Thursday, January 19, 2012

Preaching to a new or distant church

One of the interesting framing-thoughts that the late David Morsey, who gave me my first pastoral training, imparted was this: look to the NT epistles to see what was essential to the apostles. That is, imagine you're about to give something to a church at a distant, something to aim and help and stabilize and focus them. What would it be? What would you choose? The epistles gives us a glimpse into that mindset and those priorities.

I do this when I'm going to speak at a church, particularly as a guest. I had the gracious invitation recently to speak at Copperfield Bible Church, and faced those questions. So many possibilities, so many sermons already in my files or waiting to be plucked and developed and preached... what to choose? Assuming I'd never have another opportunity to speak, what could I give to them, under God, that could be a gift that kept on giving?

Find out HERE, and then HERE.

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