Friday, January 26, 2007

Pray for Libbie

One of my very few links goes to Libbie, the "English Muffin."

Libbie's had a very rough pregnancy, which she's taken with characteristic grace and good humor.

Her husband "Ant" (Antony) just posted this update:

Ant Here

Update 25th Jan for your info and to weave into your prayers if you wish. [That's so British! --DJP]

Libbie's pain has become better controlled and she is more comfortable.

However she has a kidney infection they think and so is on a drip to sort that out. Because the hospital specialises in premature baby care there is every chance they will bring the birth forward before 37 weeks (we are at 34 weeks nearly) since they have all the kit required to aid the baby after birth

The consultant has said that once the kidney infection has been controlled and Libbie's pain relief is stabilised then it is about finding the balance between baby's' growth and preparedness for birth and Libbie's condition that will determine the date of birth and method of delivery (C-Section or induction)

The ward is hot - it is like a greenhouse! The girls are being cared for by a lovely family from Witton (our church) and Ant's parents to enable Ant to have some space to work part time (first day in the office tomorrow) and visit Lib alone (Husband's privilege!)

God is providing us a way through. As he always has... Please thank him in your prayers for the provisions of help and strength to this little English family.

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Robert said...

Yes, I will be praying for her. All five of my wife's pregnancies were difficult, with pre-Eclampsia. Two were lost in the sixth month, and the other three were premature, so some of us understand completely what her family is going through.