Saturday, October 30, 2010

Funny story, minor child-rearing "win" (re. spoilers)

So, because I'd heard good things about it, I'd scheduled tonight's Burger Night movie to be Where the Wild Things Are.

Turns out my Js had seen it, and both responded with horror, pleading with me not to show it.

Jonathan (11) followed me out to my office, got on his knees (he's very dramatic), and pled with me not to show it. It's bad, it's terrible, it's awful!

"Okay," I said, "Why? Give me five specific things about it that are bad."

"Well," my Jonathan responded, "...I don't want to spoil it."


GrammaMack said...


So, did you watch it? I've read that it isn't really a kids' movie and isn't really that great...

DJP said...

Naw; substitution.

jmb said...

That's funny. It's like the old joke about two women eating at a restaurant:

Woman One: The food here isn't very good, is it?

Woman Two: No. And the portions are so small.

Unknown said...

Months ago, I scheduled WTWTA for one evening when Daddy had to work late. The kids and I made it through about 15 minutes, turned it off, and chose something else to watch. The character of Max was so dreadfully unlikeable that, to this day, we still refer to that movie as the one that utterly ruined a perfectly good book.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Haven't heard anything good about it yet... darn!

Susan said... where did your Js see the movie if you didn't show it to them?

Anonymous said...

Fine, then I'LL say something good about it.

First off, the book is stupid. Maurice Sendak is stupid. That's why "Where the wild things are' is so good, cause it's NOTHING like the book.
It also deals with complicated issues about being a kid, and granted, while Max is a brat at first, he eventually comes to a realization that what he's doing is hurtful and wrong.

guess it's just my filmmaking side, but I liked it.

Oh, and Jonathan gets an EPIC win.

DJP said...

Saw it in the theater with DAOD and BSIL. If they told me how much they hated it at the time, I clearly forgot.

I've experienced, though, in the past, that their hatred of a movie can grow over the passage of time. It did, for instance, with Bridge to Terabithia.

Rachael Starke said...

I'll be it can't be as bad as Facing the Giants was. We watched that Thursday as our tongue-in-cheek hat tip to all the crazed sports people watching that other Giants-related thing on T.V., and even my nine year old could see through the bad acting and theology.

Compared to that, I'm tempted to say the WTWTA couldn't have been so bad, but I've heard the same as you all - no good.