Sunday, January 24, 2010

When fools separate: a statistical question

Actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie never married, though they have six children. Reportedly, they said they would only marry when homosexuals were free to "marry."

That was a pretty stacked condition to set, I think, depending on how you view it. Homosexuals already are free to marry, at least in every state of the Union. That is, if they find a willing and eligible member of the opposite sex, they may marry. The present temper tantrum is over their failure to force the nation to redefine "marriage" to apply to their particular form of ruinous perversion.

So perhaps "Brangelina" made a pretty safe bet. Somehow, I doubt they were bright enough to have worked it out that way. Perhaps they should have added that they also would only marry when idiots were free to give any solution to any math problem they like and receiving a passing grade.

But I digress.

So the two moral geniuses have separated, and now the fates of their poor show-children must be decided.

My statistical question is: now that the two are separate, and no longer Brangelina, has the number of fools in America risen, or held steady?

(If the "friends" who deny the split are correct, the question will be shelved.)


Al said...

They are splitting? Here I thought 'hotness' was what it took make a marriage/shack-up last. If these beautiful people can't make it, I guess I will cancel my plastic surgery.

al sends

Solameanie said...

Sometimes you just want to weep. It's hard when you find yourself running out of tears to cry.

Fred Butler said...

I have a buddy and his family in Arkansas who lived in Springfield MO up until last year sometime - Brad Pitt's hometown. My buddy's wife attended a Bible Study Fellowship group where Pitt's mother attended. She asks prayer for him all the time, and according to my friend's wife, you can tell how his lifestyle as an actor, even as a well known, famous one, weighs heavy on her heart. May God have mercy on the man.

SolaMommy said...

That picture is creepy.

Well, Brad cheated on Jennifer with Angelina, so the relationship was off to a stunningly immoral start to begin with. The fact that people saw that as some kind of fairy tale is very disturbing in itself.

I don't think they would have married even if "marriage" between homosexuals was legal...they don't seem to like boundaries.

Their poor kiddos.

DJP said...

It is surprising when the treacherous expect loyalty from a relationship established in treachery, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they would take it one step further...not have any children until homosexuals can have children...

But that's just silly!

DJP said...

How 'bout wait until homosexuals can square circles?

Aaron said...

I'm surprised they made it this long. A man who leaves his wife for another woman is only likely to stick around until something better comes along. Not being married just makes it that much easier. Angelina isn't exactly known for her stability either.