Monday, May 06, 2013

Monday Music - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," Eva Cassidy

Is it possible to have anything new to "say" about this old song? Turns out: yes.

It was a Facebook note from Candy Webb that led me to this, as I'd never heard of Cassidy. The story of her death is one of those that feeds my ever-burning "worry" fire.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, Dan, that was a lovely start to the morning :D

But what a sad, sad story. We have a friend from church - a father of five - that let a melanoma go. He's well right now, but sort of waiting for the other show to drop and praying it doesn't.

I hate cancer.


DJP said...

Right there with you, sister. Lost my dear father to it. Hate it like it was a person.

candy said...

and then there is the version we had as our wedding song. Another artist who passed away.

Frogblogger said...

You will find this version done before. Leona Lewis:

jmb said...

Earlier today, my brother recommended that I watch this video. Thanks.

Another wonderful singer who had an untimely death was Nancy Lamott.

ali said...


I noticed how sad her eyes looked.