Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Mike Westfall said...

I'm choosing hope.
I hope the voters aren't as dumb as 2 years ago.

Robert said...

Wow...the voter fraud article and the attachments from it to other instances are a bit shocking. I mean, I know people cheat sometimes, but this is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...


A "shovel-ready" job!

Aaron said...

You hope the people aren't as dumb as two years ago? California is about to put Jerry Brown back into office. Just when you thought people couldn't do dumber things.

Mike Westfall said...

But that's California. There's no hope in California voters. They deserve Governor Moonbeam.

Aaron said...

I was born and raised in Southern California. We read the writing on the wall so my wife and I moved to Houston, Tx. Honestly, I love it here in Texas, but you just never really get over your first love. Even if she cheated on you, tried to take all your money, and generally broke your heart.

CR said...

Mike and Aaron,

While on a state-wide level, there seems to be no hope for California, politically, it isn't as bad as you think. Yes, because of San Francisco and Los Angeles, we appear set to vote for Brown and even Boxer (which is beyond me). But remember, most of the counties in CA are bloody red. It's San Francisco (and other bay area counties) and Los Angeles Counties that put us in the blue.

Remember we are the most populous state in the union. It's easier for less populous states like NM and TX to be red.

In addition to that, great opportunities for evangelism in this leftist liberal bastion of a state.

CGrim said...

I hope the voters aren't as dumb as 2 years ago.

Yeah, I don't like this when liberals say it about us, and it makes me uncomfortable to say it about them. We don't do ourselves any favors when we assume that we're the enlightened ones and our opponents are ignorant. People vote for all sorts of reasons that may appear silly to others, but I don't think the left-leaning portion of the electorate are dumb.

Instead I suspect they're selfish. Unjust. Sinful. Like me.

That is, they're willing to vote for a candidate they know to be weaker, because they expect to personally benefit somehow, even if the majority of others are negatively impacted.

Polls have shown that most Americans know there's a debt/entitlement crisis and think spending should be reduced. But (surprise!) when it comes to their own government benefits, they don't want to see cuts in those areas.

Of course, the application for myself is figuring out the political positions I hold that aren't based on justice, but rather my personal selfishness. Maybe I have none. But that strikes me as unlikely.

Robert said...


I get what you're saying, but Texas has the second highest population and, just like California, has 3 of the top ten most populous cities in the United States. And what most people who don't live here don't know is that Austin is one of the most liberal places around. It isn't the same as California for sure, but even Houston has a sizeable population that is moving further to the left day by day.