incredulity at Christian credulity regarding the Virgin Birth. This never, ever ceases to amaze me. What is supposed to be so hard about this doctrine? As S. Lewis Johnson said, affirm Genesis 1:1, and everything else in the Bible makes perfect sense.
  • Merry elf Fred Butler pointed me to the worst Christmas gifts, ever. (I don't know... I think the laser looks cool.)
  • Every one of my kids has been better than I about going to sleep Christmas Eve. In case yours are more like I was, you might have them read how to go to sleep when you're excited.
  • Gotta love getting a timely "fail" from a reader named Win:
  • Thinking ahead: you're going to have yummy leftovers, and a number of tough, tough decisions. You want to make good choices. Here, let me help (click to embiggen):
  • Stuck for a last-minute Christmas gift? My Josiah just showed me... the answer!
  • A Roman Catholic mental health worker in Britain faces disciplinary hearings for giving coworkers a pamphlet suggesting that there may be negative after-affects to abortion.
  • Fred Butler found us everything you might want to know about Rubik's Cube... except how to solve it.
  • What is currently one of the most effective and widespread avenues for free speech? That would be, of course, The Intrawebs. So, given the Obama administration's legacy of unbridled power-grabs and its march towards a police state, can anyone be surprised at the FCC moving in to control the internet? Of course, it's all in the name of fairness, and helping us. God help us and save us from Big Brother's "help."
  • No surprise, John Fund shows leftist groups backing this move towards censorship. They and Obama hate conservatives'/Christians' free access to soapboxes, and would end it today if they could. Never forget: horrible presidential elections have horrible consequences. It isn't over yet.
  • And the equally-indispensable Byron York has shown once and again that the group leans left, to say the least.
  • Moderates. Pah. Mark me: a "moderate" — political or theological — is just a liberal without the guts (or honesty) to say what he is. Like this newest pathetic distraction, the "No-labels" folks. Eesh.
  • Meanwhile, one happy political event we can note together: the passage from power of a nasty, treacherous, arrogant, unprincipled fool. Goodbye, and good riddance, Arlen Specter.
  • Another thing to like about Rep. Mike Pence: he introduced a bill to deny taxpayer money from abortion-pusher Planned Parenthood. Should be a "duh!", but it took Pence to do it.
  • Aww Alert: Reality Check found us a rescued hummingbird.
  • The Dolphin Coalition convention? (Thanks again, RC.)
  • Well now, this is different. Some would say "better" — me, I kind of like the First Amendment. But anyway: Mexican politician fined for saying "God." (Thanks to Rita Martinez' honey for the tip.)
  • Troublemaker Fred Butler tries nobly (but unsuccessfully) to get some evolutionist pro-homosexual-agenda liberals (did I just say the same thing thrice?) to think logically. Fred, Fred... excellent try, but what were you thinking?
  • My first thought is: where's the mayo, lettuce, onions, and all?
  • My second is, "Yum!"
  • Maybe it's me, but I think an iPad is a pretty expensive cat-toy. (Thanks to RC for the tip.)
  • Here is the legacy of shame of Senators who betrayed our military, who suffer and die for their political grandstanding. It is disgraceful that both Dems and GOPers voted to inflict this on the armed forces. But OTOH, do you notice something consistent about all of those who voted to protect the military?
  • Mark my words: if this is not countered soon, some really bad results (I first wrote "fruit") are on the way. For instance, immediately the next day, a friend who's in the service stated Congress' betrayal as a reason he'll be heading for the door as soon as he can. And a BibChr reader with 15 years in the service is not looking forward happily to the remainder of his tour.
  • Reader Paula notes that the always-wrong Richard Cohen is all for sparking up the torches and starting the witch hunt, ridding the Marines of excellent men to make way to spare the feelings of broken people who embrace a particular sexual perversion. General Amos explained why this was a bad policy; so General Amos must go. Because he might make sexual perverts who will be forced on enlisted men feel uncomfortable.
  • Now, the Irony Alert: this same General Amos has pledged to lead the process of integration.
  • Now, combining the previous two topics (expense and shameful senators): seriously? $823,200? Yikes!
  • An eminently-qualified scientist is rejected as a candidate to run an observatory in Kentucky (in "the Bible Belt," ironically) for the sole crime of being "potentially evangelical." Pretty good job of reporting by The New York Times, though sadly their style-book still seemingly bars the expression "some scientists."
  • This is a manifestation of the Church of Darwin's vicious cycle, on which I've often commented. Evolution is true, because no scientists question it. Question evolution, and you are not a scientist, because no scientists question evolution. QED. However, the irony is that this man is an evolutionist. Is the real motivation peeking out from under its rock?
  • Hang on, hold up there... the cat wants a closer look.
  • OK, now: I despise NOW, and I despise frivolous lawsuits. So I don't respond warmly to reading that NOW is suing Hooters for catering to children. However... good heavens, what kind of father (or mother) would give a young daughter a T-shirt that reads "Future Hooters girl"? I mean, besides the kind of father who needs his, er, hinder kicked across the room until the little ball rolls back into the little hole?
  • Under my initial post on Mary's virtual absence from Jesus' teaching, Barbara noted that Luke 11:27-28 is "brilliant" and reads " Almost as if He knew beforehand that there would be these sorts of problems" (i.e. with idolatrous veneration of Mary). Which leads to...
  • tangential thought about the Beast of Revelation. Surely some have wondered, "Why would the Beast adopt any form of 666, knowing what the book of Revelation says about it?" Equally ask, "Why would Roman Catholics worship Mary, knowing what the Gospels say about such veneration?" Hubris is reason enough; what's more, I could easily envision him doing it deliberately to show how little he cares about Biblical prophecy or Biblical-anything-else.
  • Deep, huh? Where else, I ask you, do you get this kind of mix?
  • So, staying mixed: knowing how many of my readers like CW music, here's Buck Howdy's TSA parody song, courtesy of reader Reality Check. It's actually pretty funny, if uncomfortable.
  • A while back, I took off on Francis Chan's whackily-explained lurch off from his pastoral responsibilitiesReality Check noted that Chan is moving somewhere to Asia, for his next chapter in life. I sincerely hope that the move is good for the Gospel, and that Chan follows through on whatever commitment he makes to the people he'll serve.
  • And if anyone points out that many TSA employees are dedicated professionals, which many undoubtedly are, my response would be (A) yeah, (B) and yet....
  • Finally, "You think it's cold where you are?", and etc.


