Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't miss these: 10/29/08

Presenting today's opening potpourri:
  • A speechwriter for Obama, Edwards, and Clinton on is going to be voting for McCain. Watch for that on the major media. Or rather... don't. It doesn't fit The Narrative.
  • Also of no interest to the MSM, Jack Cashill has been steadily making the case that Obama's name-making book Dreams from My Father had an uncredited ghost-writer. Cashill says that the heart of his message is "is that Barack Obama is an impostor, the Milli Vanilli of politics, a man who has been lip-synching for the last 13 years to lyrics pre-recorded by, among others, Bill Ayers." He's been putting his thesis, which actually thrust itself upon him when he wasn't looking for it, to various scientific tests, and it's being confirmed. MSM resources re too heavily invested in crucial matters such as what the GOP pays for Palin's clothes and Joe the Plumber's newspaper bills, so you'll have to check alternative media to get the fuller story. Thank God for free speech; and expect it to be a major target of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid troika if this election is more judgment than blessing.
  • So far, I find that people who sneer at the suggestion are those who never read his arguments. Well, that certainly is a time-saver!
  • The Lost Angeles Times wing of the Obama campaign continues to suppress information that might be damaging to its candidate. But don't worry, it's because of their goodness and wonderfulness (they say). Nothing to see here, move along, peasant.
  • Scott Ott has some fun with this over at Scrappleface. Note to the humor-challenged: this is P-A-R-O-D-Y.
  • Same subject, but not funny. In the Boston Herald, Michael Graham laments the death of even the semblance of objective journalism, as marked by this campaign.
  • I think there are two kinds of people, at present: those who deny leftward media bias, and honest, informed, rational people.
  • Relatedly: the wonderful Mona Charen laments the astonishing level of denial in the Jewish community when it comes to Obama who, by any objective measure, is not their friend.
  • No less sad nor irrational is the level of black support for Obama, who is an enthusiastic enabler of the quiet black genocide that is abortion. Ironic, offensive to hear, but true: Obama is no friend to the black community, either.
  • Thomas Sowell has been steadily documenting and building a devastating case against Obama. Here he just touches the tip of the iceberg of the disaster Obama would be to the court-system.
  • From the Washington Post, Michael Abramowitz frets (from their perspective) that the polls might be wrong. I say it all depends on whether God wants to judge America much more, or less.
  • Though I've never been nor plan to be drunk, I sympathize with a commenter who told me over at FreeRepublic that he expected to, er, impaired on the 5th; the question is whether it would be from whisky or champagne.
  • Beldar cites a commenter who catches a Politico "oops."
  • He also further discusses the Obama campaign's embrace of campaign contribution fraud.
  • Don't forget, all of Obama's vaunted money-advantage is because he is a lying promise-breaker.
  • Say, you know who's been missing? Michelle Obama, the adult woman who somehow never had reason to be really proud of America until it gave her unqualified, unaccomplished husband a shot at the White House — which, arguably, is a mark against being proud of America; but I digress. (Don't forget Michelle Malkin's devastating response.) Well, she's back. In a way. In that she's being criticized for a 2004 letter opposing the banning even of the most barbarous, monstrous mode of infanticide. Say it again: pro-abort extremist.
  • Relatedly: Gianna Jessen, the walking miracle who had been unsuccessfully targeted for death by Obama's most cherished medical procedure, returns fire in response to his slander of her.
  • Reminder: how can I say abortion is Obama's most cherished medical procedure? Because, of all the things he could do as President, Obama says that at the very top of the list is reversing all limits and bloodying all our hands by funding it.
  • Back to Michelle Malkin; she gives five of her "favorite" low-points in Obamamediaso far, I'd add.
  • More news you won't see in the MSM: welcome independent, life-affirming thinking from leading black pastor Clenard Childress, who confesses that he cannot support Barack Obama. Speaking of Obama's fervent devotion to abortion advocacy groups, Childress says that "this unholy bond has done more to decimate and deplete our community than slavery and Jim Crow laws ever could have accomplished. This allegiance has destroyed millions of our children; children created but denied access to the American dream, children aborted." Amen, pastor. Preach it. God grant that there be listening ears.
  • What th-- did a pig just fly past my window? CNN's Campbell Brown (?!!) urges anyone watching Obama's infomercial to remember that he bought it with money made from a broken promise. Can something be shifting?
  • Say... where's Biden? Hidin'! Now, whyever would the Obama campaign hide Senator Joe Biden? Because they know what some (well, one) of my readers do not know: Biden is a disaster.
  • Now here's an absolute first: I'm getting traffic from CNN! Click on the Campbell Brown link, above, and then Blogs on that page, and you'll see why. Wild times.
  • More News You Won't Hear: Jewish "pro-choice" Democrat woman for McCain. Do not miss this, it is very well-written and well-reasoned. Here are a few pulls: "I now know that defeating global terrorism is the single most important issue of our time. ...As I said to the PBS interviewer but what was edited out, 'my daughters won't have reproductive or many other rights if they are dead or burka'ed.'" "...Obama's pastor scares me a whole lot more than anything Sarah Palin has ever said or done" (see fuller quotation under the Wright video post below). "So this Jewish pro-choice Democrat is going to vote for McCain/Palin because they know who are our friends and who are our enemies. And they are prepared to do what is needed to each."


Truth Unites... and Divides said...

DJP: "I think there are two kinds of people, at present: those who deny leftward media bias, and honest, informed, rational people."

Number me among the honest, informed, rational people. Who faces the genuine prospect that there will be an Obama presidency, due in large part to leftward media bias, with much unhappiness and trepidation.

CR said...

DJP:Don't forget, all of Obama's vaunted money-advantage is because he is a lying promise-breaker.

