Monday, October 01, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: a wife praises her husband! In front of God and everyone!

I love it when spouse builds up spouse, in public. Lord knows I've seen far too much of the reverse.

See sister Libbie let us know what a great guy her husband is.

Way to put Proverbs 12:4a and 14:1a into practice, Libbie! God bless you all.

For more about how wise and godly Libbie is being, check these out:
Wise wives = blessed husbands = happy wives
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Kim said...

I started our young mom's bible study last Tuesday, and I set some "ground rules," i.e., I asked for absolutely no husband bashing. Too much of it; I agree.

Kristine said...

That WAS a great post she put up, and I'm in total agreement with you concerning the aboslute breath of fresh air (sadly) it was to read. I've got a guy who sounds quite similar to her own...and what a priceless GIFT he is!!

Connie said...

I witnessed "Husband/man bashing" regularly back when I worked outside of the home. It really does set you apart when you don't enter into it, nor sit by and take it in.

I'd ten-times rather hear how God is working in and BLESSING women through their husbands!

Carl said...

I feel God blessed both my wife and myself greatly when he brought us together over 22 years ago and not too long thereafter we were married (after I graduated from college of course). That's been 21 years and 4 months ago and we've been building each other up and supporting each other ever since. We may not have a lot in terms of material wealth but our relationship with each other and more importantly, our relationship with God makes even the most precious material items pale in comparison. It's great when your spouse is also your best friend.

Unknown said...

There's a great article about Ruth Graham and her life as the wife and mother of great men.

Ruth Bell Graham: A Legacy of Faith