Friday, February 04, 2011

Hither and thither 2/4/11

This week's collection (which, as always, adheres to the usuals) is, among other things, more fun than kissing a tiny giraffe.

Or so I would imagine. Seriously, it's really, really good. Let's launch.
  • Judge Vinson's ruling has some remarkably commonsense Constitutional thinking. Here is a money-quotation worth giving at length:
"It would be a radical departure from existing case law to hold that Congress can regulate inactivity under the Commerce Clause. If it has the power to compel an otherwise passive individual into a commercial transaction with a third party merely by asserting --- as was done in the Act --- that compelling the actual transaction is itself  'commercial and economic in nature, and substantially affects interstate commerce' [see Act § 1501(a)(1)], it is not hyperbolizing to suggest that Congress could do almost anything it wanted. It is difficult to imagine that a nation which began, at least in part, as the result of opposition to a British mandate giving the East India Company a monopoly and imposing a nominal tax on all tea sold in America would have set out to create a government with the power to force people to buy tea in the first place. If Congress can penalize a passive individual for failing to engage in commerce, the enumeration of powers in the Constitution would have been in vain for it would be 'difficult to perceive any limitation on federal power' [Lopez, supra, 514 U.S. at 564], and we would have a Constitution in name only. Surely this is not what the Founding Fathers could have intended."
  • Friends, that is the sort of original-intent thinking that terrifies liberals. He is wrong about many things, but Dennis Prager was right that it is the essence of liberalism not to want to subject itself to an external authority.

  • Priceless. Obama lauded this Colorado school in the SOTU address, for bringing itself up from failure to success. But do you know how they did it? By tearing themselves free from district and Union regulations! Yeah, somehow I don't think Captain 0 would like that one. (Thanks, Paula.)
  • Dear wife came out to see what I was gasping at. Pretty soon, she was gasping too. See if you can watch this un-slack-jawed and gaspless. You'll be thankful for your job, whatever it is. (Thanks, Julie Garrett.)
  • Paula notes with disdain: a Christian speaker is invited to speak at a voluntary multifaith Air Force luncheon. With that complete lack of a sense of irony so unique to anti-Christian liberals, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation sues. The grounds? Violation of the First Amendment. You know, the one that guarantees the free exercise of religion. Mercy.
  • Alphabet!
  • HS moms might like sharing with their brood the story of the pet penguin who goes shopping in Japan. (Thanks to readers Nathan and Lori Ryberg.)
  • So what's wrong with this title? I mean, besides everything?
  • So if the Obama health care takeover requires the hiring of 16000 new IRS agents, but does not require the hiring of any doctors, then what is it really about? Health? Or more government control?
  • Oh mercy, this is rich. Boy-president Obama called the violent, lawless rioters in Egypt an "inspiration," and assured them "We hear your voices." That's right: the American president says that to Egyptian rioters. Now...
  • ...can anyone find any place where President Obama said to the tens (hundreds?) of thousands of law-abiding American citizens who demonstrated for the protection of the unborn, or who gathered in Tea Party meetings, anything believable approaching "We hear your voices"? I'm thinking not.

  • Bush women. Not the ones in Africa or wherever; I mean the ones from the Bush family. From a Biblical perspective, has any Bush woman ever made a public statement that didn't make you cringe? What is it with them? What is it with political leaders evidently having zero political or spiritual impact on their wives or children?
  • So now young Barbara Bush, whose sole achievement in life is being former president G. W. Bush's daughter, has delivered herself of the oracular opinion that certain numbers of certain people who practice certain sexual perversions on a serial basis can call it "marriage," if they want. Stop the presses. I think her new friends wouldn't like her so well if she were opining that it should not remain "open season" on babies who are inconvenient or imperfect, but never mind.
  • Laura Kelleher noticed a writer who thinks this actually could end up bad for Obama, good for GOP.
  • Funny how Obama is suddenly so fond of Reagan. Like all liberal demagogues, he's evidently counting on everyone having a bad memory... and of course the kind offices of his stenographers in the MSM.

