Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preventing Demageddon 2: GOP hopelessly divided, leaders under GOP fire (1)

I'm making this #(1) because it's a perennial, and I expect to see it again and again, until I grow bored of it. Which won't take long, since I'm starting out bored of it.

This is like Rome's criticism of Christians: there are 28397124378 denominations, so you should let yourselves be assimilated to The One And Only Really-Really True And Totally Unified Church! Then you ask, "Which RCC would this be? Mother Teresa's, Ted Kennedy's, Nancy Pelosi's...?" But you're not supposed to ask that.

Ditto The Church of Darwin. Talking amongst themselves, there are many uncertainties and divisions. But once a critic draws near, doncha know they're all totally united and free from all doubt.

So the Dems. You know they're divided in many ways, and their support is divided.

But a favorite tactic of the MSM/Dems is to focus on anyone who criticizes any effective GOP leader or policy.

Bringing us to the current case.

Karl Rove. What do liberals think of Rove? They hate him. He's evil. He's the antichrist's evil twin. He's despicable and a horrible liar.

Well, until he criticizes some effective conservative leader.

Now, this case is particularly funny. The headline says it all: Karl Rove Refuses to Say That Sarah Palin Would Be a Good President.

Yep, ol' Karl lashed out and... didn't say Palin would make a good president.

Why does that matter? It matters to Dems because Palin is Obama's most effective critic, because she is associated with the Tea Party movement, and because it is that movement which is part of (hopefully) next week's Demageddon.

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~Mark said...

I just hope we have viable choices (meaning don't have to party line Republicans just to get rid of the Democrat rule only to have Republicans get lazy AGAIN) as options.

I've got my votin' finger ready!