Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Talking with Janet Mefferd about "Encouragement for New Christians"

Had the pleasure of being on the Janet Mefferd show again yesterday. You can listen to it here, or download it here.

I think this was my fourth time talking with Janet. Every time, it feels like this:
JANET: Happy to welcome Dan Phillips back to the show.
DJP: Delighted to be here, Janet.
JANET: Well, that's all we have time for!
Janet is a terrific interviewer, always studied up on whatever the topic is, and always loaded with on-target, intelligent questions. She pitches them right over the plate, with a little pepper. It gives you a chance for a mighty swing, but you'd better be ready. It's never a sleep-walk.

Yesterday, the topic was my online article Encouragement for New Christians. Perhaps you didn't even know I had a web page, but ENC is one of the main articles hosted from the home page. The page is extremely low-tech, really nothing other than a document hosting site.

The articles linked directly from the home page form a natural progression:
Why I Am (Still) a Christian is an apologetics piece.
How Can I Know God? is the Gospel; then
Encouragement for New Christians gives encouragement and direction to converts
So Janet's producer said she was looking for a reason to have me back on the show, came on that page, and off we went.

I was expecting Janet to ask about CBC, and hoped to get a chance to brag on the terrific folks I get to serve. At least a "Welcome to Texas!"  But she was loaded for bear on the subject, so I neglected to work it in. In retrospect, wish I had. You know, like politicians do — "Great question about immigration... now let me tell you about my tax cutting plan."

At any rate, if you're interested, once again. you can listen to the show here, or download it here. And if you want to check out the sermon on the absolute necessity of local church involvement, it's here.


Aaron said...

I loved doing Janet's show, but it was definitely a rapid fire experience. Kind of felt like just trying to ski straight down the mountain rather than wasting any time with a course. It was great that her show was my first radio interview. Definitely helped me prepare for the rest that followed.

PuritanD said...

Read Frank's math on the Teampyro blog. There seems to be one minor flaw in Frank's theory. We do not elect a president based on the popular vote but by the electoral college. Granted, it is a rarity that it happens but it did occur three times and the most recent being George W. Bush's first term.

The math may be of some importance but it is possible for the person with a minority of votes to still win depending on how well he does with the electoral map.