  • Finally, from reader/friend John, a special treat courtesy of The Onion. Obama caught lip-syncing speech!


Steven R. Robertson said...

Judge Vinson is my hero.

On that note, did anybody else double-take when he quoted the ObamaCare bill at section 1501? 1501?!?!

I bet his tone was unkind writing that ruling, too.

Robert said...

The stuff going on in Egypt is indeed very scary...they are going to move from bad to worst at light speed the way things are going. And the "leader of the free world" is paving the road for them. I don't think people appreciate the consequences of Egypt falling under the influence of Shariah law and Muslim rule. Just look at the history of how Egypt has been involved with things concerning Israel.

Kirby said...

That Obama Self-portrait just kills me. Please, please do not co-opt one of the greatest Presidents to be your new persona. On the other hand, Judge Vinson was a Reagan appointee, and so the administration must be gushing in adoration at the ruling which they will comply with post-haste. I'm sure of it.

As always, thanks for the HT.

Scott Shaffer said...

Point of clarification on Texas buying power from Mexico - most of Texas is not part of the national power grids. This means they can't buy power from Oklahoma, for example. At least this is what they were saying on the news two nights ago.

Tom said...

1. "What is it with political leaders evidently having zero political or spiritual impact on their wives or children?"

I know, I know! Because they themselves are not spiritual!

2. Seeing that Planned Parenthood video makes me want to puke.

3. I think I saw some of those "top Christian books" in Walgreens the other day. I was curious what their selection was. Without fail the topics of the books of Walgreens were getting what you want from prayer, demons, and happiness. Nothing about the gospel, sin, sanctification.


Chris H said...

I wasn't able to determine whether I could remain "un-slack-jawed and gaspless," as the video "cannot be found" when I try to play it.

Is this just another one of those, "You're in Canada and not allowed to watch stuff from the States" situations, or is the link broken?

(We don't get to watch anything from Hulu, you see...)

DJP said...

Maybe so, Chris. Just tested it from another pc, another network, and it's fine.

lee n. field said...

>Are you filled with hope and optimism about the state of the professing church in America? Well then, brother and sister mine, I have the cure.

There's a handful of things I might get, off that list.

Are people still buying Purchase Driven Life? I mean, not at garage sales. That's sooooo 2002.

How many of that list are "Christian romances"? Just wondering.

DJP said...

...but I am such a nice guy that I found it for you on YouTube for no extra charge.

Now go tell more people to join us here.


Kirby said...

That Tower Climb: I am so afraid of heights, my eyes were tearing up in fear and my stomach was becoming nauseous. Especially "free" climbing.

I have jumped from a 10 meter platform into a lake and I have to psych myself up each time I walk to the ledge. (And I'm an excellent's not about the water). About 15 years ago I watched on TV a show on how they build high towers. Lots of talk about wind. It almost always has to be a perfect day to go to work.

And yet, none of this is as scary of the Obama Administration and/or Planned Parenthood which is like have those spiked flowers on the tower continually in my heart. Not to diffuse danger, but to pierce it through with grief.

word verification: whily

Chris H said...

Thanks, DJP.

I was unable to remain un-slack-jawed or ungasping.

DJP said...

Kirby, I know exactly what you mean. I'm not particularly afraid of heights, but dude, when he started going up those bare handholds, with no ANYTHING backing him up, dragging that 30-pound bag dangling... gasping, and kamikaze butterflies in my gut.

Mike Westfall said...

Because of the lack of electricity in Texas, my place of employment in northern New Mexico is closed today.

Apparently, Texas electricity is what delivers natural gas to several communities around where I live, and there have been "disruptions" to the natural gas supply. Not good, when the temps have been well below zero. The governor of our state has declared a state of emergency and asked all non-essential workers to stay home.

Unsurprisingly, my employer agrees that I'm not essential, so I get a day off...

Herding Grasshoppers said...

