Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday music — "What a Fool Believes" X4, variously

First, by the man who made it famous, Michael MacDonald:

Then a different take in a duet with co-writer Kenny Loggins:

Then just for fun and to bring the tempo back up, the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin:

(Couldn't find a live version, sorry)

Finally from out in left field, a cover version low on production values but high on talent from Seashell Eyes:


David Regier said...

He came fromh somewha backina lung, uh-oh. Sanamina fooo doan see China harr to recrete wha ha ya to be reated.

Also, looks like Ron Swanson on tambourine.

Tim said...

Thanks, Dan. Really like the sound of this song.

My vote on the What a Fool Believes versions
1. Loggins and McDonald - song writers.
2. Mike with the Doobies. Very funky.
3. Aretha - didn't like it much

Bill Honsberger said...

I really liked the Seashell version. very nice indeed