Thursday, August 16, 2012

Web Hunt gets some help making friends with Proverbs

One of the joys that the publication of God's Wisdom in Proverbs has brought to me is the number of Christians who have shared that the book helped them enjoy and profit from Proverbs. Before, it was forbidding or uninteresting or baffling; now, they feel like they've learned how to receive the wisdom God gives through its pages.

Here's one such testimony from reader Webster Hunt's Facebook page:

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Dorothy said...

True confession: when I read the title, I thought it meant that Proverbs was helping him make friends. It seemed a bit strange, but the Proverbs book has the section "Skill in Godly Relationships" so it sort of made sense. Then I read the post. Then I read the title again twice before I managed to straighten out the meaning in my mind.
And there are people out there who trust me to teach reading comprehension to their children.