Friday, January 22, 2010

Hither and thither 1/22/10

Hey! Where was everyone last week? Well, if you missed it, check it out. This week is a bit text-light, graphics-heavy.
  • So often, it seems as if political leaders aren't so much in their own homes. Now, I don't think husband and wife need to be carbon-copies of each other. There are things that the dear wife is wrong about has differing views. Like whether squash is a food God meant for humans. But I digress. Case in point: John McCain? Against "gay" "marriage." Wife and daughter? Not so much. (Link sent by 3GD.)
  • On the subject of my dear wife, and differences. There's a very funny video, that's... well....  We were split as to whether it should be posted. See it for yourself, and guess who voted which way. (Link courtesy of reader CR.)
  • Build your own "working" phaser! Really. At the very least, it will stop The Balloon People from their nefarious plans to take over the planet!

  • Our British friend, Pastor Gary Benfold, sends a link reporting that Britain is considering a bill which may make it impossible to require pastors to practice the faiths they reputedly represent.
  • Reader No Longer Blind points us to these pretty and amazing pictures. Don't look too long, though... they may be MormoPowered™.
  • What should it tell me that all my own blog comments are going into my Spam folder?
  • It was a bad week for liberalism, which is to say a good week for America. For one thing, Air America goes belly-up. This radio network, you may recall, was created to counter Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk-radio in general. FAIL! (Win!)
  • Of course the defeat of Dem Coakley by Scott Brown in Massachusetts is good news for America, insofar as it may stall Obama's statist health-care takeover. But it could specifically be good news for us in California, who have to live with the shame of having inflicted Barbara "Don't-Call-Me-'Ma'am'" Boxer on the nation.
  • With Boxer gone, I can go back to teasing Arkansans for being The Nameless One's launch-pad, with a clean conscience.
  • Also, with Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts Senate seat, Nancy Pelosi was forced to make one of her exceedingly rare reality pit-stops and admit even her corrupt gang couldn't ram through the Senate health-control bill.
  • Charles Krauthammer reflects on the significance of this election.  It's a good read. Especially when he notes that Obama blames Coakley's loss on — you guessed it — Bush! Which leads to the money-quotation: "Let’s get this straight: The antipathy to George W. Bush is so enduring and powerful that . . . it just elected a Republican senator in Massachusetts? Why, the man is omnipotent."
  • And if this year could finally end the political career of Arlen Specter? Bonus!
  • (As you might have anticipated, Michelle Malkin isn't too impressed with Specter's patronizing behavior.)
  • Aaaand the Supreme Court dealt a long-overdue major blow to the wretched, un-Constitutional McCain-Feingold folly. Major sign that this is a good thing: Dems are in a major squealing tizzy.
  • Man made some pretty cool Lego flames — including his name: Cole. (See here for more.)

  • BSIL noted this example of poor teenage judgment (tautology?), and reminds me of a certain, hysterical scene from Fireproof. Did they discover the true "Wrath of God"?
  • Heh. The Husband Store
  • CHECK THIS: the Planned Parenthood solution to the Haiti crisis is, of course, to kill more babies. Don't ever forget, that's their business.
  • Wow. Ads can be... strange.

  • There's such a thing as Chocolate-tasting parties? Hunh. Well, if you'd like to know, here's how to host one. However, I'm wagering that the question foremost on most of my readers' minds is, "How do I get invited to one?" Sorry, no article on that.
  • Here's a dog who knows that there's more than one way to get scraps.

  • One of the things that punk Marc Heinrich does over at Purgatorio is put up picture and do a You Supply The Caption. I actually have fallen out of the habit of visiting. So imagine my surprise when I stumble on a YSTC featuring a shot from my favorite (and the best) version of Dickens' Christmas Carol — and find my name in the meta.
  • If I may go with that for a moment longer, one of the funnest, best internet surprises ever, for me, was this thread. Absolutely made my day, and then some.
  • Hostility to kids who read well in government schools is at an all-time high.

  • Leaving us with:





Fred Butler said...

Squash are good beer battered and deep fried.

Of course, pretty much anything beer battered and deep fried is good, but I am just saying...

DJP said...

The operative phrase being "pretty much anything."

lee n. field said...

Re "pretty amazing pictures", also see

Done by Carel Struyken (Lurch from the latest iteration of Addams Family.)

Anonymous said...

It's a trap!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Good Morning! And greeting from the little grasshoppers,

Wyatt loves the Lego Adm. Ackbar... "It's a trap!"