The grasshopper boys were also slack-jawed and gasping. Having been a rock climbing instructor (back in the days before children...) I was stunned that they don't stay roped in to anything. I could see them clipping in to rest, and again at the top to work, but not the rest of the time??? The boys helpfully suggested parachutes. YAH

Could you bring yourself to eat a toilet cupcake? I'm thinking, no.

Regarding the Bruce Randolph school in Denver - love that the teachers had to reapply for their jobs if they wanted to stay. Wonder if they do that every year? Boy would that change things!

I can't spend too much time reading the political links or I just can't sleep nights. *sigh*


Rachael Starke said... list.......

GAAH!!! My eyes!!! Oh, the humanity!!!! Seriously, that turns my stomach more than the toilet cupcake.

Can't bear to click on any more, plus have to go plan a PrincessPalooza for a certain newly five year old. Toilet cupcakes will not be on the menu.

DJP said...

All: remember to check for updates up to noon.

For instance, there's a new video at the very bottom that you won't want to miss.

Paula said...

Excellent compilation this week
DJP! You should get a book deal : )

The grasshoppers wouldn't eat a toilet cake??? Have they never had kitty litter cake with Tootsie Roll terds? I have to admit, I actually made a room full of 9-year-old boys believe that the kitty litter pan was used, but quite clean, to the point that most of them didn't want to eat it, even after I confessed that it was new.

Oh, woah! I couldn't watch the whole thing. I have this fear of death-by-falling-from-tall-building. It has something to do with that 30-85 seconds in free fall that you have to think about what's happening. Anytime I'm somewhere "tall" I have a vision in my mind of some psycho coming out of nowhere and pushing me over the edge. Cuz that kind of thing happens every day, somewhere in America, right? OK, deep breath, deep breath...

"Dennis Prager was right that it is the essence of liberalism not to want to subject itself to an external authority.

And yet, they are unable to see the direction we are headed. Walter Williams said something very sobering in the WSJ recently:

"...liberty and limited government is the unusual state of human affairs. The normal state throughout mankind's history is for him to be subject to arbitrary abuse and control by government."
Liberals: in the words of the philosopher Inigo Montoya, "You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means."

[sent from my Google Chrome OS Cr-48]

Paula said...

I just took, a minute to read the actual complaint filed against the Air Force Academy. The MRFF isn't merely objecting to a Christian speaker at the event, they want the court to ban the event altogether claiming that the AFA is promoting religion over irreligion, resultig in (potential, imaginary) coercion,fear, and intimidation for anyone with thoughts of skipping this (voluntary, muli-faith) event.

Kris N. said...

You're going to lose Brad every Friday if you continue to put those videos right at the top. He may not look past the tiny giraffe!

A friend of mine works on the windmills around our area and has taken panoramic pictures from on top. However, I'm pretty sure they aren't 1700 feet. Watching that video made my stomach lurch several times. The most scary parts for me were the ones where he wasn't even grabbing a ladder - he was feeling around for parts of the tower to hang on to, and at one point, it seemed like he almost had to jump a little. Yikes!

Paula, as a mom, I have never heard of the kitty litter cake, but it sounds very interesting. Do you have a recipe? Done the gummy worm dirt one, which goes over well.

Mike Westfall said...

That tower climbing video was kinda scary, but have you seen the one where some teenagers climb up on a huge crane several hundred feet up, and one of the kids does pull ups from the crossbar? THAT got my heart racing!

Terry Rayburn said...

Great batch, Dan!

I'm not at all afraid of heights. In fact, I love them. But I'm still experiencing weird brain/stomach/vertigo oddities after the tower climb. Weird and wonderful.

The Judge Vinson quote is brilliant...

...and yet so common-sensical that it makes you know that Liberal judges have no interest in maintaining the original intent of the Constitution.

Word verification: quarimun (Latin for "good one"!).

RealityCheck said...

In relationship to the Denver School piece I would recommend people see the movie, ”Waiting For Superman”. I thought it did a good job of showing the problem that exist in the public school system and why it continues. You can read a “Christian” review of the film here:

This is called free climbing... meaning that no safety lines are used... it's easier, faster and most importantly... COMPLETELY INSANE!!!!!. Btw, if you listen real careful at the end of the clip you’ll hear the first guy ask for a wrench and the second guy say, “I thought you brought it”. just kidding

Obama/Carter morph… thanks Dan… I already have dreams like that!

