Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What McCain should do before the InfoBamercial

McCain should make a thirty-second ad and run it just before O's infomercial, on each of the stations.

It should say,
"The following Obama campaign spot paid for by Barack Obama's broken campaign-finance promise, and openly fraudulent internet donations. For straight talk, ethics, and promises that mean something, vote McCain/Palin."

UPDATE: I now find that, of course, Mark Steyn has said it better. He calls it a "Messiahmercial," and simply titles his comment, "This message brought to you by M Biskup, S Hussein and A Hitler" (names used successfully to submit fraudulent donations to The One).


Anonymous said...

You definitely should be a consultant to the McCain/Palin campaign.

DJP said...

Someone should.

REM said...

You be careful when attacking the Disney/Media party candidate with a word of precaution, Dan. Matt Damon could utter "We can't have that", and MSM will comply by issuing a "I'm Barack Obama and I do not approve of the following prewarning to my message". It's the power that comes from fraudalent givers, imaginary voters and a selective media, I gather.

Al said...

I am voting 'No' this election, but the Obamasiah's hold over the media is mind blowing.

May God be merciful.

al sends

DJP said...

For the record, Al, I think that's an irresponsible choice, and I frankly do not respect it. It's not a game. Particularly this year.

Al said...

No game here... I just cannot vote for McCain. I would almost be more afraid of him than Obama.

Hopefully the Republicans will fight if Obama is president. Given how they acted while Bush was in office, I doubt that they would battle McCain.

al sends

DJP said...

You read as if you've been hiding from information, or not interacting with it. That makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever.

I'd say you should just start at the bottom of this page and read up. The abortion issue alone should shift you to vote for McCain. The courts should shift you: the very WORST that you could say is that McCain MIGHT appoint justices who respect the Constitution, whereas Obama CERTAINLY WILL NOT appoint such justices.

I could go on and on, but this is starting to sound like the sort of conversation I have rules here to avoid: "Hi, I haven't actually read anything on the blog on this topic, but here's my opinion. Let's just start a conversation about my opinion, as if you haven't already put out a few hundred thousand words on it."

Anonymous said...

A "no" vote is a vote for Obamacide.

Al said...

I have read your posts Dan and I am hyper-sensitive to rule violations as you know... Perhaps I am doing as your wife suggested, emoting rather than thinking. Perhaps.

The abortion issue would be the only reason to vote for McCain.

As far as the courts go McCain has proven himself to be an opportunist and not a principled strict constitutionalist. Nor is he a principled small government conservative, as Bush was not. I see his politically brilliant selection of Palin as VP as another example of opportunism not a commitment to a pro-life, small government ethos. In 2012 I may get an opportunity to vote for Palin again and would gladly do so.

Of course, I have not voted yet, (early voting is for suckers (-: ), so it may happen that I will chicken out and vote against Obama.

I will cease if you want me to.

al sends

CR said...


Read Hillary and Obama I get it, especially read the comments because we have discussed this at length with someone else.

The key thing to remember Al, is that, a President's legacy, extends, FAR beyond his one or two terms in office. Look at the Roe v. Wade decision that was decided in 1973. Some, in that Burger (Chief Justice at the time) court were appointed by Presidents as far back as 1939 by FDR e.g., Justice Douglas. He was one of the justices that voted for Roe v. Wade. So, we are living with abortions today in part because of someone that was appointed almost 70 years ago!

You have to understand, Al, you can't just undo something like that just by voting for a different President 4 years from now. There are a lot of federal judges in the lower court level that are hanging on by a thread because they are waiting for a liberal like Obama. There are some federal courts that have emergency needs and need filling but the democrats have all but (well, actually not buts) halted all nominations. You will not be able to undo the damage that Obama does by just voting for someone different in four years.

I hope you understand that.

Andrew D said...

VERY well put. That reasoning may push me to vote for McCain. There is a very strong pragmatic argument in his favor over Obama.

I was never considering NOT voting (or voting "No" so-to-speak). I have been giving seroius consideration for voting for Bob Barr instead.

I am still waiting for Dan's post on why we shouldn't vote 3rd party for conscience' sake. Pragmatism vs. Principle.

Matt said...


I can't wait to see the results of the media's hard-hitting, dirt-digging, skeletons-exposing investigation of the "real people" in the Obama infomercial. You know, like they did for Joe the plumber. I'm sure they'll be just as tough, right?

