Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Don't miss these: 11/4/08, election edition

Before the usual, this trumpet-blast:

DO NOT listen to "exit polls"! DO NOT be swayed by early "calls"! WORK and VOTE for McCain!

Dude, you know MSNBC is going to call the election for Obama at 9:30am. Just know that. And ignore it. Operation Inevitability continues. Don't be a casualty!

Now to a few don't-misses:



CR said...

You mean 11/4/08 edition.

Mike Westfall said...

Too late to sway me!

Last night we were out campaigning, and spotted a huge sign on the side of a horse trailer in the parking lot of a local church that read, "Thank You For Voting For McCain"

This horse trailer usually has some provocative pro-life signs affixed to it, including pictures of aborted babies. This has caused the Obama supporters to go crazy, and they have filed numerous complaints against the church trying to get their tax-exempt status revoked for "illegal campaigning." But the church isn't saying who to vote for (that would be illegal), only who supports what policies. "You Decide" is the message the church puts out there with it's provocative signs.

Now, back to the big "Thank You" sign. That would be illegal, wouldn't it? Of course it would. The Obama supporters know that, and that's why the Obama supporters put it there!

Dirty tricks to get the church in trouble!

The sign didn't last long. The church had it taken down in short order.

Carol Jean said...

And anyone notice that the MSM have put Ralph Nader in the witness protection program?

“It’s remarkable, when journalism studies this campaign that Joe the plumber will have received more coverage than a Nader-Gonzales campaign rooted in forty years of accomplishment and determination. This is one of the worst hours of the press.”

Wouldn't want him siphoning votes from Obama, now, would we?