Sunday, February 10, 2008

DD coffee update

I posted on how great Dunkin' Donuts coffee was, on the strength of one pot. Here's a quick follow-up.

After being unable to find the beans reasonably-priced in stores (Safegougeway has them, like >$9 for 12 ounces!), I subscribed to DD's delivery service. After I cycled through the coffee I had, I began grinding pure DD beans a few days ago.

It's holding up. In fact, I had tried several more gourmet-type coffees, and they were fine, but none knocked me over. In fact, virtually all of them, I have to grind extra beyond what should be normal for the amount with which I start the day — just to get a pot as strong as I like it. By contrast, if I do the same with DD, it's too strong. Just the should-be regular portion makes for a very aromatic, robust, satisfying drink.

I don't know how they do it.

And boy, do they ship it securely! I liked Bill's story about his still-unnamed online roaster's shipment making for a fragrant truck. Not DD. The box smells of nothing, even the bag itself (before opening) doesn't have the slightest coffee fragrance. That bag is tight.

Any of you try roasting and drinking some DD since that post?


Kaffinator said...

I confess I was still getting over the initial shock from your last coffee-related post.

But now that you've posted twice...

I guess you could say my "coffee responsibility index" has risen uncomfortably high.

I'll go visit Slaveway, take a shower, and try your recommended brew.

DJP said...

None was more surprised than I.

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

I just signed up. I'll let you know what we think after we've had a few pots.

I hope it's good; it's much less expensive than Gevalia.

DJP said...

Wow, now I feel responsible! You'd better tell me how this turns out!


Diane said...

I've been drinking it, and like it. Thanks for the recommendation. I've had the flu this week and haven't had any since I've been sick.

CR said...

Granted, I've never grounded my own DD beans coffee, but I'm sorry, I just don't see what the big deal about their coffee (their donuts is another story). Peets Coffee is the way to go. They have a great selection - and I personally love Starbucks coffee (but I know Starbucks is anathema to many).

Kim from Hiraeth said...

I tried Peets coffee and it arrived so old and dried out that it just pulverized into dust when I tried to grind the beans.

I realize that that may be a fluke, but it left a bad taste in my mouth so to speak.

Anybody ever had Tim Horton's coffee? It's wonderful, but we don't have them around the Chicago suburbs. : (

Fr. Bill said...

I didn't mean to be coy about the roaster. A couple of guys emailed me privately and I gave it up with gladness. Here 'tis:

The kind I order can be found here:

They call it Italian Roast Espresso. It is NOT as dark as their ad hype would have you believe, but it is a dark, smokey brew, and I can easily believe that their claim that it is their most popular coffee is not a mere boasting.

I see the price has inched in about 12 cents a pound since I made my last order of 25 pounds. Ordering this size gets you free shipping, so it's worth if if you have a place to store the stuff (I put mine in the freezer, in gallon, ziplock bags, and it does just fine. The last beans are as flavorful as the first.

And, yes, every driver who delivers the box comments on the odor. They roast each order as it's made, so the whole mass is still "cooking off" heavey-roasted scent. It's bagged in a plastic bag, re-enforced with burlap, and stitched shut. So, the bag is not absolutely airtight, nor the box it's packed in. Hence, the delivery truck is redolent of roasting coffee.

The price is better than DD, a tad more than 30 percent off. I didn't check DD's shipping costs, so if they're not free, then the savings would be even more, maybe a lot more.

I do not own stock in Coffee Bean Direct. I buy on price, and I've been very happy with their product -- in price AND in quality.

Unknown said...

Would LOVE to, but afraid that Costa Rica does not stock any. I think I have a challenge - I'll have to see if I can find some robust, dark flavored coffee beans and ship them your way. I'll keep you posted. :-) Erin

DJP said...


Kim from Hiraeth said...

OK, Dan.

Here's your review:

We ran by Target last night for Brita Filters and I saw Dunkin Donuts coffee on sale for $6/12 oz. bag.

They only had ground coffee, but I picked up a bag anyway and gave it a go this morning.

I measured it the same way I measure Gevalia or Caribou coffee and it was a little strong, but not too bad. I can easily use one less scoop and it will be perfect!

I am very glad I decided to give it a try and will be upping my automatic order--hubby and I both agree that we've found our new coffee.

