Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The dumbest question Larry King has ever asked?

King-watchers, you tell me. Here it is:
"But if Jesus was resurrected, would there even be Earthly remains?"
Um... no, Larry. No, there really wouldn't. That's why they're so desperate to conjure some up—about 2000 years too late. No resurrected Jesus = no God to worry about.

Read the transcript of King's interview with Cameron, Jacobovici, Wedeman, and (mercifully) far more sanely, Al Mohler.

I must say, King tries to top the whopper quoted above a bit later with these gems:
"Since so much of your faith is belief, no one has all of the facts in front of them, Dr. Mohler, what do you make of this startling discovery, if it is what it is?"

"Simcha, if what you're purporting here is true, not as a pun, is this the end of the Easter Bunny? "



Travis said...


The same quotes caught my attention; especially "Simcha, if what you're purporting here is true...is this the end of the Easter Bunny?" Instant classic for the Larry King archive.

Dr. Mohler did a fine job, as ususal, but the format allowed him to only provide sound bites. It would have been better if Mohler and Jacobovici would have been the only guests.

My favorite sound bite came at the end when King asked Cameron about his new feature film. Cameron replied that it was a science fiction film, and Mr. Donohue let loose with "This is science fiction too...you're a master of science fiction, James!"

LeeC said...

Ah, yes.

We have no opinions, we aren't theologians, staticians, historians, or archaelogists, we just out of a sense of interest in the truth decided to spend 2 million dollars to just present the facts in an evenhanded fair way. Riiiight.

I think they forgot to mention they are not logicians either....

Highland Host said...

So, more liberal rubbish. Never mind that orthodox Christians have always believed in a BODILY resurrection, and that a non-bodily event wouldn't actually BE a resurrection, but they have to hawk around the old 'spiritual resurrection' rubbish. And then they have the gall to accuse Christians of having a low view of the body.

Hypocrisy, anyone?