Friday, April 22, 2011

Hither and thither 4/22/11

Busy, busy week, mostly in really good ways. Last read-through of World-Tilting Gospel before it's completely at the mercy of the printers. I really appreciate Kregel using a microscope on the manuscript. Inerrancy is hard! But if any mere mortal can achieve it, it's Dawn Anderson and her crew at Kregel.

I also worked a bit on gathering Proverbs-book endorsers. Also endorsed a good little book from Cruciform Press myself: But God, by Casey Lute. Check out the Facebook page, and the book's page.

New policy: to save space, instead of trying to come up with creative ways to say "thanks to ___ for the link," I'll just credit linkers bold in parentheses. Thus: "blah blah blah. (thx Rubeus Hagrid)"

It being Good Friday, this may be a bit smallish, but should still grow until noon PT. I plan to put up another post more appropriate to the day at noon, PT.
  • Relative to The Giants of Blogdom, this is not a large blog... but I like to think it's effective. Like this crossbow!
  • Parents: you remember when the doctors told you there was no pill to stall puberty a bit? They lied! Tempting to say it ought to be put in all the water in America... though certainly not for the reasons the article cites.
  • Dang, good thing I was a kid while it was still legal. They later backed off for now... but they'll be back. (ths Aaron)
  • At least scan this article, then entertain these two thoughts: (A) isn't that just like people?; and (B) does it make sense for anyone believing in evolution to strive for the preservation of this as a living language?
  • "No Duh" Alert: all you have to do is read the title.
  • So here's a Christianoid pastor-type who's unclear on clear things, and will "unfriend" you if you don't share his muddle. And he apparently has a defective Bible, lacking mark 14:21 and John 17:12. (thx Robert Sakovich)
  • The movie Thor — whose earlier trailers looked uncomfortably like Flash Gordon, which is a very bad thing — has a pretty funny spot spoofing off of the Darth Vader Kid Super Bowl ad.
  • Reader Aaron wants you to know that, if you have spare coin rolling around, you could contribute to the construction of a fully-functional AT-AT Walker.
  • Ark Burger — two of every animal. On a bun. I want one. 
  • Now these:


JackW said...

"I plan to put up another post more appropriate to the day."

You're going to post something appropriate on Good Earth Day?

DJP said...

Ungh! no no no no no no no!

JackW said...


The Squirrel said...

Bold parentheses?

I like that in a Dispensationalist!



P.D. Nelson said...

Nice H&T Dan and just an FYI Kay isn't the only Dr. Who fan who reads your blog. I've watched the show every since it migrated over and was played late at night on the local PBS station.

Sir Aaron said...

I think you're partial to cigars because Spurgeon smoked..LOL.

Honestly, I've smoked a cigar on the rare occasion. Cigar smoking is definately a lot different in both practice and culture than cigarette smoking. But the smoking bans aren't really about health are they? It's a tragic loss of freedom that, IMHO, was in part caused by the misbehavior of smokers as a lot (being both rude and littering).

Mike Westfall said...

Oh, yeah. Happy Good Earth Fry-day.
Darkness upon all the land, indeed! And for more than a mere 3 hours.

DJP said...

I agree. It simply should be no part of the State's concern whether a business wants to allow a legal activity or not. It's the quintessential immediate-impact situation: if customers don't like it, they'll stay away, the business will suffer, and changes will be made. Simply ridiculous... whether you smoke or not.

Fred Butler said...

Dan opines,
"The movie Thor — whose earlier trailers looked uncomfortably like Flash Gordon, which is a very bad thing"


Flash Gordon a "bad thing?"
Surely you don't mean that 1980 masterpiece starring that "Fiddler on the Roof" guy with the one name, the lovely Melody Anderson, the stately Max von Sydow, and a youngish, pre-James Bond Timothy Dalton, with the rocking Queen soundtrack?

Certainly not that Flash Gordon?

When HBO was in its infancy and they were throwing up anything they could get their hands on to fill their 24-hour air time, I think my brother and I watched that movie, gosh, at least 17 times.

Kay said...

Loved the six minute Who summary, as you knew I would. Pleased to hear there are other Whovians who read the blog :-D

Marla said...

About the XXX pastor: I had this discussion with someone last night -- I wonder if this blog prompted it.

Of his arguments, "No one suspected [him] so that tells me he was a believer" is the most ridiculous. Really? No suspected, so he must be a believer? Yet, he is ready to de-friend anyone who is SURE Judas wasn't.

If he wasn't leading so many people into error, this might fill me with endless laughter. :-(

DJP said...

Excellent catch, Marla.

Robert said...

I used to smoke cigars and drink 40 oz. malt liquor back when I was in college. Don't really miss those days, but the cigars weren't really the source of my problems and didn't make them worse...

Casey said...

I knew 2011 would be a big year for me personally--book coming out, and some other big personal things. But leading off H&T? Dream come true!

CR said...

I was a Dr. Who fan also. My favorite was Tom Baker.

jmb said...

Under the article about the bacteria-ridden Playboy hot tub, there's a link for Hefner's praise of the movie "Water For Elephants."

Anonymous said...

Wrote a response to the xxxchurch guy. Thought you might dig it

Rachael Starke said...

Apropos of my only just now being able to comment, I wanted to say how glad I am that you have a crackerjack editing team. I've read several books over the last year that had really, really great material, but the structure and the formatting sold the book way short. We already know you've got the goods; now it's up to Kregel to box it up and make it a delight to unpack. :)

DJP said...

Thanks, Rachael. Yeah, they're amazing... and it's very unsettling!!