Tate says, "I like your 'fails', especially the hole in the disk and the toddler hanging in a tree."

Gunnar, who was the first beside my desk to see what you had to offer this morning, loves the Toot Tone.

In fact, all of the boys were pretty much in hysterics. And it just got funnier as they played it again, and again. "You're pretty popular this morning, Dee Dee."

We figure that between the Toot Tone and Subtle Butt (google it) you could pretty much conquer the methane problem. Not exactly on par with solving world hunger, but an achievement nonetheless.

Now that the boys have run off to share their discoveries with Daddy Grasshopper I can get to the more serious links...


Fred Butler said...

Lurch from the latest iteration of Addams Family

Even better: Mr. Homn from Star Trek: NG.

SolaMommy said...

Cindy McCain seems rather...spiteful to go and do something like that. Not to mention brain dead.

Can we leave Barbara Boxer and Arlen Specter on a deserted island somewhere? Maybe with Pat Robertson?

Loved the MormoPowered technology at work :-)

Now to figure out how to get invited to a chocolate-tasting party...

Al said...

IT'S PEOPLE... it's (sobbing)people...

al sends

CR said...

Yes, Specter was in trouble before his comment. Rassmussen polls have Republican Pat Toomey beating Specter 49 to 40 percent. He beats Specter's democrat challenger 43 to 35 percent.

On McCain/Feingold, again, just tells you how important it is who is the President because the President appoints judges. Obama will probably get to nominate two more justices before the end of his term. Travesty.

Rachael Starke said...

The Utah scenery is great. Why do heretics and liberals seem to get all the pretty places to live?

Re: Mrs. McCain. I have to confess that one of the myriad of reasons I wish we'd had anyone else running against Obama was her. I still can't think of her Stepford robotron speech at the Republican convention without shudddering. She is creepy looking.

And speaking of creepy looking, am I the only one who thinks Scott Brown's wife looks a little like a sweet,classy, prayerfully sane Tammy Faye Bakker?? As we were watching Brown's acceptance speech (champagne in hand), I found myself praying, "Please God, help him keep his promises to his wife first, and us second. Oh, and keep his underclothed daughter away from opportunistic boys. Amen."

I've read rumblings via NRO that Ms. Pelosi is still actually thinking about reconciliation and gathering her minions this weekend to cast spells and whatnot to make it happen...

And the Purgatio meta was hilarious. But I can't believe no one did....

"The next one to call me John Malkovich gets it!!"

((run away!! run away!!!)) :P

Unknown said...

Anyone else notice that in the fountain fail there is a gospel tract in there with all the credit cards?

Rebecca Stark said...

So the video in the second item is blocked in my country, which means, of course, that I'm dying to see it.

Brad Williams said...

"On the Scoville scale, the sauce measured 525,000 compared to the 2,500 for tabasco."

Uh....yeah. Lay off the sauce.

lee n. field said...

"Even better: Mr. Homn from Star Trek: NG."

And also a one off appearance on Babylon 5 (far more interesting show than Star Trek Almost Anything).

NoLongerBlind said...

As to who voted for the toot tone video, pretty obviously, I'd haftasay our host.

I imagine he'd love to get the i-Toot app for his fancy-shmancy phone!

DJP said...

Lee, B5 was an amazing show.

But I don't remember Tall Guy on it.

CR said...

I got to read Scalia’s concurring opinion of the Court’s decision on that case. I strongly recommend it to all for your reading. Very informative.

He wrote it to address the minority’s idiotic dissent. He rips Stevens to shreds. He criticizes the liberals that instead of determining the 1st amendment’s meaning, the liberals go into the role of corporations into society. The liberals in the Court stated that the Framers didn’t like corporations so obviously free speech was not for them. (Of course if the minority was to apply this method, NYT, LAT, CNN would also not have free speech).

Scalia also rips to shreds Steven’s argument that corporations are not included in free speech because the founders wrote the first amendment to give rights to individual men or women. Scalia, said, that was no doubt true. Scalia wrote: "All the provisions of the Bill of Rights set forth the rights of individual men and women—not, for example, of trees or polar bears." (Scalia has your sense of humor, Dan.)"But the individual person’s right to speak includes the right to speak in association with other individual persons."

Scalia, brilliantly concludes that the 1st amendment is written in terms of speech, not speakers. There is nothing in the Constitution about exluding category of speakers.

It's an excellent opinion and wish that was the majority opinion instead of just the concurring.

lee n. field said...