And McCain-Feingold...

Terry Rayburn said...


Great job on these potpourri updates!

DJP said...

Thanks, Terry. I was feeling pretty lonely.

Yeah Carlo, the irony's thick, isn't it? But it seems to me the relevant issue to voters is: McCain gave his word and kept iteven when it hurt him, whereas Obama turned on a dime.

Mike Westfall said...

Is the supposed to be a link somewhere in the Clenard Childress item?

DJP said...

Gripe gripe gripe.

Check again.


Mike Westfall said...


Ron said...

Broken promise? BHO quited as saying "I grossedly underestimated what deception costs presently. Besides, I had my fingers crossed when I made that promise!"

So there, get off his back! ;)

DJP said...

My bad.

Mike Westfall said...


Barack Obama lied about something?

DJP said...

That's a dog-bites-man story, Mike.

Which is what made it a man-bites-dog story when O admitted to Joe the P'er that he was better qualified to distribute his money and assess his permissible success-level than Joe was.

CR said...

Whoa!!! How on earth did you GET ON CNN??!!

Fred Butler said...

Thanks, Terry. I was feeling pretty lonely

Bud, I have started checking your blog first in the mornings for articles before I even go to drudge.

Ron said...

As a Constitutional Law Professor, O sees truth as maliable. Biden may even see truthfulness as an inappropriate line of questioning.

Chris H said...

Colour me gobsmacked - DJP is CNN-famous!

Fred Butler said...

DJP is CNN-famous

That's because DJP is like the kung pow chicken of small time Christian bloggers.

DJP said...

small time Christian bloggers

:: Sigh ::

I'm just saying said...

As most Christians know, the number 40 represents the time of transition to God’s promise.

During Noah’s time, it rained 40 days and 40 nights
Moses communed with God on Mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights
The children of Israel wandered for 40 years
Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights

Dr. Martin Luther King through peaceful methods helped America see that it needed to change the way it treated its minority citizens. It was Dr. King’s dream that one day we would not judge anyone by the color of their skin or their name, but rather the content of their character. As we know, Dr. King was assassinated 40 years ago.

Now here we are 40 years later. We are presented with a man, who has only spoken of unity and fairness for our country. That man’s name is Barack Obama.

I find it all fascinating since Jesus was denounced by the people at the time. These people talked about the unsavory characters he associated with, where he came from, where he received his training and on and on. And we know what the people did to Jesus.

Now there is another man in the race named McCain.

The meaning of the name Mc is 'Son of'.

McCain would then mean the Son of Cain. We all know Cain assassinated the man that was Abel and we also know Sarah (Abraham’s wife) mocked and laughed at God’s promise. It’s easy to see that McCain is attempting to politically assassinate Obama the man who is Able.

It is clear to me that most people who believed in God, didn’t recognize who Jesus was even though there were plenty of prophecies about his coming. And now that we are presented with a man that could possibly unite the “United States” he is rejected because of his name, his alleged associates on and on.

Will these be the same Christians that will say Lord, Lord we did this and that in your name and He will say depart from me I never knew you you worker of iniquity.

CR said...

Is this is a joke?

DJP said...

I could not make these things up.

Mike Westfall said...

That's funny.

"Dr. King’s dream that one day we would not judge anyone by ... their name"

So why the analysis of the meaning of the name 'McCain'?

I'm just saying said...

I'm glad you read my comment and I don't judge McCain because of his name (I just thought it to be ironic given all the comments about Obama's name). I will stand by character.

You will know a tree by the fruit it bears...
Obama's fruit..unity
McCain's fruit..division

Steve Lamm said...

It's amazing there are actually people who believe that Obama will "unite" Americans. When liberals like Obama speak of unity, what they mean is that everyone should agree with them.

The claim of "unity" is nothing but vacuous rhetoric made by leftists who want those who disagree to simply shut up and sit down.

I suspect that Obama will strive for just that kind of "unity" should he be elected.

DJP said...

I'm just saying, please read the blog rules, read the post, start actually engaging. You're new, you're welcome, you got a freebie. But please: you're a welcome guest, but there are house rules.

And the "unity" myth was staked pretty well in this post.

RT said...

IJS: "I will stand by character". Then you will not vote for Obama. His decision to reject public funding after promising to accept it, and then his pathetic attempt to blame the decision on his opponents revealed him as a prevaricator of no ordinary proportions. The idea that you would compare him to Jesus is truly frightening. Not particularly surprising given marketing effort, but chilling nonetheless.

I'm just saying said...

I am a fiscal conservative and am socially moderate and, prior to this election a republican, but I don't know what happened to the republicans. Unfortunately, when we had an opportunity for 6 years to show America our values, we were not fiscally conservative. Now I am ashamed when I read comments from republicans (Christians) blaming the poor for our financial mess. I believed president Bush when he said he would be a uniter not a divider even though I felt his campaign to get elected was troublesome. This time I decided to pay more attention to how a candidate runs his campaign and that's why I'm voting for Obama.

I'm just saying said...

Let me set the record straight, I DO NOT BELIEVE Obama to be our spiritual savior. Obama is a politican. I brought up Jesus to illustrate how people don't recognize what's right before them.

Andrew D said...

IJS said
Now I am ashamed when I read comments from republicans (Christians) blaming the poor for our financial mess.

1) Who is doing that?
2) You made a category error by equating republicans with Christians. Or did I misunderstand you?

I'm just saying said...

I apologize if I violated any rules that was not my intent. I just wanted to share my thoughts with fellow Christians.

Chris H said...

I'm to be coloured gobsmacked twice in a day, regarding the same post... IJS, have you ever read "The Bible Code?" I suspect you might enjoy it...