Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Justin Taylor today: brutal reading, but necessary

This is hard to read.

Justin Taylor's blog Between Two Worlds — one of the few I commend in the sidebar — consistently has some of the most exceptional material of any Christian blog. Anyone who tries to dig up good stuff will agree: Justin's skill in finding excellent resources is nothing short of scary.

For months, Justin has done yeoman's work in keeping the abortion issue foremost, and he's kept at it — in spite of being afflicted with some of the most committedly clueless and disruptive meta-trolls in the blogiverse.

Again and again, Justin has linked to excellent resources, admirably banging the drum on the fact that Barack Obama is the most virulently pro-infanticide Presidental candidate ever, and he will instantly drop America's complicity in this abomination to unprecedented Hellish depths.

To underscore this point, today he puts up Ballot Box Blues. Be warned: it is absolutely brutal. (Even so, it is relatively mild compared to the full measure of abortion's horrors.) If you can watch it without tears... well, people have different emotional makeups, I understand that. But I'd fear that something is very wrong, if you can watch this video dry-eyed and unmoved.

And you need to understand: every person who even toys with voting for Obama is considering not only locking these abominations into law for decades to come, not only re-radicalizing abortion laws in our country, not only forcing all Americans to pay for these abominations, but putting judiciary appointments in the hands of a man who's fine with leaving babies who manage to survive abortions squirming, suffering, and dying on hospital tables. (Obama's dodge on this issue has been proven to be a lie.)

That's the heart of the man you are thinking of rewarding with top office, Obama voters.

That's who you want to represent America, and shape the judiciary, Obama voters.

These are not regrettable instances of unintentional, "collateral damage." These are children targeted for murder. And Obama's fine with it.

Now you can't say, "But I didn't know." You know. You vote for Obama, you're fine with it, too.

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NothingNew said...

America today has nearly 48 million fewer citizens under the age of 35 than it should.

Many of the problems our country faces that are related to job outsourcing, trouble funding social security, influx of illegal labor, and etc. can be traced back to this in someway.

The number of abortions in the US since 1973?

48,589,993 (and counting)

Matt Gumm said...

If you're interested, I actually have a PDF copy of the transcript where Sen. Obama addresses this issue on the floor of the Illinois State Senate. Downright frightening.

donsands said...

JT really has be fervent in keeping Obama's outlandish views of abortion front and center.

And also with that, the Gospel as well, which is the only means of making a nation righteous, and not becoming a nation of moralism, or good deeds, basically, whitewashing the tomb, but leaving the dead bones inside.

Gilbert said...


I watched that video...and caught myself saying, "Oh, God!" numerous times. I didn't cry, I have seen some pretty bad things in my life, including videos like this one. But tears don't matter...truth does. This is the truth, about as raw and as hard as it gets, that we are murderers. Period, end of story...that can be redeemed, even from this, by repenting of it and turning to Jesus.

I saw one commenter say that we're Pharisees for judging like this. 1Corinthians 6:9 is held up for all of them, with a finger pointed at their hearts. I say: we've killed nearly 50 million babies in the last 40 years, and yet, he patiently waits on us to repent and to turn to Jesus in faith to be saved. That's more loving than I am right now. How about you?

I was a fool for not voting for several years when I was in my 20s.
Dan's post seriously makes me want to go to early voting, which is available to me until 8 PM tonight.
McCain won't magically stop the abortions in 8 years...but he won't let the doors be blown open wide to it.

Al Mohler had two great recent articles about this. Look what it has done to the old Soviet Union:

And this:

No, politics is NOT, repeat, NOT the solution to solving abortion, Jesus is; but we do not want to elect someone that will openly fan the flames for abortions to occur, either.

CR said...

Reading all the comments at JT's blog, I'm just really amazed at the ignorance and the real stupid questions people are asking on this issue. I can't think of a more clear choice.

Do you get frustrated at all Dan with people's dumb questions and faulty logic? How do you deal with that. Do we just continue to pray for them?

DJP said...

It frustrates me horribly, Carlo. There are a couple of commenters in particular — when they ooze in, I bail out. No point, conversation's derailed.

We should pray for them, and I confess I don't enough. Thank you, truly, for the needed jab.

Rachael Starke said...

Justin's patience and grace is a real example to me - my fear of "the crazies" (and what I might say to them) is what keeps me from promoting my feeble blog efforts.

I am truly horrified at the number of younger Christians who have not been taught well enough either in whatever passes for their school or church to expose and reject all the ridiculous arguments around the war and, worse, health care for the poor, as noble reasons to vote for Obama.

When a candidate simultaneously:

mandates the death by neglect of infants after birth,

the removal of monies for organizations who provide services for women who chooseto give their babies life,

and the punishment of medical workers who refuse to support abortions for conscience reasons,

that's not pro-choice. That's pro-legalized, government-funded, government-enabled murder.

CR said...

Rachael: I am truly horrified at the number of younger Christians who have not been taught well enough either in whatever passes for their school or church to expose and reject all the ridiculous arguments around the war and, worse, health care for the poor, as noble reasons to vote for Obama.

What is going on Rachael is a blurring of the differences and the understanding between rights and entitlements. They are taking the assertion of we are endowed with certain inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (in all honesty, a doctrine from natural law, not Scriptures) and adding on to that entitlements. So, rights, are no longer from the "Creator" (using the natural law argument) but added entitlements that government must provide: health care, free education, owning a home, gay marriage, etc. etc. etc. So, even the Christian left has bought, hook, line and sinker this notion of entitlements and they don't distinguish them from rights. I had one personal correspondence from an unbelieving liberal who criticized and said he didn't see a difference between rights and certain entitlements.

