Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday music: "Little Ones," by Phil Keaggy

Thanks to Paula for this suggestion, timely in view of January 22, that black date in American history (to say nothing of jurisprudence).

For the Biblical teaching regarding abortion, see my The Bible and the Bull's-Eye on the Baby.


DJP said...

Robert, sorry.

(Robert commented on a video I had put up, forgetting that I had meant to run this video instead. My double-bad.)

Anonymous said...

This song brings back memories. Back in the early 80s when in college, my roommate, who was adopted listened to this song with me. She came to the realization that if she would have been born after Roe v. Wade, she may not have been adopted but aborted.

DJP said...

There's a chilling realization. A lot of people in this aborted generation realize they're missing friends and classmates they'd otherwise have.

Robert said...

Dan, no apologies necessary. This is certainly appropriate and I really enjoyed it. I was tearing up a bit as I watched/listened. It is funny because I just finished reading the H&T comments on marriage/divorce and now saw this. The issues are quite interconnected as there is a full out war on families right now and it is clear that worldiness is creeping in all over the place. It is so sad to think of all of the murders that have taken place in the name of "freedom". I can only imagine the amount of people that John 8:31-32 should speak to:

"So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, 'If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you know the truth, and the truth will make you free.'"

Of course, you'd have to remove Jews from that text, but the point is that we must what the Bible (His Word) defines as sin and repent of it. I think that many who claim to believe in Jesus would have the same type of reaction that those Jews had if they saw the implication of that. Surely men are called neanderthols and are demonized by those who claim the name of Christ, yet think that their sins (abortion, divorce, pride, etc.) are acceptable.

JackW said...

Sorry, I have not been able to watch the video yet, but the subject matter reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw yesterday for the first time. It read, “Pro child, pro family, pro choice.” My first thought was that “one of these things is not like the other.” My other thought was that it was probably not the order of priority for this person, but the opposite.

JT has a nice video of John Piper on the subject from yesterday.

DJP said...

Does Piper express embarrassment or regret over his ambivalence about Obama when it might have mattered?

Terry Rayburn said...

This video touches me deeply, for several reasons swirling around in an impressionistic nostalgiac wave.

First is the sadness of the awful sin of killing the unborn in the first place.

Then is my belief that the Lord Himself grieves over this.

The idea that our Lord, Who sovereignly needs no one nor nothing outside of Himself, yet has chosen to experience pain and grief on our behalf, and no doubt hurts in some way at this holocaust -- well, when He hurts, we can't help but hurt at times.

Then is the fact, which dawned on me first in 1977, shortly after I was saved, that Roe v. Wade occurred on my birthday, Jan. 22.

Thankfully, American hasn't yet forgotten that date, though the holocaust continues.

Finally, Phil Keaggy came to my church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1979 or 1980, shortly before I moved to Dallas and met my wife. He sang that song, which stunned me and gave emotional framework to that cause which has occupied much of my thinking ever since.

Who will speak up for the little ones?

Not the State.

Dan, I've read it before, but was reminded how excellent is your "bullseye" piece on abortion.

JackW said...

DJP, "Does Piper express embarrassment or regret over his ambivalence about Obama when it might have mattered?"

Not that I know of and it's not the only area where he is less than perfect. Still a nicely put together video though.

BTW, finally able to watch and enjoy the Keaggy video. Thanks.

RealityCheck said...

Thanks Dan (& Paula) for the video. My emotions were all over the place as I watched and listened.

As far as its connection to 2008, it is amazing to me just how many "Christians" still do not realize the opportunity lost because of the election of Obama in relationship to Roe vs. Wade.

God help us.

Paula said...

..."Christians" still do not realize the opportunity lost because of the election of Obama in relationship to Roe vs. Wade.

Unless, in God's sovereignty, it has set up a groundswell against liberalism in this country. It will be many years before we know this, but just seeing the results of the last election, which includes a huge freshman class of pro-life members of congress, perhaps we'll begin to see some movement. I'm generally cynical about such things, but God is certainly capable of doing this. Historically, he's used plenty of plagues and evil leaders to accomplish his will in the past.

I'm watching the March for Life on TV (scanning the crowd for my son!) and there is a huge parade of congressmen on stage making impassioned speeches defending life. Certainly, some are there for face time on camera and will never lift a finger to help save unborn babies, but many are clearly in this because they hate abortion and want it ended. Many noted the huge number of young people in the crowd - college students from across the country came by the
bus load. The speakers said their generation will be the ones to end legal abortion.

My son texted me and said there are so many people on the mall that they can't even see the stage - they don't have any idea where it is(though they can hear the speeches). Of course, the media will not report this. Ryan just tweeted, "How can the Hill ignore this?"

Funny story: I texted him and said that when the speakers announce how many children they have (10, 8, 6), that's secret code for "I'm Catholic" or "I'm a homeschooler." He texted me back and said he had just said that exact thing to the group of kids with him. That's how obvious it is!! Hahaha!!

Ken Abbott said...

Jurisprudence, or jurisimpudence? More the latter--far more the latter.

Paula said...

Diane said,She came to the realization that if she would have been born after Roe v. Wade, she may not have been adopted but aborted.

I may have been a statistic too. I was an unplanned pregnancy with a Catholic mother and a father whose parents were Pentecostal. They had to elope since none of the parents approved of the marriage. Though my mother says she would have never aborted me had it been legal, I have always had my doubts, considering the predicament they were in in 1963.

Sir Aaron said...

Bittersweet reminder of terrible sin and yet Thank God for his grace, that even a murderer can be saved.

Anonymous said...

Piper's ambivalence about Obama when it might have mattered was very disappointing.

A public apology would be in order.

James S said...

Thanks Dan.
Phil Keaggy is my favorite christian musician, and he has a great voice too.
Always good to hear him again.

I wish he would show off his electric guitar virtuoso again like he used to in the 70's though.
Songs like 'Royal Commandment' and 'Time' are what I'm talking about.

Alot of this generation may not know that Keaggy can blow away a lot of famous secular guitarists.
He's probably just as good as my own favorite one, Ritchie Blackmore.

Susan said...

I was watching the National Geographic channel online a couple months ago, and there as this amazing series on the formation of life. I wish I can find the link to the full episodes again, but here is an amazing 3-D/4-D clip of fetuses and embryos to whet your appetites. (The last 15 seconds of that video shows an embryo already moving and fidgeting. Life is truly amazing.)

Paula said...

@ James....have you heard "Live at the Beachland Ballroom"? It's a live recording of a Glass Harp reunion from 2008. Might be what you're looking for. You can listen to samples on Glass Harp's Facebook page or order it on Keaggy's website. Keaggy does still occasionally appear with Glass Harp - mostly around Ohio though, I think.

Robert said...

Not to be the wet blanket, but as long as we are talking about God's sovereignty, let's not forget what the Bible says that the world will become like. Paul told Timothy that people will love themselves and not God...Jude wrote that men would be like those around the time of the flood. We may yet have a revival and if so, praise God for that. However, this country and the world may fall deeper into sin than ever and if so, then I will still praise God. Let's not forget that God is going to cleanse this world by fire and create new heavens and a new earth. Let us not love this one so much that we don't look for the perfect one to come.