Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday music: unorthodox (air-tapping) guitar from Canada and Botswana

From last week's Korean-kid kuteness, to some creative approaches to the guitar.

First, Erik Mongrain from Canada.

Then a chap named Ronnie from Botswana.


David Regier said...

I like how the Botswana guy breaks out with the little smile in the middle, just when he breaks it up with some cool stuff.

Susan said...

"Korean-kid kuteness" good, Dan, no good. You wouldn't want all those trolls out there to accuse you of being a ├╝ber white-supremacist, now, would you?? (Just read that quote again....)

[/tongue in cheek TOTALLY intended--we know you better than that] :)

Susan said...

Seriously, though, the Canadian guy's approach reminds me of the way they play the koto (Japanese) or gu zheng (Chinese). Here's the address (not the direct link!) for viewing a bunch of gu zhengs being played together (with a violin playing the main melody):

DJP said...

But... they are cute! It's undeniable!

Thanks for the link.

Susan said...

Of course they're cute! Are they kute korean kids, though??

[/totally kidding and picking on your spelling for no good reason because I feel like being a brat]

DJP said...

Perfectly good reason, Susan.