Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preventing Demageddon 3: cheer up, Dems! Cower, GOP! Dem spending is up!

Expected reports of last-minute Dem surging. Waiting on reports of GOP disunity and faltering; I'll keep you posted.


Brad Williams said...

I saw that that President was on The Daily Show last night. I can't look. Dan, just tell me what happens.

Phil said...

There is a severely outraged public out there and come November they will punish the Republicans. I suspect the remaining minority will be swept out entirely.
People demanded Obama care but the GOP is now threatening to keep it from them. People demanded higher taxes and more inefficient government, and again, the GOP stood against their wishes. But now, ah, now at last the GOP is going to be punished.

CGrim said...

The hare has slept too long, and the tortoise is already crossing the finish line: