Friday, January 20, 2012

Hither and thither 1/20/2012

Howdy-hi there, friends and neighbors.

Back late Sunday from our wonderful week in Copperfield, near Houston, TX. Then a busy week here in the Big Tomato involving... getting sick! Not too bad, just barely enough for whining rights.

So I've been through what I could of tips and suggestions, and have a little crop. If yours wasn't used, please never take it personally. Grateful to all who think of me.

Our trips through the airport terminals were relatively incident-free, thankfully. I mean, could've been worse.

  • You know, looking at these flying cranes gives me a sense of vertigo I don't get looking out the window of a jet. I guess it's because I'm in something, whereas the cranes are just... just up there... just 'way up there... and... and... whoa, gotta get a hold of something!
  • Gil Sebenste alerts us to a (model of a) large Hadron collider... made of Legos.
  • Apropos of nothing currently not confined to my head: it is encouraging to know that change, while often hard, is not impossible.
  • Finally:



Robert said...

Thanks for sending the link about the autistic girl learning to communicate, Susan. And thanks for posting it, Dan. I cried through most of it just thinking about how many times I have wished I could get inside my son's brain when he struggles with things. He is much less impacted by autism...he can speak and has gotten better at interaction with others, although he still struggles sometimes because of a) sensory overload and b) an overwhelming sense of right and wrong ways to do things. It hasn't prevented him from learning, though, and we tell him about his sin and his need for salvation through Jesus. I hope that this girl will hear this as well.

Coffee I just don't like coffee unless it is flavored, so it is hard for me to relate.

Card trick was pretty funny...that guys is a good entertainer, for sure.

What kids see was a good laugh...the box is definitely a world of fun for any kid!

That crane video was pretty amazing...the wonders of God's creation right before our eyes.

Pierre Saikaley said...

Mitt Romney. Yeah, but would Ron Paul stand a chance against Obama?

Coffee and diabetes. So maybe you CAN eat that sugary doughnut with your coffee and cut the risk.

Lego of Hadron Collider. heh. Future school science project!

The Big Tomato. The Big Apple. The U.S. is delicious sounding.

CleanFlea said...

So much to comment on today. I can't speak for your wife, but my husband will definitely be seeing the golden retriever video.

The page turner was one of the best Rube Goldberg machines I've seen-but I'm not sure guinea pig power is legal. At a minimum there will be some new legislation reaching the CA lawmakers this spring sponsored by the Small Fuzzy Rodent Advocacy league.

And more seriously, the video of the autistic girl was probably the top item today. Thanks.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

What a smorgasbord!

The young grasshoppers thank you for "What Kids See" (the cardboard tube being a particular favorite) and they LOVED the marching band tribute to the military - especially the sub.

You know, including the link to the flying birds was a risky move, since they present us with so many other appealing links to click... we almost wandered off and didn't return ;D

And - yes - the video of the autistic girl was VERY encouraging. So much more going on than anyone realized, for years. And amazing parents to persevere. Who knows what she can do/be? Look at Temple Grandin.

Off to convince the boys to do some school work in spite of all the appealing snow outside...


JG said...

So much goodness, as usual, but predictably I'm plotzing over that marching band video. Love marching bands. Love the armed forces. Probably the best marrying of the two ever.

And that potato is pretty awesome. But I'm weird and enjoy seeking out oddly-shaped potatoes.

Unknown said...

I've driven under that sign -- it's in Sealy, TX. Never hit it, though.

If you ever go back to that neck of the woods and have time to drive out to Cat Springs, TX (north of Sealy) on a Friday around dinner time, there's a little hole-in-the-wall place called the Cross Roads Tavern that serves all-you-can-eat fried catfish, hush puppies, french fries, pinto beans, and other yummy vittles.

When we lived in TX we used to go there every Good Friday after frolicking amongst the bluebonnets and indian paintbrush which bloom like mad at that time of year. Sadly, we now live too far away to continue the tradition, but it's worth the drive if you're in the area.

tobekiwi said...

The autistic girl's video made me cry/glad at the same time. Don't know what else to say. Thank you for sharing that.
Speaking of sharing, thanks also for the sermons from Texas, haven't listened yet, but definitely will.
How on earth did they film those cranes? Was someone on a glider filming it, they were so close.
"Honey, you'll kill the petunias!" will have me smiling the rest of the day.
More to check out, but I really have to get some work done ;o)

Constitution Girl said...

I have to say that I'm fairly offended by the tape cassette graphic. I would probably be classified as a 'kid' but I knew immediately what the correlation was. I shall have to hold a press conference over this.

Paula Bolyard said...

Had some debate last week about exactly how the pencil relates to the cassette tape. Is the primary use of the pencil to wind the tape? To mark the label? Or to pop the little tab?

I hope that Golden Retriever got a steak for that performance! I say this as my pathetic yellow lab Toby Bruno is lying here passing wind. (To his credit, he did raise his head to growl at the beatbox beard guy.)

Woah, on those coffee complainers! I have some vague recollection of seeing coffee commercials like this the 70's. Weren't there some Maxwell House commercials that were a bit more tame, but with the same basic message?

Wendy said...

I noticed at the bottom of the bacon-wrapped food page was a how-to for making bacon jam in the slow cooker. Yikes...

I have to say that my all-time favorite bacon meal is a BLT with freshly-cooked bacon on straight-from-the-oven homemade bread with muenster cheese. I don't think it gets better than that.

Wendy said...

And oddly enough, the Avatar poster with Shatner, Brynner and Wayne wasn't too unbelievable. (Probably would have been better than the actual version too...)

Leonard Nimoy in Die Hard???

Sonja said...

Loved the marching band! One of the coolest things I've ever seen was a Trident sub heading back to it's Bangor base. I was first in line when the Hood Canal bridge slid back to give it clearance. I didn't see a boat then I saw IT! Matte black. Huge. Stealthy. Fast. Utterly silent even above water.

It was quite a sight and made me feel rather safe.

Hope you're all better Dan! And old dogs can indeed learn new tricks. ;-)

Thanks for another fun Friday!

Susan said...

Wow...another great H&T! (And I'm not even done reading yet!)

1. @Robert et al: I got that link to the autistic girl video from not one but two of my friends who shared them on FB, and it deeply moved me. I have a friend who is autistic, and when I first knew her I could sense she was different, but I couldn't put my finger on it because she could communicate with people and even enjoyed company. It wasn't until after Sunday School one day when her mother caught hold of me and we started to talk that she told me my friend was autistic (and severely so, when she was a child). That revelation amazed me--I saw how much the Lord was blessing my friend. Her family didn't give up on her and treated her with dignity. Moreover, she can drive by herself and even has a job! And she has good friends in the Lord who genuinely love her! Like Julie said here, "Who knows what she can do/be?" And even if she doesn't wow or amaze like the girl in the video, her life is already a testimony of the Lord's goodness. It reminds me of another friend's sentiment whenever he speaks of serving with Joni & Friends at the summer camp: He expects to minister to the participants, but what ends up happening is that they minister to him instead!

2. That Siri pie chart made me smile. Just yesterday a coworker told me that he asked his Siri silly questions like, "Will you marry me?" and "What do you look like?" I think she responded, respectively, "I don't think so," and "Does that matter?"

Attitude! :P

Constitution Girl said...

I can do that thing with my eyebrows, what are you saying? :D

DJP said...

All right, Dolly; link to video proof required.