Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Very sad, plus random rambling

This adorable tiny little girl in TX gave me a less adorable and even tinier bug. That may be part of why I continue to have all these half-finished posts, and half-decent ideas, and not a lot else right now. Also short on sleep, and all sorts of other excuses. Very sad!

Sorry about that. So, I'll just free-associate a little, as a placeholder.

Absolutely loved Texas, all of us did. I'll tell you more later, DV. Ate alligator and a host of other wonderful food; but the people were even better. Not to eat, I mean. You knew that, right?

Mitt Romney is... The Inevitability Candidate!®

If I could, I'd go to Frank Turk's conference. But I'll be praying, and he'll be great. Any of you going? That you'll admit?

Finished Tom Schreiner's 40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law. That's my first Schreiner read-through. Terrific book; plan a review later.

Continuing to enjoy Gospel Meditations for Missions. Really good book.

Almost done with Rolland McCune's 3-vol Systematic Theology, and plan to review. Kind of not looking forward to it.

Just started Eric Redmond's Where Are All the Brothers? It's off to a very good, engaging start.

So there you go!


JackW said...

Welcome back and glad to hear a good report.

I'm a little over half way through Jerry Bridges The Transforming Power of the Gospel. Really good and would make a great follow on study to TWTG.

Robert said...

Glad to hear the trip went well...sorry to hear that you're ill. Also sorry I didn't get to make it out to Copperfield, but I'm glad that you were able to enjoy some southern hospitality. And you didn't even have to experience the summertime heat!

wv: imentwel - wow can I relate to that thought!

Kay said...

Proper rofl @ Texans being good eating, as I believe you say in those parts.

lee n. field said...

Candidateing somewhere?

Scot said...

Did you get to go County Line to eat? My in-laws take my family and I there for lunch. I could their bisket until I mooed.

CR said...

Eating a reptile would make me sick too.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Don't eat those Texans! And alligator? Errr, ummm, I prefer to eat herbivores, myself. ;D

Sorry you're not feeling well, and hope you're on the upswing.

Too bad you all can't come up here and play in the snow!


Rebecca Stark said...

I'm looking forward to the review of 40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law.

It's a book that deserves more attention.

DJP said...

< insert gently ironic response here >


Tomorrow at Pyro, DV.

Wendy said...

I like the dog.

Thomas Louw said...

Very glad that it went well in the Copperfield- (alligator)belt place.

Any mp3's for download?

Know of any GREAT stuff on the doctrine of Biblical "inerrency"

Aaron said...

@Robert: ssshhhh. We don't talk about Houston summers.

@CR: I tried to stop him but he's a lot like a toddler in that you let him out of your sight for five minutes and he starts putting all kinds of things into his mouth. ;)

Aaron said...

Oh yeah, the 40 questions book looks good. I have another one in that series.

Unknown said...

Attempting to eat a Texan would likely having bad consequences, with our more lax gun control laws.

Robert said...

@Sir Aaron,

Hey, after last year, we're in for a long, rainy summer where the temperatures are actually half-decent. At least that is what heppened last time we had a summer like last year (I think). I remember because Cindy moved here and kept asking if it always rained that much.

Plus I am sure that the amount of great restaurants in the Houston area combined with the low cost of living (especially gas) more than makes up for the weather.

Mizz Harpy said...

I'm sorry you got sick but I'm glad you had a good trip and enjoyed the food. I'm also glad you didn't try to eat a Texan, we're tough and stringy.

Sir Aaron's correct, we don't talk about Houston summers. I shudder when I remember Galveston anytime from March to October.

DJP said...

I was both grateful and sobered by the locals' candor about the punishing summers.

Whereabouts in Tejas are you, Doc, if you don't mind my asking?

Mizz Harpy said...
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CR said...

Sir Aaron,

Was Dan preaching at your church?

Aaron said...

@CR: Yes. I am a member of Copperfield Bible Church in Houston, TX. We had the tremendous pleasure of having Dan preach for two Sundays in a row.

LeeC said...

Isn't that a bit short to be a stormtrooper cake?