Thursday, February 03, 2011

Half-pint Darth Vader in a cuteness overload

First Rachael Starke, then Julie Garrett, then everyone else has been sending me this. I was going to include it in tomorrow's Hither and Thither... but it's already very full, and I figured, "Why not?"


VcdeChagn said...

Absolute LOL....

I want my kids to watch Star Wars so badly....but I'm going to wait until they're older. Then they'll get it (and probably say...Dad, the special effects are terrible..why bother).

Wendy said...

Ohmyword, so funny!!

Vcde, I don't know how old your kids are, but you should let them watch Star Wars! :) My 4yr old totally gets the evilness of the Empire and how the rest of them are trying to stop it and how God needs "to kill all of them"...Defintely his favorite movies.

The only part I fast-forward through is the scantily clad dancers in Jabba's hut. But then Leia is nearly naked, so I'm not quite sure what to do about that. Maybe just skip the entire section?
DJP, what did you do with your sons?

DJP said...

Honestly, I don't remember. I'll ask my smarter half.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

Boy, I wish my kids' parents were that cool.

lee n. field said...


Richie said...
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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Every single time the boys watch this they absolutely howl.

Me too.

The kid is good. Very expressive body language. The dejection at his failure. The shock when the car starts.

Love Dad's eyebrow lift.

Mark Patton said...

My Josiah (8.5 yrs) just literally fell on the floor and laughed out loud. Thanks for a great family blog.

(Haven't talked much about the Phillip's family around here other than to say I love your blog and you have a son named Josiah who likes legos like my Josiah. Anyway, the lack of discussion caused my Josiah to wonder if the kid in the video was your Josiah which gave me almost as much joy as the video)

DJP said...

No, but my Josiah would have been a much better young Anakin than the poor soul who played the part.

I will tell you a story on him. Once when I was grocery shopping with a very young Josiah, I had him sitting in the child seat in the shopping cart. I had evidently walked past one of those toys they hang indiscriminately amongst the food. Next thing I know, Josiah is stretching out his hand and humming the Luke/Jedi theme (da daaaaah daaah da da dahhhh).

Puzzled for a second, I then figure out that he is "using the Force" to get the toy.

So I made it fly through the air to his hand, for his brief inspection.

And that became a family meme to this day. It's how condiments get passed, half the time, at the Phillips table.