Pooka said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you. Wouldnta been Friday without HT. Merry Christmas!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I'm not usually a night owl, but woo-hoo, H&T up at 12:01?!

Did you just invent a new word (embiggen)? Love the rescued hummingbird - very cool. And, I'm sure you noticed that the Giant Toasted Ants are said to have a "Nutty Bacon Like Taste". I would've thought chicken...

Thanks for another round-up, and NOW go have a Merry Christmas!


Magister Stevenson said...

First! Ok, now I have to actually go back and read it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading cheer this Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

Barbara said...


John said...


And maybe even first - unless someone slept in.

tobekiwi said...

"Too manee shinees fur my brain to handul!"
Kitty must have seen the Christmas truck.
"Too manee H&T's fur my brain to handul!"
But that's a good thing- glad we have all weekend. Thanks DJP & Merry Christmas!

Kris N. said...

First! Yay! Thanks, Dan, for H/T today.

Kudos to Fred for attempting to discuss homosexuality in a secular context instead of a religious one (which seems to get people riled up). I haven't asked any gay people about reproduction, but I have asked liberal friends about gay reproduction and survival of the fittest, and I usually get a change of topic out of it. If you don't discuss it, it's not an issue!

I liked the bacon ornament - he looked happy!

And...thanks for DeYoung's article on Santa...something to share with my 8-year-old.

VcdeChagn said...

best comment from the Christmas truck comment thread:

So a $200,000 Lamborghini catches on a fire, but this does not? Finally, justice for the little guy.

best comment on the Joyless to the World thread was yours:

That aside, very good point. If we apply the principle "Make much of what God makes much of," the commemoration of Jesus' birth is worth a joyous party.

Of course John MacArthur would have said the same thing and taken 3 weeks to say it, not that there's anything wrong with that :). (just finished listening to his 12 or so weeks on assurance in 2 Peter).

IF the burger shown is made from Big Mac's, it's composed of 25 sandwiches, each of which contain <2> 10:1 patties. 10 of those patties is a pound, so that's 5 pounds of dead cow (saving link to pic for vegan friends). I guess my years managing a McDonald's should come in handy for something!

Jabba snowman and the cookie chart are awesome too.

Have a Merry Christmas all. Thank God for His salvation, I would be worthless (Rom 3:12) without it.