Book list… How’d Tozer get in there?

I bought the book, ”Evolution Exposed” to try and keep up with nonsense my son would run into in his high school Biology class. The book specifically responds to the most popular textbooks used in schools… by page number! The book is available here:,4579,224.aspx
Also, AIG has been showing the book, chapter by chapter, online for free. They also keep links between this book and the textbooks up to date.

Thanks for the HT Dan, except for the Obama/Carter morph… that was just mean. ;-)

Paula said...

@'s the Kitty Litter Cake recipe. The extra melted Tootsie Roll draped over the side of the pan is essential : )

DJP said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so offended. How could you not send that as an HT tip?

Paula said...

Offended? By a little spice cake and some tootsie rolls? I don't think that word means what you think it means!! : )

Paula said...

Oopsies! I hit 'publish' before thinking that one through completely.Must read more carefully. Never mind : )

Mark Patton said...

Trying not to overeat H&T all at once, so I'm taking my time. I'll simply comment that I almost got sick watching the tower video over at Fred's blog in September, so you'll forgive me for not watching the whole thing here. I don't want my obit to read that I died watching a video. Although that may drive even more traffic your way if it could be advertised as possibly causing death.

Susan said...

I've had connection problems to this blog all night laptop hard drive must be near its demise....

1. That "tower" vid is going to give me nightmares. Did you see how he often only had one hand--ONE HAND!!--on the handlebars (whatever you call those things)!?

2. Toilet cupcakes are not exactly tasteful, but I've seen worse. "WHAT??" Yes. Imagine...actually, don't imagine just yet. I'll send Dan the link and see what he thinks first...don't want y'all to faint on me. It's not pretty. :P

I'm also going to take my time going through H&T this week. Let's see how my laptop behaves this weekend....

Paula said...

I just watched "the video" again, this time with DS. I broke out in a cold sweat. It made me curious about the dangers of such jobs, which led me to this site with some statistics. Seems there are fewer than 10 deaths per year as a result of falling from a tower. Most are from less than 200' and almost all were guyed. Makes me feel a little less guilty about owning a cell phone.

DJP said...

Mark, LOL. Also Susan. I re-watched, and it still gave me the willies. I can see someone freezing, wrapping his arms around that thin structure, and calling for his mother.

I mean, not me, of course. I'm strong, like the bull! Heh heh heh....

But... you know... someone....

DJP said...

Paula, maybe that's because they die before they even hit the ground, so it isn't scored that way.

Solameanie said...

I have to note with some pride that Judge Vinson is very likely a relative on my mother's side (her maiden name is Vinson). The good judge was born in Cadiz, Kentucky, which happens to be where my great-grandfather was born and raised. Coincidence? Possibly. But I'm going to claim it anyway. Barack needs some humbling, and I am glad to be a party to it, however remotely.

Wendy said...

maybe that's because they die before they even hit the ground

LOL! I saw that video a few months ago...made me wonder how much they get paid. And whether the money was worth the risk, or the adrenaline rush was worth it - or both!

WV: "Chicker" - the climber-in-training who's scrambling because he can't get off the tower fast enough. As in "He's just a chicker", "He got chickered".

trogdor said...

So the current template is to pretend The Obama is the next Reagan (because the next Lincoln wasn't enough of a lie). I think you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a single policy or philosophy where the two would agree - even something as simple as "do you like America?".

What's truly interesting about that, though, is how much time and effort the Dems/media spent over the past 30 or so years denigrating Reagan at every opportunity. For pretty much my whole life I've heard that he was an incompetent buffoon and/or the purest form of evil. So why, oh why, could they possibly be so intent on convincing us that The Obama is just like him? Hmmmm.

In a similar vein, I would like to thank the media for devoting so much energy for eight years telling us how the Bush twins were drunken morons. So now I know not to take anything they say the least bit seriously.