>But I don't remember Tall Guy on it.

Season 2, Soul Mates. It was a one off. Tall Guy sells one of Londo's wives the boobytrapped artifact.

threegirldad said...

Blast. I need a new copy editor. {sigh}

Aaron said...


Not to mention all the lower court judges he'll be appointing.


I totally have to make that phaser.

CR said...

Sir Aaron,

Of course, you are correct. Just so people know, around 700 federal judges in our federal judiciary system, folks.

Paula said...

Rachael said "Please God, help him keep his promises to his wife first, and us second. Oh, and keep his underclothed daughter away from opportunistic boys. Amen."

Amen! We are so often on the same page, sister! Especially in light of the fact that he seems to be trying to channel JFK at every opportunity! Oy vey, those girls!

But am I the ONLY conservative on the earth who wasn't completely overjoyed about Brown's victory? OK, so he's a fiscal conservative and he's going to vote against THIS health care bill.

But he's pro-abortion (OK, not as pro-abortion as Ted Kennedy, but pro-abortion, nonetheless). And he's squishy on the marriage issue. Definitely not in the conservative camp on social issues. Indeed, he's more liberal than 2/3 of Republicans in the MA State Legislature.

What's more, I'm concerned that the Republican machine will now think they have figured out the formula to winning and we'll now see the RNC throwing it's money and support behind Brown clones around the country. I expect to see Michael Steele taking a break from his book tour to do the rounds of the talk shows to make the case for more RINOs in the Big Tent Party.

Paula said...

And another thing...

My theory on the Cindi McCain ad...someone photo-shopped her pic and sent it to her & she said, "Look how cute and young I look!" and gave them permission to use her image. Really, what woman her age wouldn't be totally flattered?

Susan said...

Okay, the answer is obvious on the clip: You wanted it posted, and Valerie wanted it off. It reminded me of a guy friend years ago who dragged a bunch of us to go see Jim Carrey's "Dumb and Dumber". When we walked out of the theater, he thought it was the funniest movie ever, and I just couldn't believe that I had wasted my money and my time on a movie that I shouldn't have gone to see in the first place! :P

Joe W. said...

Air Amerika was still broadcasting?

SolaMommy said...

Paula, he's pro-abortion? YUCK.

DJP said...

Sandman, I encourage your standing up for your movie... but it's not one I'd ever want to see.

Any other votes about who did and who didn't favor the toot-link?

threegirldad said...

Any other votes about who did and who didn't favor the toot-link?

Only because you asked -- didn't favor. No big deal, though.

SolaMommy said...

Re: Toot Tune

I cringed while laughing. I'm not sure which way that counts. My husband loved it, of course.

DJP said...

You misunderstand, 3GD (though you're free to opine on that too). I refer to this from the post:

"On the subject of my dear wife, and differences. There's a very funny video, that's... well.... We were split as to whether it should be posted. See it for yourself, and guess who voted which way."

SolaMommy said...

I'm guessing you voted for and she voted against.

threegirldad said...

[face-palm] There I go again...

You were in favor, your wife was against(?)

Paula said...

I admit, I sent it to my teen boys on Facebook. HOWEVER, I must emphasize (to save my reputation) that I did NOT post it publicly on their walls - I sent a private message along with a note saying I did NOT want to be associated in any way with this video if it did happen to end up on their walls!

: )

I also thought the device might come in handy for certain (male) members of my family, including Schnitzel-the-wonder-dachshund, who has been known to pass an audible on occasion.

Aaron said...

Ok, my wife was not amused by my plans to build a phaser.

Did anybody else notice that Obama's temper tantrums sent the market down 600 points in three days? And good grief, who is he taking economic advice from? Health care insurance companies don't make money when their stock prices go up...the people who own pension funds, mutual funds, and 401K funds do. I'm tired of this moronic thinking.

Sandman: really, Dumb and Dumber? I watched that movie (long long ago) and found myself really disgusted by it.

JackW said...

Dan, doesn't matter ... she's right.

John said...

Humbly and with the greatest amount of meekness imaginable (as one with a log sticking out of his own eye)- I would have gone with your dear wife's take on that one...gulp.

DJP said...

...I would have gone with your dear wife's take on that one

You would? Ah, good!

Then I see we are agreed.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Well, gee... it might've gone the other way. (Who voted to publish the link to Toot Tone and who did not.)

At the risk of misjudging your wife... perhaps the woman of the house - who, after all, is most likely home all day with Toot-crazy young Phillipses - may have found that clip funnier than you.


