Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve Pizza 2012

Did I make my famous Christmas Eve Pizza this year? Hah! Did Obama reach for other peoples' money and freedoms?

Of course!


Behold the "light" version, with cheeses, sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, and salami.

Now side by side, the lighter version, and "the works." Even it is subdivided into the with-olives side, and the unolived side. ("All things to all men" may be said of my pizzas.)

The "light" version is pretty thick.

"The works" is much thicker.

Each was a hit.


unc92sax said...

What, no recipe!?!?!

You can't share images like that without a recipe.

That's mean.

DJP said...

What — and have everybody doing what I do??

Unknown said...

We started our own Christmas Pizza tradition this year. You just cannot beat homemade, personalized pizzas tailored to every family member's individual taste!

Mike Westfall said...

Well, that looks yummy.

And no recipe really needed, as long as you know how to make pizza dough. Just pile whatever you like on top of the dough and bake.

GrammaMack said...

We're having three of our grandsons with us for New Year's Eve this year, so we're going with make-your-own pizzas. Hope they taste as good as those look!

Scot said...

I see that no pictures of the kitchen made it into the post this year.

Granted my kitchen cooking/devastation looks about the same.

Andrea said...

I bet there's bacon on one of those. :)

Andrea said...

I bet there's bacon on the pizza with "the works"!

Fred Butler said...

We did the same as well. The Kitchen Aid my mother bought us helped with the production of a much better pizza than from years past. I am still, however, on the out look for a floppy, NY style pizza dough, or maybe what is bought at Papa John's. The dough we made via recipes from Alton Brown and Bobby Flay came out too crunchy for my tastes. If anyone knows a recipe or a technique I am missing, please pass it along.

Oh, and we found this killer sauce recipe. Go here, and follow the directions except skipping the anchovy paste part (unless you're into ruining your pizza). OMG to the 10th power. My wife and I are still reeling from it three days later.

Doug Hibbard said...

We did mini-Monte Cristo sandwiches here, and those were quite good.

Tim Brown said...

You're obviously a "thick cruster"!

DJP said...

Doug: Monte Cristos are wonderful sandwiches.

Tim: duh.

Tim Brown said...

Fred: Thanks for the link to the "killer sauce"

If you're into thin and cripy, here's a link to try out. I guess part of the "secret" is to use bread flour (has high protein).

Tim Brown said...

@Dan. That's ok. But for me, it is too many carbs and just drowns out the flavor of all the good fatty stuff...!

Tim Brown said...


Sorry...apparently my brain blinked when I read your comment about wanting a NY style dough.

The link I would have given you had my brains been interpreting written English properly would have been:

If you try it, let me know if it's what you're looking for...!

As for me, tonight I'm fixin' to make some of that killer sauce you linked us to. Just not going to tell my wife that it has Cayenne in it...bwaahahhaaha!

There's a chain of Pizza places named "Aurelios" that makes a killer spinach pizza. They've got tons of them in Chicago and there's one in Macomb, 50 miles south of us. They say they marinate the spinach in something. Great pizza though so if you are ever in the Chicago area, you might want to give them a shot for fun.

Again, thanks!

Thanks again and I'll report back.

JOYce said...

Dear Dan and Mrs. & bibchr blog friends ~

Learned about this FREEBIE(Perfect Pizza at Home) via an email this morning and thought you might welcome this video class by Peter Reinhart; there are printables ~ click "Materials" at the top of the lesson page.


p.s. ~ have a long post on my blog, too. :-)