Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bob Dylan, Merry Christmas... and other contradictions in terms

A friend from church expressed the desire (!!) to see Bob Dylan poke his head back in this Christmas season.

Sure, I'm that easy.

Then... if you must... endure Dylan's unforgettable, unforgivable classic, "Must Be Santa."

Remember: at 1:50, it goes from bad to insane.

If that leaves any pain receptors intact, and if you'd like to kill them too, you could always subject yourself to Dylan's "Little Drummer Boy."

Warning: I'm not sure whether the video's safe to watch for anyone who's seizure-prone.

Or, well, for anyone else, for that matter.

But why?


Stefan said...

Who knew you have such malevolent wishes towards your readers during this otherwise joyous Christmas season?

How on earth is Bob Dylan so revered? I just don't understand it. Even within the genre of "folk" music (meaning revisionist, post-Depression, pseudo-"folk" music) there are far abler songwriters and musicians out there than he.

I experience the same cognitive dissonance about my one of my own country's overrated National Heroes (TM), fellow "singer"-"poet" Leonard Cohen. He even comes from the same Montreal Jewish milieu as my own family...but really, what's the deal with him?

Sonja said...

That was a very, very weird rendition and rendering of Little Drummer Boy.

And is that a ferret in the fireplace at 2:18?

WV: grinch. Seriously! Must be a google joke.

Susan said...

"Little Drummer Boy" was actually better than the annoying "Santa" song. At least in the former, Bob was able to carry the tune in a somewhat reasonable manner.

Joey White said...

I'm thinking the guy who jumped through the window had the right idea, he just waited about two and a half minutes to long.

The Seeking Disciple said...

Wow that hurt to watch and listen.

Fred Butler said...

The santa song is so bizarre that it will become a beloved holiday classic. Who would had thunk Santa could get "into your head" like that?

DJP said...

Something got into someone's head.

That is beyond dispute.