DJP said...

Sometimes it's fun to toy with stereotypes. In this case, in fact, BSIL and I shared one opinion; the delicate, dainty and delightful DW and DAOD, the other.

NoLongerBlind said...

OK, either I'm really dense, or, we're really being toyed with!

Who voted to post "Toot Tone"?

Unknown said...

Literally: LOL! I haven't laughed this much all week! Thanks!!

Aaron said...

Cr: I only bring it up because I have to deal with the consequences of the lower courts. The attorneys I work with have to strategize how to shop judges or else how to prosecute cases under less than ideal circumstances.

CR said...


I understand your trepidation about Brown and him being pro-abortion. I'm not that thrilled either, but if I were living in MA, I would have voted for him without blinking. Here's why.

I think some people are really underestimating the impact of his election. Remember back last July when the House was working with some issues on starting the health care bill and there were some problems and democrats told the President changes needed to be made. President Obama said to a democrat Congressman: You're going to destroy my Presidency."

Sen. DeMint was right after he said healthcare was his Waterloo. IMHO, with healthcare dead now, Obama is a lame duck from here on out. He'll still cand and will do a lot of damage in our federal courts. Like I said earlier, Stevens will probably retire at the end of this term, and Ginsburg will probably follow. But in terms of legislative matters he's a lame duck, I believe.

Some of the dipsticks that voted for Obama, the so-called, independents, thought when they were voting for Obama, thought that he would tackle the economy and job issues. I work in the healthcare industry, and I remember talking to my director, and she voted for McCain, and said, well, obviously, the President is going to tackle the economy first before he tackles healthcare. FAIL.

Obama wasted all of his political capital and 12 months in office for healthcare. FAIL.

And as we all know, it takes a long time for the economy to turn around. When Reagan was President, it took a couple of years even after him putting on the drastic measures for the economy to turn around.

So, it will take at least that long because Obama already wasted one year. But it will take longer than that. The Bush tax cuts will end in 2010. Obama doesn't plan on renewing the tax cuts. FAIL. Look at what Obama said about the banks and what it did to the stock market. FAIL.

So the Brown election was a pretty important election even if he wasn't the ideal candidate we would have all liked. All Republicans need to do is not screw up.

Susan said...

SolaMommy on the "Toot Tone":
I cringed while laughing.

That was me, too, SolaMommy. The concept was funny, but watching it made me embarassed. I had to stop laughing all together when I got to the last 1/3 of the clip (the "roommates" segment). That was TMI to the nth power, IMHO. :|

And judging from comments posted after mine, I see that Sandman had left a comment defending "Dumb and Dumber" but the comment is visibly missing! Sandman, I don't know exactly what you said, but I had no idea my comment would "provoke" you to stand up for your movie! Oops. :)

Susan said...

NLB, I think if Dan used the words "delicate, dainty, and delightful" to describe his DW and DAOD, that should tell you something....

NoLongerBlind said...


Actually, I am rather dense at times! ~%-}

NTITAI (there's a new acronym for ya, Dan!), the fact that we were asked to guess who voted in favor of posting it should've made the answer pretty obvious to begin with......

Man, just call me Captain Notso!!!

NoLongerBlind said...

A new word:

-noun - an either/or question where the obvious answer is the wrong one: Dan posted an ackbar.
-verb - to fool, trick, or trap by asking such a question: I've been ackbarred!
-synonyms - bamboozle, hoodwink, hornswoggle, dupe, pull the wool over one's eyes, take to the cleaners.

Aaron said...

It's tough to get a strong economy when everybody wants the government to give them something. That's why liberals can't do anything about the economy in the long term. Nobody is going to expand business, loan money, hire employees, or spend money with the expected debilitating taxes to pay for the social programs. Most people I know, especially those with businesses, are bunkering down like they expect a tornado. Some of them, like Glen Beck, have their stores of gold bullion.

DJP said...

NLB: moo hoo wah hahaha.

"Ackbar": I like it.

Actually, I'm surprised that more didn't cotton to the ackbar. I expected most would, from the way I set it up. No insults meant to anyone; just another entry into the burgeoning stack of anecdotal evidence that I (almost) always am wrong in predicting metas.

SolaMommy said...

NLB: LOL!!! Ackbar as a verb = WIN

Herding Grasshoppers said...

But... but.. but... you're verbing a noun!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

And - Sola Mommy - congrats on the new bun :0)