Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer listening bonanza

A well-placed request, and I persuaded Kevin Stilley graciously to post an extensive list of lectures and lessons on theology, exegesis, church history, and Biblical studies. All online and (I believe) all free.

Of them, I've listened to and enjoyed the lectures by John Frame, as well as a lot of  Douglas Kelly and some Richard Pratt.

Right now I'm on about the 100th lecture of a long series; when I'm done, I plan to dive into these lectures Kevin has pointed out.

(Of course, neither I nor [I'm sure] Kevin agree with all the lecturers.)

Enjoy, profit, bear more fruit!


JackW said...

Wow ... this could wear out my ear buds.

Fred Butler said...

Do any of them become annoying with the Covenant Theology.

Not to throw rocks or anything.

DJP said...

Probably. A lot of RTS and Covenant lectures; Kelly will be. Etc. Just throw out the bones.