Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't miss these: 10/22/08

Now some assorted news items and posts that I think worth your note. Check back, it will be updated through the day...if there's anything good!
  • Here we have a bitter chuckle on what a wiser Biden might do, given his duh-level revelation that America's enemies would realize a weak leader in Obama, and would test him, and he'd not be up to the test.
  • Michelle Malkin makes the case that Biden's incompetence (A) gets a pass from the media, and (B) marks him as eminently less qualified to be VP (let alone P) than Sarah Palin. But then again, the same could and should be said of Obama.
  • Kathryn Jean Lopez wonders whether Biden was hinting at Obama reinstituting the draft.
  • Rusty Lopez hammers in another nail or two on Obama's love for abortion.
  • Tony Blankley does a pretty good body-slam of sell-out conservative pundits (note: not "pundents")
  • Some conservatives, fearing that Obama will buy and lie his way to the presidency, cling to the silver-lining memory that Carter brought us Reagan, and Clinton brought us a conservative Congress. Along comes Michael Medved, aka Little Mary Sunshine, to disabuse us of even that hope. Sadly, he's right that Obama's changes would be permanent and devastating.


JackW said...

I want to know where all this money is coming from for nObama ... during a bad economy? ChiCom's? Middle East?

DJP said...

Don't ask. They won't tell.

This is an irony: McCain is financially hampered and disadvantaged because he DID keep his word. Obama has the advantage, because he didn't. Americans are rewarding Obama's untrustworthiness.

Reagan Revolution said...

Not enough ink and TV time is being devoted to National Security.

In light of goofy Biden's comments, we need to look at what Obama ALREADY promises to do -- in his own words. I'm sure our enemies have seen the YouTubes:

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Blankley: "But just as it does in every great cause, one question has to be answered correctly: Whose side are you on, comrade?"

DJP writes that Blankley did a good body-slam of sell-out conservative pundits (even naming them!). I think a body-slam of sell-out professing Christians who are voting for Obama and other pro-abortion-DNC-platform Democrats is also needed, not to mention that it's way overdue.

Athanasius took on Arius and his followers. Luther took on sola ecclesia. Wilberforce took on pro-slavery Christians. The Civil War had Christians on both sides shooting each other.

Abortion is a transcendental issue that will also energize, mobilize, and test the faithful remnant.

JustJan said...

I heard Dan Rather admit that Obama/Biden have an advantage in the media. I was shocked at the honesty.

I say David Gergen shaking his head last night on CNN about the fact that campaign money had been spent to obtain a suitable wardrobe for Palin. What exactly were the options? Not spend the money and watch them trash her for that? Have a donor buy the clothing for her directly and not disclose it?

You have to give them credit for consistently painting their opponents into a corner.

DJP said...

The clothes will end up with charity, anyway.

CR said...

You know what's funny about David Rodham Gergen, yeah, he was shaking in amazement how could a campaign spend that money on clothes, but when Bay Buchanan mentioned a couple of times about Obama being a socialist, did you see how furious DRG was?

What really sickens me about most of the MSM is they have dishonest people as contributors with few exceptions. At least the liberal contributors on Fox News like Juan Williams and Kirsten Powers are honest liberals. MSM really ticks me off.

Mike Westfall said...

This little bit of nastiness is on the Obama website.

Seems hypocritical, considering this.

candy said...

I'm depressed now.