DaveS said...

Awesome H&T Dan! If you didn't get those Akbar earrings for your wife, then son I'm disappointed in you. And the TSA song, "It's actually pretty funny, if uncomfortable." - much like H&T.

Merry Christmas Dan. May you and yours have a great one.

Sir Aaron said...

That snow Jabba is awesome!

I can relate a little to the military guys. I spent close to six months in training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. I spent pretty 14+ hours a day with the same 24 people during that time period. One guy whom I becamse friends with revealed about 3/4 of the way through, that he was gay. Somehow "Don't worry I'm not attracted to you" just isn't reassuring or flattering.

I'd normally get a little worked up over the whole DADT affair, but in the end, God's in charge and I'm just passing through.

All due respect to Kevin DeYoung, but his article looks awfully close to Michael Medved's discussion on Christmas (which, BTW, is excellent).

On that note, Merry Christmas to you and your family, Dan. And Merry Christmas to all the Bib Chr readers, all of whom I've never met but still count as friends.

Mike Westfall said...

"Embiggen" is a perfectly cromulent word!

Rabbit said...

Good Christmas Eve morning, Dan, and thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable H&T to keep me amused and astonished as I enjoy my coffee.

Net "neutrality" and the repeal of DADT are huge wins for the progressives. Huge. The November GOP sweep got two big buckets of icewater thrown on its head. But the aminals you linked to made it all better. Dolphins! Kitties! Baby birdy! Love it!

A joyous Christmas in every way to you and yours, Dan. :o)

GrammaMack said...

"Every one of my kids has been better than I about going to sleep Christmas Eve." Me too! May you sleep well tonight and have a merry and blessed Christmas with your family.

Gabby said...

The Columbia Bible College fail - pathetic. Just pathetic. The rescued baby hummingbird - oh my! Precious! And the Ipad kittie games - that just about does it. I've been trying to convince myself that I don't really want an Ipad but I'm this close, this close, to hitting the send button to purchase this item!

Thank you for making my Fridays just a bit happier week after week, Dan. Merry Christmas!

DJP said...

Gramma, I meant better than I was as a kid. I watched the minutes tick by for most of the night, is my memory.

I sleep fine now, thanks. (c:

Sir Aaron said...

@Dan: I thought everyone could solve the Rubik's cube. Granted in my current unpracticed state, It would probably take me a pathetically slow 5 or 6 minutes, but still...

Fred Butler said...

That Jabba the Hut snowman is pretty cool. =-)

Marla said...

You are completely awesome Dan! Thanks for making Friday much more fun. That Jabba the Hut snowman is amazing! (I agree with Fred). Merry Christmas!

Gov98 said...

I came, I saw, I enjoyed. Thank you Dan! Now enjoy Christmas with people more important than blog readers!

Stefan said...

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Oh, and sad to say, but I recognize that "Happy Holidays" FAIL sign: it's from a school in our denomination!

Susan said...

And you didn't want to do H&T at first even you received so many submissions!! What got into you, Dan?? Moment of weakness.... :P

1. Didn't get the 3 frequent Bibchr subjects: Ackbar, Lego, and...earrings?? I'm glad DaveS confirmed "earrings" for me, but just when did we ever talk about earrings at length here?

2. Worst Christmas gifts ever...unless you're the ultimate prankster who loves getting a rise out of your friends. :)

3. About Steve Hays' Cotton Mather back-to-the-future story: I knew someone at the church I used to attend who did not celebrate Christmas because he saw Christmas's origin as being related to a pagan holiday (or perhaps in response to it, rather). His view made me somewhat uncomfortable because 1) Jesus was indeed born; 2) Jesus is the Savior of mankind (but please--I do believe in limited atonement); and 3) because of 1) and 2), we have reason to celebrate!

4. @All: I work for Sir Aaron's employer as well, but I'm in a different position at a different location.

@Sir Aaron: I don't know what it was like in your office down in TX, but I have been amazed at how many people enjoy decorating parts of the office with trees, stockings, and candy canes here at my workplace, even their celebration of it is secular. Quite a bit of people here wished others and me a Merry Christmas on their own initiative, and I was happy to return the well-wishing. (There were a few "happy holidays" here and there, but they weren't overpowering.)

Merry Christmas to all and happy New Year! :D

Dorothy said...

I relate, completely, to the cookie graphic.
Thank you for posting, and Merry Christmas!

