Monday, November 01, 2010

Don't miss these: 11/1/10

  • The title says it all: Democrats urge reelection of dead Long Beach senator. Yes, well, I daresay I'd be happier about her performance in coming days than that of all the live ones.
  • Bolstering that point, I am hoping that many who go into the voting booth tomorrow remember that we have a president who refers to those who disagree with him as "our enemies."
  • Pollster Scott Rasmussen says that tomorrow's election will send more Republicans to Congress than in the last 80 years. However, he cautions the GOP that it will more be a vote against the Dems than it will be a vote for the GOP. This means that the GOPers who come into office will have to remember what President Bush forgot: they will need to continue to explain and persuade, and to counter their opponents in the MSM.
  • Meanwhile, the Gallup Poll foresees a historical gain by the GOP tomorrow, that could go well beyond 60 seats.
  • Whatever the specifics, be assured: the MSM is already preparing editorials and pieces "explaining" how the large/huge/massive GOP victory doesn't really mean that O and the Dems shouldn't stay on the same course, and how it is not a referendum on Obama's (or the Dems') ideology and policies. Plus many somber warnings against the GOP being too confidence, assertive, purposeful or consistent. Plus many fatherly admonitions that they should work with Obama and the Dems, embrace compromise, and fear gridlock.
  • BTW, that holds true even if the GOP wins absolutely every campaign on every issue on every level in every state.
  • No surprise: Alaska's GOP Senatorial candidate Joe Miller has three main opponents: the Democrat, the poor-loser "moderate" write-in, and the Alaska MSM.
  • Meanwhile, if you're compulsively following from home tomorrow night, here's a helpful guide from the Washington Examiner.
Gotta run, for now.

Later (not now!) I plan a post giving and inviting predictions for tomorrow.


Robert said...

I can't figure out what is most disturbing between last week's links to voter fraud, the link today to the flier to vote for a woman who just died, or that voicemail from the reporters talking about finding a child molester and they laugh about it. It's like it is all just a game to these people. I am reminded of the quote "If you ain't cheating, you ain't tryin." It makes me want to hurl.

Brad Williams said...

Weirdest mid-term election ever. At least, it is in my short memory. I am practically giddy to vote tomorrow, which is sort of ridiculous.

I cannot wait until Nov. 3.

Anonymous said...

I am concerned for Chris Matthews. How will he handle this?

Fred Butler said...

He and Oberman will probably eat through their own arm.