Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday music: "Crossroads" on an eight-neck stringed instrument

Fred Butler found us this:

The vid features:

Dan Neafsey: Mandolin
Billy Perlman: Ukulele
Gerard Huerta: 6 String
HP Newquist: Fretless Bass
Connor Levinson: Bass
Dave Hill: 12 String
Glenn Levinson: Baritone Guitar
Kent Haehl: 7 String

Shouldn't it be called a "Mandoukubasstar"?


Wendy said...

"Dude, you're crampin' my style!"

At the very end, the poor guy at the top, in the very back on the right looked like he really wanted to start dancing.

But really....why????

Jeremiah Halstead said...

That is an ugly instrument.

WV is besses; used thusly: That was not the besses thing I've seen today

Susan said...

"Mandoukubasstar". Hmm. That's quite Babylonian sounding, don't you think? Imagine one of these in Nebuchadnezzar's court!