Terry Rayburn said...

1. Unfortunately, the "wizened old souls too pious to commemorate Christ's birth" are not always just the old, and too pious to rejoice over almost anything.

2. I agree on the laser, Dan, and also like the reclining office chair.

3. I love the point about affirming Gen. 1:1 and everything else makes sense.

4. Good [local] news on the abortion front, the pro-life folks who speak at our church for a baby-bottle fundraiser each year have their office in downtown Nashville just a half-block from Tennessee's largest abortion clinic.

They regularly have women "mistakenly" wander in to the wrong office, and have talked several into canceling their abortions.

5. Re the hummingbird, and in the "Lord giveth and taketh away" genre, is this horror of "nature".

6. I appreciate your cat stuff much more now. About a month ago, someone left a kitten on our front porch.

We heard it meowing, opened the door and there it was, with a half-bag of cat food and a terry-cloth washcloth.

We've never had a cat, but have fallen in love with her.

Susan said...

( grammar is worst than ever today! It seems like with every "even" I use, I fail to follow with a "though". Wouldn't be surprised by the presence of other errors. Sorry.)

The Squirrel said...

Best. H&T. In. Weeks.

Merry Christmas!


Mike Westfall said...

How 'bout THIS for Christmas dinner?

Stefan said...

The irony is that that college is in the very heart of BC's mini-"Bible Belt." There are more conservative evangelicals per square foot there than anywhere outside of deep Texas.

Come to think of it, the even crazier irony is that a liberal, atheist Jewish kid from the city would end up being more conservative than a Bible college in the Evangelical heartland!

Pastor Pants said...

Enjoyed H&T as always! Many thanks for putting it out today!

And I have good news for you in the next few days... :)

Sonja said...

Yay for Dan, true to his word! Thank you! :)

@Terry, cats are great fun. Mine are right now playing (and fighting) over their gift. It's a thing called a box. Boxes are ever mysterious to cats and you can see the little gears turning in their heads.

Bless you and your family for adopting the little waif. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

threegirldad said...

I'm attempting to post this note of gratitude at 10:44pm CST. Just for the record.


RealityCheck said...

I’ve barely had time to look HT over but I wanted to say thanks for posting it!

Also, Merry Christmas to you and your family Dan and to all the readers who frequent this blog.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

Thank you for reminding your Pennsylvanian readers how wonderful it is to say good riddance to a senator who has been in power for 30 years. We have only been here for 13-and-a-half years, and unfortunately supported him ourselves. But good riddance Mr. Spector! You won't be missed.

Merry Christmas Dan et al! And Happy New Year. (another holiday that also affirms the accomplished work of Christ!)

bugblaster said...

Merry Christmas to all.

Margaret said...

Loved the "nutty bacon like taste" snack ants.

Thank you!
Merry Christmas!

SolaMommy said...

Merry Christmas!

To Fred...thank you for fleshing out the question I've had in my head for quite some time now. Not surprising that nobody wants to follow their godless beliefs to their logical end.

Love the hummingbird, Dan :-) The dolphins are cool, too.

Rachael Starke said...

Well, my oldest is now the delighted owner of two Lego sets, thanks no doubt to regular Friday doses of indoctrination here.

The first time I utter an unseemly word after stepping on a random bit of Lego-ness in the middle of the night, I'm blaming you and Mrs. Grasshopper.

But if, OTOH, her love of said gifts leads her into an illustrious career as an architect or engineer, I'll thank.... me


Merry Christmas to all - my ten minutes of sitting quietly are up and we're off to Christmas dinner at Auntie's house.

Alex said...

Dan, I'd like to know what you have against net neutrality. Since you know your way around computers and networking, I would have thought you to be a supporter of it. While it's true that the internet isn't broken right now, like in the cartoon, there is a very good chance it will be in the future. ISPs want to control the traffic that goes through them so they can receive more profits. Right now, if they want, they could charge you extra for access to Facebook, YouTube, Google, or any other site. Net neutrality would stop ISPs from doing that. Yes, it is a type of "controlling" the internet, but it's in the interest of the people, not corporations.

Mike Westfall said...

... but it's in the interest of the people, not corporations.

Tyranny in the name of the "common good." Yeah, we need more of that.

Here's why we don't need it: think "fairness doctrine" applied to the internet.

Alex said...


Please tell me why it's tyranny.