Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get "Gospel Meditations for Women" in time for Mother's Day

This is a terrific little booklet, and I highly recommend it.

In fact... I highly recommended it!

Check it out HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered two (Mom & Wife)

DJP said...

You'll be glad; they'll be glad. It's pretty great.

Mark Patton said...

Does Anderson have pictures on you?

DJP said...

If you get a copy of World-Tilting Gospel in your hands when it comes out and check the Acknowledgments, you'll get a peek at what I owe Chris.

Chris Anderson said...

Mark, it's amazing what a picture of a man in fishnet stockings will get done these days. :)

Dan, to quote Sly, "Friends don't owe friends. They do because they wanna do."

Looking forward to an autographed copy, bro. Thanks for this.

Mark Patton said...

I've actually been meaning to pull the trigger on this, but just haven't. I am looking forward to both your reads Dan, and yours also Chris.

witness said...

I just looked over the sample... if it was any indication of the rest of it then it will be AWSOME!

Seriously, it is so hard to find something devotional for women that isn't... well... shallow and over syruppy.

I bought a pack of them because Dan recommended it.