Friday, March 23, 2012

Hither and thither 3/23/12

Brief better than nothing? Well then, here you go. Now back to sermon-writing.

We begin with a nostalgic look back at my IT days.
  • Did someone say, "More RAM?"

  • ...and for his cake:
  • Staying with that same family, DAOD's bridal gown (in which she was stunning, thank you) had a most impressive train. But Julie Garrett found a bigger one.
  • She also found us crop snow circles.
  • I Dunno... OK, Sounds Like A Good Deal To Me Alert:
  • Let me just say this: Darth Vader, in a kilt, on a unicycle, playing bagpipes. (thx Neil Shay)
  • Love your parents? Great! Show them by getting them an iPad? Mmm... think it over first. (Fred Butler)
  • A passing remark I made in the sermon last Sunday moved someone to rib me, saying "So, you can dance and sing?" Yeah, if I did try to dance, it'd probably look something like this, except without the grace and the "cute"-factor:
  • Dave Miller and Chris Carney both found another story possibly illustrating why "all scientists are evolutionists."
  • Gotta love the French. Or, you know... not.
  • Back to Timothe, my grandson. With his dancin' blood, I'm expecting:
  • Finally:


Magister Stevenson said...

Glad to see you are keeping some things going. I woke up in a panic thinking I would have no H&T AND have to face high school students.
I probably agree more than disagree with the hugging decision. Teaching in the public school, and having two daughters of my own, I see the hugging and touching going on is out of control. Boys just hug girls as if it is their right. And once when I asked a particular student why she let boys just hug her, her comment was 'I don't want to be rude." When parents lack the sense to teach their kids proper boundaries, sometimes the schools have to step in like this.
Hugging isn't what it was when I was a kid--it has progressed. And not in a good way.

Neil said...

The tattoo baby is my new favourite picture.

Marla said...

Sometimes less is more Dan! I don't usually have the time to read through all the links of H-T the first time. Great job packing lots of fun into little space. Loved the iPad video -- already reposted it. (I didn't even send an e-mail with corrections this morning.)
May you continue to bless and be blessed at your new assignment! Going to have to check out the podcast later.

Kris N. said...

I was so happy to see anything at all! Thanks much for thinking about us - know many prayers are being lifted up for you right now...

Kirby said...

I'm with Neil, that baby tattoo picture is like a savings bond for body art.

the ipad vid was funny, too.

And yes, less is more. I'm with the time-challenged readers on this one.

And, I'll bet your first wedding with this congregation will be packed at the reception just to see Pastor-exhibitionist-Dan dance with his wife. You had to know when you mentioned it that this is coming. so, will it be cha-cha or waltz?

DJP said...

My only post-conversion dance thus far is also one of my very favorite memories, ever: dancing the salsa with DAOD at her wedding, to this tune.

Kirby said...

One more thing: The snow circles: They are amazingly beautiful. But, I like the one that reminds me of the video game Q*bert

GrammaMack said...

So you are now long-distance grandparents? Skype is your friend! Thanks to it, we are well known by our American grandkids, whom we only see in person two or three times a year.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Darth Vader.

Now that's a trifecta of weirdness - cool weirdness - I never thought to see!

Thanks for the H&T,


Wendy said...

The tattoo baby creeped me out for some reason.