Have you tried the decaf? I ordered some online but didn't pick any up at Target.

Fred Butler said...

Wal-Mart has DD on sale for 7 bucks. Got the whole beans and made it yesterday (Sunday) for breakfast.
For something as tacky as Dunkin' Doughnuts, they make an outstanding coffee.


Connie said...

Wow, apparently I've been missing out! We love our coffee very strong--hubby was raised in Louisiana on Seaport coffee. Over the years we've tried Gevalia and other 'speciality' sources, but we've settled for a Starbucks dark roast lately.

I'm off to Wal-Mart later today and will look for DD--I'm hopeful!!

Surly Mosey said...

Been using the DD coffee for a while now. I do like it a bit but Ive had a hard time getting the ratios right since I'm used to a darker roast.

I tried a new thing last week called "cold" brewing. You basically grind the beans and soak them at room temp for about 12 hours and then strain the grounds out. You end up with a concentrate that you can keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks. You then mix it with hot water about 3:1 ratio (water:coffee) when you want a cup; less or more depending on your preference of course. It supposedly reduces the acidity by 67%. I have to say it's much smoother but it's also a different taste from normally brewed coffee. I drank it this morning on an empty stomach and it didn't hurt my stomach at all whereas normally I would have felt all kinds of ooky afterward. So it may end up my method of choice being that I normally can't have it more than a couple of times a week because of the havoc it wreaks on mah belly.

Dawg Doc said...

I've been on the DD home delivery schedule for more than 2 years. As a native New Englander living in WA state, I need my DD every day. Grinding the beans is the ONLY way to go. I used to get the French Vanilla flavored beans but they discontinued them at the end of last year so now I just grind regular.

The coffee maker used also has an impact on quality and flavor of coffee...regular drip machines expose the coffee grinds to too much heat and soaking allows the acid to leach out. Bunn is THE best way to make DD since the hot water is infused to the grinds and produces a perfect pot in 3 minutes. No pour n serve feature, however.

Ain't it I am in the world HQ of Starsucks and I have to have my coffee shipped from New England!!!

DJP said...

Well yes, Carlo, I didn't see anything big about it until I had some either. Which was kind of my point. (c;

Thanks, Bill. That's really very intriguing! I just wish there were a way to try it out somewhere before sinking a C-note into the wager.

Fred, hope it comes to our WalMarts. Not yet.

That is pretty ironic, Rob, how you have to go cross-continent from Star$$$ for good Joe. Don't know if I've ever had Bunned coffee. In case I didn't say earlier, this is the one I use.

CR said...

Dan wrote: "Well yes, Carlo, I didn't see anything big about it until I had some either. Which was kind of my point."

My response: Miscommunication on my part I guess...but I've had the DD coffee a number of times, back East, in the DD restaurants, and I just don't it's a big deal and I'm a coffee lover (trying to change that) and of all coffees I've tried, DD is just... eh?

I don't know what kind of gourmet coffees you've tried, but I think anyone who thinks DD coffee is SOOO great is probably deprived. :=) I suggest trying Peet's Coffee Sumutra or Italian Roast.

Fr. Bill said...

I just wish there were a way to try it out somewhere before sinking a C-note into the wager.

Well, if you have enough others nearby who are curious, you could order 25 pounds and split it five ways. Or six. Or as many ways as you have confreres.

Anonymous said...

Ok. My wife and I tried it. It's good. Definately has a different flavor to it. I'm not knocked off my feet with this one though. Tasted like a really good resteraunt coffee, the kind I would order seconds from. But, still doesn't beat Peet's Coffee in my estimation. Just my $0.02.

James said...

That is interesting, for the past week I have had it with my typical folgers in my cup attempts to make a strong robust morning cup. I broke down and bought a bag of DD at the beginning of the week, and now that it's gone, I am kind of sad. DD is THEE best Coffee....Hands down.


DJP said...

I should be a spokesman!

Glad you're enjoying it, FS. I'd hate anyone to be disappointed in a recommendation. I'm still loving mine.

4given said...

My husband makes his coffee so strong that one of our rough sub-contractors told me that my husband's coffee would grow hair on his feet.

We typically buy 8 o'clock coffee because it was rated the highest on Consumer Reports. My husband tends to buy most things because of Consumer Reports magazine.

However, with such glowing recommendations, I'll have to buy some.