So, anyway, many on the Christian left say, yeah, abortion is really, really bad, but you know what, so is not having health care, and so is not being able to afford to go to college and so is being foreclosed on your home. So, rather than the government being the government and defending life, liberals and misguided and igorant professing Christians would add government entitlments and maybe that would make people make the right decisions. Yeah, it's really stupid and twisted logic, but, hey, for most people, you're talking about public school indoctrination.

Our strongest argument, is not the natural law argument of the Constitution (albeit, entitlements is not what the Founders had in mind), but an argument from Scripture, esp. Romans 13 where the government does not bear the sword in vain and it is not suppose to be a terror to good works.

CR said...

Krauthammer (one of the non-enthusiastic supporters of Gov. Palin) makes a great point why there is so much loathing and hatred of Gov. Palin by the left and it's related to the abortion issue. And that is, her decision at her age with four other children to have a Down's syndrome child and as Joseph Epstein wrote in Feminist Circles if this is not about abortion then what's it about?

Krauthammer goes on to say that liberals look at Palin as a back room hick who for religious reasons (of course we understand that it was her faith not religious reasons - Krauthammer is a brilliant conservative but an atheistic evolutionist) went ahead and had a child that they (liberals) would never have. Deep underneath is a self-loathing of this by feminists knowing that what she did is virtuous and a generous act that they (liberals) would never have undertaken and it is an affront and silent rebuke to them.

NothingNew said...

"That's pro-legalized, government-funded, government-enabled murder."

So true.

The consequences of mass scale murder have been significant on our country in many more ways than most people realize. While the spiritual ramifications are by far the most important, the day-to-day consequence of having 48 million fewer American's under the age of 35 (since 1973) even influences everything from outcome of political elections to local churches struggling to attract enough young people to fill their pews.

I have a hard time believing that God won't judge our country for tolerating such evil behavior.

CR said...

NNUTS: I have a hard time believing that God won't judge our country for tolerating such evil behavior.

Key thing to remember NNUTS, the Lord has been judging our nation and He has been doing it for decades. Remember, judgement is not just tidle waves, earthquakes, and other national or man made disasters. The worse kind of judgment that the Lord could pronounce on a nation or anyone is giving them over to their desires and not interceding. The Lord has been judging our nation for some time. I've been pleading to Him that He would remember mercy (which our nation does not not deserve at all)this election day and not loosen His grip of common grace further. We'll see what happens on election day.

CR said...

I've been having this interesting communication with someone as a result of the JT blog on the Abort video. I've been passing it along to Christian and non-Christian acquaintances alike (some that I haven't even met before and have only met in the online world).

One of them responded and agreed to the horror of abortion but you know gave all the traditional liberal arguments. This person is not a believer. I've shared with him the gospel several times. Anyway, I just really persisted and said, look, I just showed you a really horrific video and I'm just asking you how can you justify the great moral outrage of our day and leave the daily slaughter of the weakest members of the human race to people. I was stunned by his response and confession:

Listen Carlo,

I would have had a grandchild about 13 years old today, but he/she got flushed into a bloody mass of gauze at an abortion clinic. I think about that a lot. But the decison to abort was encouraged by me due to an irresponsible son and his dingbat girlfriend who were only 16 at the time with no means of support and no job opportunities on the horizon. I was in no position to raise another child at the time either and I know that's what I would have to do once the baby was born. Then, after listening to horror stories of kids that age who most certainly break up, I would probably lose all contact with the child after becoming attached to him/her because the mother decided to take off with another guy.

I regret what happened but I don't regret the decision that had to be made either. Yes, I would like to have had a grandchild but I would not want to live everyday wondering where he/she was and who was taking care of him/her. And it probably would have ended up a lot worse situation than I even imagined had the child been born.

I told him I would need some time to digest what he had just written. And honestly, I don't know what I would say to him, he has already rejected the gospel.

But I thought I would just share that and let people know this happens in real life and the amazing ability to suppress is amazing.

DJP said...

Chilling, Carlo.

I'd want to ask, "Suppose she'd had the child, and you came to this realization when the child was 2 or 3. Why not kill the inconvenient (if large) mass of tissue then? If not then, then why before birth?"

Abortion is this country's conceptual Bermuda Triangle. Nothing works, among advocates, on that topic. They might be rational the rest of the day... but when it comes to abortion, it's sheer power over weakness, self-indulgence over inconvenience.

candy said...

self-indulgence over inconvenience.

Sad, but so true.

NothingNew said...

"Key thing to remember NNUTS, the Lord has been judging our nation and He has been doing it for decades."

No disagreement there.

Susan said...

Oh, what a heartwrenching and disgusting video of aborted children--I had to stop "play" at 3:20. Not that it wasn't bad prior to 3:20, but I knew the images would get progressively worse and that I would have to stop watching at some point.

What DO the pro-choice people think about all this??? How can they support such brutality??? As I have commented the other day in Dan's Powell-Supports-Obama post(anachronistically in hindsight), Obama has supported a form of infanticide. He did so by voting against--more than once--a bill that protected babies born alive from events such as failed abortions. It was a bill that even Democrats (think Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton) supported, but Obama staunchly opposed it for fear that it would overturn Roe v. Wade. He and his campaign lied about his voting record on this until they couldn't cover it up anymore. (I've provided website addresses for Dr. Mohler's comment on this and also a Focus on the Family broadcast that interviewed a nurse who initiated that bill in Illinois--see my comments to Dan's "Powell" post some days ago.)

(Boy, I NEVER thought I would be this worked up over Obama. In the very beginning I knew I cared for neither him nor McCain, but after listening to that aforementioned radio interview, I REALLY find his ideologies distasteful.

God help us.)