Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Don't miss these: 10/26/10

Of note:
  • John Podhoretz writes about the possible enormity of the coming GOP victory: "...Democrats are hoping for a thumpin', probably now expecting a batterin', fearing a slaughterin' -- and can't bear to contemplate an evisceratin'."
  • Want a study in MSM media bias? Check out how the Associated Press campaigns for Dem senator Russ Feingold, masquerading as journalism.
  • Can anyone feign surprise when the President of the United States encourages Latino voters to view some Americans as their "enemies"?
  • Love That Liberal Love Alert. I remember the idiot schoolteacher who I saw wearing a T-shirt proclaiming "Love is what separates us from the Republicans." I guess Joy Behar didn't get that memo (caution: nasty liberal language).


Al said...

That Behar comment is enough to make one walk off the set...

just saying

al sends

Rachael Starke said...


For the record, that ad is the kind of ad that the Boxer "Ma'am" ad puts to shame. There are plenty of right ways to nail ReidBama on the literally fatal consequences of illegal immigration in Arizona. But that's the totally wrong way.

HSAT, I wait with bated breath for NOW to unreservedly condemn such crass language from a woman about a woman, just like they did with Jerry Brown's aide and Meg Whitman....

Oh, wait...

Tom Chantry said...

And yet Feingold is losing in the polls - so badly that the Dems nationally seem to be writing off his seat - msm advertising notwithstanding.

Rupert said...

"In 2003, US conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer coined the term 'Bush Derangement Syndrome' to describe the knee-jerk responses that many on the Left had towards then President George W. Bush. Anything Bush proposed was met with scepticism and conspiracy theories, and any problems in American society were sheeted home to him."

'The Spectator Australia', 15th October 2010 in an article defending Rupert Murdoch against claims of deciding who will be president in America and prime minister in Australia.

Funny how times 'change'.

DJP said...

On which item is that a comment? Trying to make a connection, not being able.

Paula Bolyard said...

One of the commenters said, "Bill Behar, Joy Maher - same thing." True story. Someone needs to do one of those photo morph thingys.

Rachael Starke said...

"Anything Bush proposed was met with scepticism and conspiracy theories, and any problems in American society were sheeted home to him."

IOW, nothing's changed at all?


Rupert said...

Hi DJP. My point is in regard to the whole situation being strongly reminiscent of what took place during George W. Bush's time.

The hatred of obama. The conspiracy theories, including the 'birther' stuff.

The range of 'ills' and failures being attributed to obama.

The agenda and contributors of Fox News.

It's like deja vu. But from the other side.

DJP said...

Again, which of the items on the post your commenting on fits any of that?

Rupert said...

You have mentioned an article about the 'thumping' the democrats face.
There were similar articles regarding the republicans during the last presidential campaign.

You identify MSM media bias. Similar accusations have been made against media such as Fox News.

You assert that obama is luring immigrants into hating Americans. People have drawn conclusions from statements made by politicians on both 'sides'.

You cite 'nasty liberal language'.

My point is not to disgaree with your point of view on any of these issues. My point, as I said, is that the current criticisms of obama sound a lot like the criticisms made of Bush when he was president.

The article I quoted used the term 'Bush Derangement Syndrome' in regard to how he was seen by the left.
Could the terms of ridicule used against the 'Tea Party' be a similar thing in regard to how obama is seen by the right?

trogdor said...

I work a fair amount in Wisconsin and unfortunately get exposed to their political ads. If you want an idea of how bad it hopefully will be for Dems, in liberal Wisconsin, uber-liberal Feingold is campaigning as a conservative, and I can't recall any of his ads that identify him as a Democrat. I heard one of his ads that portrayed him as a tax-cutting deficit hawk who favors strong national defense, securing the borders, and limiting government intrusion into our lives. At first I thought it was an ad for Paul Ryan or something.

I know it's traditional for Dems and RINOs to miraculously shift to the right for a few months every couple Novembers, but this year it's absurd. You have Biden out there promising that they've learned their lesson, but apparently he didn't get the memo that guys like Feingold didn't need to learn anything, because he's been to the right of Reagan all along.

So yeah, I hope Feingold loses by 143%.

Sonja said...

Oh c'mon, y'all must be racists to be such haters of the chosen one.


I'm amazed at the stupidity of people ... "the children are doomed!", "the seniors are doomed!". But the progressives will save them all (even though that's why we're ALL doomed).

And the same people keep being reelected ala Pelosi and my own congressman Jim McDermott. Nothing changes with them.

Vent off.

Word verification: Dobiaea -- Man who worked on Jersusalem's walls under Nehemiah and for all his good intentions, his mortar didn't stick.

DJP said...

LOL, I don't recall that one.

Robert said...


The really sad thing is that if people go and look at the history of progressives, they will realize that most seniors have been eradicated by them. And the same goes for children that are not in the "right" circumstances (i.e. born to the right people). Just go look at the beginnings of Planned Parenthood and who they were targeting (not that much has changed).

I haven't decided if I can stand watching the Behar clip as the cipls I've seen of her on Wretched make me want to a) hurl or b) throw a pillow at the wall really, really hard.

Halcyon said...


If you're trying to point out a contradiction or hypocrisy on the part of Conservatives, then you haven't made a case for it.

Being angry at a president for national ills is normal and natural for voters. Nothing has "changed" at all. The issue is whether or not that anger is based on facts or fiction.

Whether the "derangement" against Bush in the past and Obama right now is based on facts or fiction is another ball of wax. The point that needs to be stressed to you at the moment is that mere anger and frustration proves nothing in regards to a possible contradiction/hypocrisy on the part of the voters.

Rupert said...

I was doing nothing of the sort Halcyon. All I was doing was pointing out that the same 'scenario' - strident critics, allegations of media bias, being blamed for all ills, conspiracy theories - is now being played out against Obama like it was previously played out against Bush.

The 'normal and natural' anger is what I was getting at. That's all.

DJP said...

Not so fast or easy, Rupert. To me, it just smells like the laziest dodge to get out of thinking in the book, right next to "that's your opinion."

Or are you saying that Podhoretz didn't write about the possible enormity of the coming GOP victory, or that that article doesn't show blatant MSM bias for Feingold, or that Obama didn't encourage Latino voters to view some Americans as their "enemies," or that Joy Behar didn't say what she said?

If you aren't able to connect what you said with the specifics of this post and support your connection, then your remark is totally off-topic.

Rupert said...

Struth, and the one I love calls me a grumpy old man!

No, I'm not saying that Podhoretz didn't write that, or that there isn't blatant MSM bias for Feingold, or that Obama didn't encourage Latino voters or that Joy Behar didn't say what she said.

As I stated in my earlier comment, the topics you raised on this thread were very reminiscent of the state of play 4 years ago, but the other way around.

OK, maybe I'm off topic a bit but I felt it was 'topical' given what I was reading here.