Saturday, October 30, 2010

Don't sleep in tonight

As far as I know, all my long life long the time has changed here in California before October 31. So dear wife and I were thinking we'd get more sleep tonight.

In case you were, too: uh-uh.

Next week.

Check it.

Be in church on time.


CGrim said...

George W Bush actually changed the law a few years back to push it back a few weeks (and move the other date up a few weeks in the spring).

I'm pretty much excited about that. Right now, it's still somewhat light as I drive home in the evening, but once the clocks roll back, it'll be mostly dark for my evening commute. :(

DJP said...

"Mostly in the dark" won't be a new thing for me.


Susan said...

Well, I was happily oblivious of it until you mentioned it. Thank you for this public service announcement. :)

DJP said...

Here to serve, ma'am.

Sonja said...

I remember under Carter we reverted to year-round daylight savings time. Nobody liked it and it's probably why the killer bunny attacked him in the swamp.

Don't mess with a bunny's sleep cycle.

Si Hollett said...

The clocks go back to regular time tonight in the UK (well all Europe), and I'm really happy that I can wake up at 7am tomorrow and it would be light for the first time in a month.

Sadly it may be the last time we have this happy occurrence, as some people (including the BBC) seem to think that 5.30 sunsets in early November are more important than not having a month of post-9am dawns in London, which - due to being in the SE - gets them earlier than most of the rest of the country.

While summer time is a good idea, we don't have enough daylight in October, let alone December, to take an hour of daylight from the morning and stick it in the evening at our northerly latitudes.

I'm fine with an hour being borrowed in March, but I'm positively gleeful (you might have guessed) about getting it back tonight, even though it's about a month too late, as having light in the mornings is far far more important for my body clock than light evenings.

Oh and happy Reformation Day, as it is here.

DJP said...

No, don't gloat, Si.

If I had my way, we'd set the clock back every two or three months. I know, pretty soon we'd be sleeping in the daylight and working in pitch-black darkness...

...but dude, an extra hour's sleep? Four to six times a year?


Paula Bolyard said...

Until this very moment, U had NO idea you all had daylight savings time on the left coast. Seriously. I thought it was reserved for those of us east of the Mississippi! Must have missed that all those years of homeschooling....sigh....the kids probably know...

I agree with you, night of the year...but boy do we pay for it in the spring with that whole "spring ahead" nonsense!!

The farmers around here all hate it - the cows just don't cooperate, because while the world around them changes its schedule (church, in particular), the cows still need to be milked at the same time.

Shout out to the Rangers!!! Great game! : )

integritydc_net said...

As far as the gaining of an hour in March goes, our church just doesn't change our clocks until the afternoon. Get a good night's sleep that way. Does cut the afternoon nap a bit short, but I think I like it.

Paula Bolyard said...

That should have said I had no idea you all had daylight savings time...not U...haha...long day at a football tournament today : )

Sir Brass said...

Yet another darn good reason to live in Arizona. We don't do this silly thing of changing our clocks forward and back twice a year ;)

No doubt, however, that the next few Dividing Lines, folks will be calling beforehand asking when the program is. Same times as always, it's just the end listener who screwed up his own clock, silly! :P