Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bit of a shift coming Monday


I plan to post some essays here that might otherwise have gone to Pyro, to help those going through the pains of the two-week withdrawal period. (Well, and also, so that my own head won't explode.)

I'm here for ya. We can get through this.


AuthenticTruth said...

Can’t believe that we are faced with 2 weeks without TeamPyro!

I certainly hope that one of your essays will be the one you discussed in your post “Reformeds and dispensationalism, hither and thither”. As one who embraces reformed theology and yet still embraces a dispensational view of eschatology, I am keenly interested in what you have to say. I always feel like I am in the minority in the Reformed camp. I love Reformed theology, but one thing that I cannot embrace is amillenialism, no matter how many arguments I read in favor of that view. I am puzzled as to why many in the Reformed camp believe that dispensational premillenialism is “incompatible with the doctrines of grace” and “compromises God's aseity”. I can understand some of the charges if you follow men like John Hagee, who teach different ways of salvation for Jew and Gentile. But that is an extreme view that really few, including myself adhere to.

Michael Russell said...

a.c. -

If you haven't discovered this treasure trove, Believers Chapel of Dallas has a library online of teaching by S. Lewis Johnson, former professor of systematic theology at DTS. He is (was? I haven't seen or heard of him for many years now) a True Tulip Dispensationalist and his teaching is wonderful for its scholarship. His dry, wry sense of humor is also a lot of fun and makes listening an enjoyable experience.

I know Dan is familiar with SLJ and I think any Reformed Dispensationalist would benefit greatly from his works.


DJP said...

Indeed, Johnson was a great teacher and preacher. He passed away exactly three years ago today. I've listened to dozens of his lectures and sermons, and continue to plow through them.

Connie said...

Yes, count me in as one who is also interested in your further thoughts/essays on reformed dispensationalists. I second the endorsements of S. Lewis Johnson!