Friday, August 17, 2012

Hither and Thither 8/17/2012

Two weeks already? My, oh my. Well, brace yourselves. There's a lot to drink in.

  • Also: "Paul Ryan represents Obama's most horrifying nightmare: Math."
  • As you know, I am a reluctant enthusiastic supporter of  Romney. That is, Romney ran close to my last choice as a candidate... my last choice being Obama. So I will support Romney for this office (so long as he doesn't propose redefining the Gospel, legislating polytheism, or moving us all to Kobol) enthusiastically — the enthusiasm coming from his not-being-Obama.
  • I'm helped by a number of rational considerations, most recently being a fair-enough re-examination of Romney's conversion to a pro-life position by Gary Bauer
  • (Thanks, Sonja.)
  • Speaking of Mormons, which we only sort of were: here's a challenging, thought-provoking article on how evangelical churches are shrinking and Mormon thingies are growing.
  • As you'll know, an activist for an organization devoted to promoting various forms sexual perversion came in ready to murder people at the Family Research Council. Ever on the wrong side of every issue, Huffington Post followed up by launching a verbal attack to follow the gun-attack. Now, countless times when evil crazies have assaulted Democrats and others, the MSM leapt to try to blame conservatives, Christians, Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party, and your mother. Invariably, the facts utterly destroyed their case. Yet here is a case where liberal media does vilify such groups as FRC and paint them as hateful monsters, and one of their people puts acts to words. Will the MSM draw a connection and spend days on its lessons?
  • I know. Silly question.
  • By the way, I should tell you that today's Hither and Thither has been filmed entirely on Steadicat.
  • Yep. This is about right.
  • Then, courtesy of reader Blaine Moore, there is the cat sofa. Korean English not included.
  • You know, that totally looks like the junk I saw in my one (1) excruciating visit to Ikea.
  • Dang, seriously, that was like a two-hour walk through a 1970s bachelor pad. A bad one. Yow.
  • Wouldn't you know it? Obama finally shows some interest in aliens, and...
  • A chuckle from Sacred Sandwich:

  • Fred Butler wants to sell the theme cat-as-vicious-killer.
  • Our cats? All they kill is time, and that's all they do.
  • Oh, my. Oh my oh my oh my.
  • That's it for now. I suppose you can... oh, I don't know. Go play in the water or something. Lots of people think that's loads of fun.
  • As are these.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, sweet! I love Friday morning :D Can't wait to show my dad that Chinese/Canadian shop owner. Now if Canadians were allowed to arm themselves...

Julie G

FX Turk said...

I might have died if this had not gone live this morning, so thank you for saving my life. #OctoberObamaAds

Marla said...

You are an IKEA hater?! You're killing me Dan.

The cauliflower salami sculpture was kinda creepy. (Of course, I always tend to think that of sculptures made of food that isn't bacon.)

The hypocrisy of the MSM is once again on display with their non-coverage of the FRC shooting. This never seems to get old with them.

Thanks for H-T. It's always a great start to Fridays. :)

(the word verification is getting harder -- my third try at reading the scribbles.)

The Squirrel said...

Bear spray rocks!

The Blainemonster said...

I'm kinda surprised there weren't any repercussions (or perhaps there were) for the shop owner having bear spray in his possession. Those Canadians are awfully strict about such things. But I guess they do have bears up there. And criminals too, evidently. Hm. I guess a concealed carry permit would have been handy at that point, too. Anyway.


Sonja said...

It happened again, read H&T before breakfast, crave bacon for breakfast, cook some bacon, craving satisfied, so thanks Dan!

CleanFlea said...

The percentage of my house furnished/decorated by Ikea is steadily increasing. That may have something to do with the combination of employee discount, being able to keep an eye on the AS-IS area, and knowing when all the sales run.
One the other hand, if I didn't work there, I probably would have visited once, on a Saturday afternoon, only to run our screaming. (Ikea can be a bit overwhelming at first)

Mizz Harpy said...

Loved the post about the Galveston surfers. I knew a guy who would paddle out to catch those waves when he was a kid. He said he was able to surf for miles that way. Surfers always show up for the big waves just before tropical storms and hurricanes. It's amazing no one's drowned doing it.

I agree the robots are adorable but creepy. My cats would be creepy too if they were able to upload reports on me.

Oh yes, Obama will want to meet any alien NASA finds so he can give him citizenship!

CAPTSteveHardy said...

Chris can ride the wakes right up the Houston Ship Channel. Had an opportunity years ago to take a ship from New Orleans to Houston and this was the most exciting part. Ships pull a huge wake coming up the channel, then pull all the water away from the the banks. But most 'exciting' is the dance they do when meeting a down bound ship. Basically, they steer bow to bow (it's a pretty narrow channel, after all), turn very slightly right before they meet and let the wave created at the bow of each ship push them apart--called bow cushion. Pretty intense, and probably not a wave these surfers would want to ride.


CGrim said...

Technically, the ship was named Serenity, it was a Firefly-class cargo ship.

CGrim said...

And yeah, the word verification is so hard, it almost makes me question if I'm actually a computer that thinks it's human.

DJP said...

Of course you're right and shame on me; I knew better. Fixed.

Pierre Saikaley said...

" my one (1) excruciating visit to Ikea"

Worthy of a post all it's own.

DJP said...

I think it would require deep hypnosis to retrieve that memory.

Sonja said...

"I think it would require deep hypnosis to retrieve that memory."

That's only because you own more than a dollhouse. While I don't approve of small children wearing a sign that mom/dad hangs off of them, it's a truth. I have to wonder if she will remember in 20 years and yet has a great understanding of bankruptcy laws. That's one scary image.

So is captcha! Arrrgh! Can't I just be almost right in deciphering?

threegirldad said...

You know, that [cat sofa] totally looks like the junk I saw in my one (1) excruciating visit to Ikea.

You mean it was just like being in one of those dreamy TV commercials? Hmmmm...

threegirldad said...


[glares at fingers, buries face in hands]

Jeremiah Halstead said...

I've learned, as a gas pump and POS tech, not to mess with c-store owners after seeing what they have behind counters. Esp not when that store is more or less all they have and their livelihood.