Monday, February 26, 2007

Isn't evolution wonderful? — 1

Sometimes we like to do a little "sacking" ourselves.

This is what my family and I often exclaim, as we watch "nature" shows and specials which detail amazing intricacies of symbiotic relationships and animal/insect behavior. We have a lot of fun with it. "How did that first spider figure out how to live under water? And how did he find a likeminded female, and tell her his plan? And how did they explain it to their offspring, without language?"

And we always note (as my son Matthew has continued to note in advanced "hard" science courses) that is impossible to speak of such things except in teleological terms.

Well, here's another "isn't Nature amazing?" story. It is the story of the Japanese honeybees.

Watch the full video, and notice the talk of nature's design (?!).

Read some more discussion.

And then praise the real Creator and Designer.
O Yahweh, how manifold are your works!
In wisdom have you made them all;
the earth is full of your creatures.
(Psalm 104:24)


anon said...

I know this is not related to your original post, but if you are interested in biblical studies or in Christianity in general you have to check out Jesus Family Tomb. This totally amazing movie is coming out talking about Jesus as a husband AND a father!! Unbelievable.

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DJP said...

Yes, fake-identity-comment-spammer, "Unbelievable" would be the operative word.

Here is a collection of links showing what patent nonsense the entire production is.

LeeC said...

"and the temperature inside the bee ball quickly rises to 116 degrees. Bees tolerate temperatures of up to 122 degrees, but hornets perish at 114. After baking for about 15 minutes,"

The math behind what it would take for the bees to not only come up with this formulae, but do it often enough to recognize it and keep doing it would be astounding by evolutionary theory.

Much like "Stephanies" comment above if you go into the evidence wanting to prove your hobby will!

Of course I have presuppositions too, but they come from the infallible Word of God. As opposed to someone like Richard Leaky who came to a personal conclusion, then spent his life trying to prove it.

Unlike Kaffinators earlier example, Creationists use the exact same methods, as evolutionsists, and the exact same evidence, the only differences are that Scripture sits over our thought, where the evolutiionist sets himself up as the sole arbiter of the truth, and that we don't have to jump through some pretty tight hoops to explain things like this:

In our house when we see something amazing on one of the nature shows the catchphrase is "Pretty good for a random accident eh?"

Unknown said...

It's simply incredible. I've in recent years especially been struck by the cellular level of complexity. Here's a fun movie of cell life, from some students at Harvard.

-Matthew (Dan's son! :D)

Carrie said...

Ah, yes. The religion of evolution takes alot of faith.

Anonymous said...

There is a really good DVD set (3 or 4 parts) entitled Amazing Creatures. It profiles creatures that could not exist if evolution were true. For example, the Giraffe has such a powerful heart to get all the blood to its brain (long neck). But as a result of such a powerful heart, it would die if it put its head down to eat (blow its head right off). So there is a valve thing in its neck that absorbs the blood and slow releases it to the brain, and it is only activated when the neck bends down. Incredible! If evolution were true, all the Giraffes would have died out before the "millions of years" it would have taken to evolve a special neck valve...

Sorry for the nontechnical language, but check out the videos if you can get them in the US.

I also remember getting into a similar discussion with my unsaved father when he explained to me how his pumpkin plants were reproducing...which came first, the male or the female, etc etc