Al said...

Carlo, thanks for that.

I understand your position. Unfortunately Justices that Ronald Reagan appointed upheld Roe and John McCain's gang of 14 is one of the reasons that the benches sit empty today.

Reagan was the last man I voted for that I felt good about, and I have voted Republican ever other time I voted for President.

Thankfully, God is still God, we will continue to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, pray outside of abortion clinics, and call the nation to repentance.


al sends

Carol Jean said...

Although McCain didn't address the issue of campaign finance in commercials prior to the Obomafomercials, he did address it on Larry King

There was also a bizarre segment about the Kalidi dinner. After a brief discussion about it, the show was going to commercial and they edited in clip of Larry with a "Fact Check." (I'm watching it at the midnight re-run). Larry stated that the CNN fact-checkers determined that Kalidi was pro-Palestinian, but NOT part of the PLO and that he was merely a "neighbor" of Obama and not a close associate and they STRONGLY disagreed about policy on Israel. Right...

Lieutenant Pratt said...


thank you for your prayers, we appreciate them. Do keep preaching the gospel as that will help to end the horror of abortion faster than any politician will.

CR said...

Al: Unfortunately Justices that Ronald Reagan appointed upheld Roe and John McCain's gang of 14 is one of the reasons that the benches sit empty today.

Fortunately, Al, the remaining justices appointed by President Reagan also upheld the federal partial birth abortion last year. Just to refresh your memory. The partial birth abortion ban was passed by the Republican Congress (twice I believe) and former President Clinton vetoed it twice. The Republican Congress passed again, the federal ban on partial birth abortions in 2003 and the federal courts, immediately put it a stay on the ban. It took about 3.5 years before it got to the Supreme Court. President Bush was able to appoint two rock solid conservatives to the Supreme Court and the federal partial birth abortion was upheld by the Supreme Court by one vote. Two justices appointed by Reagan, Justice Scalia and Justice Kennedy, upheld the ban.

As has been said before, a vote for Obama (or a vote for a third party candidate -same thing as a vote for Obama because a third party candidate cannot win) is a vote for pro-infanticide and pro-abortion.

Andrew - There is not much more than what has already been said. I would never ask someone to anything to violate their conscience but it should be an informed conscience.

I've been reading through DA Carson's book, Christ and Culture - Revisted. One of the things that he reminds us is that in the nation-state that existed during the writing of the New Testament was the Roman Empire. He reminds us the democratic states that exist today are a far cry from that of the apostle Paul. But DA Carson also reminds and I quote:

"But if there is some sense in which Christians are obligated to be good citizens, then within a democratic structure they have an obligation to try to change things in a way that was not open to first-century believers."

This is why it's so perplexing to read what Lt. Pratt says. He rightly says that we should keep preaching the gospel. He wrongly concludes that will end the horror of abortion faster than anything because we are not promised in this earth age that sin will end. Abortion will no more end faster than murder or theft. We'll have to wait for Christ to return. But that is beside the point.

Lt. Pratt says we need to preach the gospel and that is right, but one of the implications of that gospel preaching is a renewed mind and a renewed and informed conscience, and here Pratt can't make up his mind between a pro-abortionist and McCain or not voting at all??? How is voting for a pro-abortionist or not voting (a de facto vote for Obama) change things for the better??

You're not just being "pragmatic" by voting for McCain, you're voting on principle, because we will not get the right federal judges on the courts without winning elections. So, you're not voting on mere pragmatism, you are voting on principle, because a vote for Obama will not change things for the better in our legal system for abortions it will make it worse.

Al said...

If John McCain would produce one Ad detailing his pro-life position, I would feel more comfortable voting for him. I seem to recall that he used them when seeking the nomination, but I have not seen on in the general election.

A vote for McCain would be a vote against my principles on many levels and the only reason to vote for him would be pragmatic. I am going to be anti-pragmatic this election and trust that if Obama gets the office the Lord will draw a strait line with a crooked stick.


jazzact13 said...


I sympathize with you, really. In a sense, I'm still undecided--I don't know whether to vote for McCain (O is not even an option), or to vote for a truly conservative third-party, something like the Constitution Party.

Looking at thing realistically, I have two hopes for the election.

1. That McCain defeats Obama, and handily.

2. That a conservative third party does strong enough to make it clear to the Republicans that conservatives aren't happy with their drift to the center or even left-of-center.