Saturday, January 20, 2007

Man, what a week

Over at Pyro, that is. And that's the part you see.

I'm seriously considering a post titled "Water."

The entire contents would be:
Powerful wet stuff, that. Discuss.
Think there'd be an argument?

Oh, probably; the clinic is always in session.

Besides, can't do it now. Did it here.

Hmm... but fire. Now there's a topic.....


Family Blogs said...

Water...would we be talking paedo or credo baptistic views about its usage I wonder???

Seriously though, Dan, I really enjoy your posts both here and over at Pyro. Your humour is very like ours in Ireland...biting and yet strangely self-deprecatory.

Keep up the good're a real encouragement.

Connie said...

Okay, this is just too wierd!!! We watched that SAME Monty Python clip on You Tube earlier this evening--"educating" our daughters on the finer things of life. Hey, we've been iced in for the past week--what can I say?

Another favorite of mine is the Dead Parrot sketch!

Tim said...

By an amazing coincidence, Calvinist Gadfly's latest post includes Stephen Charnock's take on both topics:

Water cannot but moisten, fire cannot but burn.

'Nuff said.

Kim said...

Okay, I dare anyone over at Pyro to demonstrate sideburns like that.

DJP said...

Thanks, A&C.

I don't think your profile photo was taken in Ireland, though!

Family Blogs said...

Unfortunately not. It was taken in the High Andes on our sabbatical trip to Peru last year. I'm supping some 'coco mate' which helps with the altitude!!

Sometimes sitting at my desk studying I feel like I could use another shot of it!!!

Catez said...

Water? I'm offended!

Kate said...

Oh, yes, there would be an argument. Sad, but there would be.

Chin up, good man!