Friday, November 19, 2010

Hither and thither 11/19/10

I have, er, a late-night engagement Thursday night, so you may find more updates than usual through the morning. (I still haven't checked all the submissions from my Dear Readers!) (Update: yes, there will be many updates!So enjoy, keeping these things in mind:
  • For fans of the Harry Potter movie opening today:

  • Another use for cats: gator control. Seriously. (A couple of readers also noticed this.)
  • We've all been reading about TSA groping and porn scanners lately. Read a different take on it from Doug Wilson, who sees it as a Third Amendment issue.
  • Want to avoid becoming a porn pinup or getting sexually molested by the government? Simple: wear a hijab.  Because, you know, Islamic terrorists would never use women or children to do Bad Things. Because that would be wrong!
  • But if you're a white lady with a baby... watch out. Because you know they're big terrorist suspects.
  • Parenthesis: how can a man's blood not boil at the thought of strangers doing this to his wife, his daughter? I think if mine were molested in such a way... might be you'd be without my services for a time. Absolutely in fur i at ing.
  • That's me speaking as a husband and a father. Hear a similar word from a mother: do not touch my kids.
  • Anyone think that Janet Napolitano or Michelle Obama are subject to such "pat-downs" as that poor woman alleges? I'm thinking the answer can be spelled in two letters, the first being an "n" and the second a vowel.
  • Though he is surprisingly naive about President Obama and Secretary Napolitano, Ed Stetzer gives some reasons to resist.
  • Or you can just break up with the airlines, and tell them so, as this writer is doing. After all, from my understanding, the airports do not have to allow the TSA to molest and harass customers.
  • My dear wife asked me, and I ask you: where is the ACLU on this?
  • Maybe the same place as the NAACP is in celebrating the election of conservative black Tea Party patriots?
  • A parting funny, though: Airplane II saw this coming, 28 years ago.
  • Post-noon update: I am sure that you all will join me in Deep Guilt over the news that all this "rights"-talk and unsheeplike complaining is making our Overloads positively cranky.
  • Second post-noon update: frequent-flyer Phil Johnson Tweeted:"Opted out of the porn scanner this AM; was subjected to groping. Worst part: airport Muzak was playing Dan Hill's 'Sometimes When We Touch.'" You can't make these things up.
  • Aaand a parting not-funny prediction: if President Obama does not direct Secretary Napolitano to change this drastically before the holiday-flights season starts next week, "Death-wish" diagnosis is confirmed. That, or incurable megalomania. Hard to differentiate.
  • Meanwhile, breaking news: reader Paula found proof that a lot of folks at the "restore Sanity" rally were... mm... not very bright.
  • Graphic candy corn joy.
  • Julie Garrett has found us Super Mom.
  • DAOD points out a pastor who has commanded his church leaders to quit Facebook, or be kicked out. His reasoning is that one might cultivate bad relationships and even infidelity via Facebook. I know that happens... but I have to say that anyone who is that morally clueless and weak should cut an air-hole in a refrigerator and move in. But now, at no extra charge...
  • The Irony Alert: this pastor, who's so concerned about purity, and who's comfortable making up his own rules about who can and can't be a leader in his church? His wife is also a "pastor" in that church.
  • Update on last week's story about Cody Alicea, forbidden to fly an American flag on his bike. Happy developments. Reader Threegirldad (and BSIL) noted Cody had an escort riding his flag to school.
  • No, Josiah and Jonathan, this would not be accepted at Logos Christian Academy:

  • While liberals just can't find anything in the budget to cut (except the military), conservatives are once again suggesting that National Public Radio be cut from public dollars. But their structure is so complex that it's difficult to tell how much of their budget is comprised of tax dollars. Regardless, I think the argument for forcing you and me to pay even a penny for it is, at best, weak. Look for the GOP to act on that, next year — and for them to be characterized in the MSM as "anti-culture," or something.
  • Meanwhile, interesting to note that Obama has a relative who is a doctor, and is robustly opposed to Obama's agenda.
  • More proof — if we needed it — that the Obama administration is utterly clueless and utterly out of its depth in dealing with terrorism. Civilian trial of a terrorist, rewarded with 3 hots and a cot plus endless opportunities for anti-American propagandizing for years... just shows that our wrong President picked the wrong man to be Attorney General. Which is hardly a surprise.
  • It does prompt a valid question: might even Osama bin Ladin walk, under Obama?
  • Goodness. The new congress isn't even sworn in, and a RINO's already trying to sneak into leadership posed as a "conservative." Watch out, Speaker Boehner.
  • Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, nice to know the Dems take corruption seriously. Just kidding! What's the recommendation for Rep. Rangel, found guilty of 11 ethics violations? Dismissal? Be serious. No, they recommend a public scolding of the defiant, unrepentant Rangel! "Bad Congressman. Bad! Now, back to your seat of power and privilege." Onoes! Boy oh boy, that will send a message.
  • About that, btw, I am serious. It absolutely sends a message, though not a surprising one from the party that sold its soul to keep Bill Clinton in office.
  • Moving to another area where that same party holds power: Dude, better not break into California! If they find out you're illegal... they'll give you tuition discounts! (Thanks to Chris Carney.)
  • Oh my. Can you guess what this is? Go on, try:

  • The writeup says, "Whether this Thanksgiving centerpiece incites horror, amazement, or confusion when it’s served, it’s certain to evoke some kind of outburst." What is it? Again, a warning: "This dish is not recommended for people who require an inch of space between food groups." Give up? Thanks to a tip from Laura Kelleher, it is a Thanksgiving Turkey Cake. Yikes.
  • BSIL says that the perfect dessert to accompany the Turkey Cake is the Cherpumple.
  • I think it is safe to say this about San Francisco and its attitude towards what may or should be done with the, er, male member. Here is the rule: if any part of the Bible is foursquare against it, SF is for it; if any part of the Bible is foursquare for it, SF is against it. (Reader Robert's link reminded me that I wanted to point that out.)
  • Robert also noted an ugly, ugly find at a Buddhist temple.
  • The three most obnoxious Senate victories, to me, in ascending order, were Boxer, this one (if it happens), and Reid. Boxer for reasons obvious to any sentient being — but third place because it wasn't unreservedly sweet to have to vote for Fiorina, (A) under whom I'd worked at Hewlett-Packard, and (B) who served HP really poorly. (I was one who lost my job to India/Canada, thanks to Carly.)  Alaska because Murkowski was rejected by her party, and her victory would embolden stuck-up prima donnas everywhere in future elections. Nevada most because (A) Harry "This War Is Lost" Reid really, really needed to go, and (B) Sharron Angle, I think, would have been a terrific Senatrix.
  • On which subject: Reid is going to try to ram through some bad Obama judicial picks. (Did I just say the same thing 2 or 3 times?)
  • Similarly, the Dems want to rush to force the military to embrace one particular ruinous perversion. Well. Nice to know what their priorities are, isn't it? Nice and, in a sane society, politically fatal.
  • So: we have an administration who views the war on terrorism as a legal matter, and the military as a perfect field for social experimentation. God deliver us.
  • PDS. It's real.
  • Relatedly: Sarah Palin thinks she could beat Obama in 2012. Elitists will bark and moo. My observations are two: (1) misunderestimating Sarah Palin has become something of a cottage industry, and I won't be investing in it; (2) in a sane America, I think she, any one of my regular readers, or your humble correspondent could beat Obama in 2012.
  • First... heart-breaker for Lego fans. You missed it! (Thanks to reader Gil Sebenste.)
  • Hunh. Gil also found a Lego exec with (what else?) a Lego business card.

  • Leaving us with these:


Pierre Saikaley said...

1.That Turkey Cake could use a layer of Cranberry Jelly!

2. Why do the very-bad-theology groups take all the cool church names? "Church in the Now" my town there's a group called "The Church of Perfect Liberty"-cult group that is.

3. National Radio....Take it from me. From what I know of the CBC in Canada, tax funded programming is funding overblown bureacratic salaries, and internal politics.

Thanks for another cool H&T!

Lenny said...

You seem to really hate Obama. Practically every mention of him is a negative one.
I'm Australian, and I'm going to make a generalisation here and say if Palin became President, we really would think the USA insane.

Barbara said...

I don't like potential presidential candidates doing reality TV shows. I think it speaks poorly for what we can expect down the road. As much as I hate to say it, I still expect a president (and potential) to behave presidentially. And Palin has been anything but.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong for me to cheer on Tom Brock for actually FIGHTING off temptation and following God's word?

Oh no's INTOLERANT of me...right.

Great post as always Dan.

Robert said...

That TSA stuff is quite disturbing...especially considering we fly my mother-in-law back to her home state of Georgia at least once a year. And my wife and I are trying to plan a trip to Ireland eventually. My skin was crawling reading that and then I was a bit angry about the exceptions for Muslims. Maybe I need to carry my Bible to Washington and tell them what my religious concerns are with that procedure. It is obvious most people there only use it as a paperweight unless they are swearing people into office.

Staci Eastin said...

LOVED the Super Mom video. :)

Mike Westfall said...

Yes, I would think that it would be rather easy for the Supreme Court to discover, in the shadows and penumbras of the 3rd Amendment, a right not to be strip-searched or groped in the name of security.

I mean, SCOTUS is so good at "discovering" things in shadows and penumbras, right?

On the other hand, the same right should also be standing out like a sore thumb in plain sight under the bright sunshine of the 4th Amendment.

rwt said...

When the TSA was first proposed in Congress, it was called the Federal Aviation Transportation and Airport Security Service. Once they realized what the acronym would be, they changed the name to the Transportation Security Administration. True story.

Scot said...

I remember why I come here: I can bang my forehead against my desk in frustration and get a good laugh too. I read about the new TSA policy banning ink cartridges over 16 oz. Man, we really have those terrorists in a bind now!

As for the cake, I would have guessed meatloaf. And yes I would take a slice of that.

CGrim said...

As an artist, it's my experience that most Kinkade-haters are parroting what they perceive to be the "enlightened" opinion. I think artists are especially prone to the desire to appear serious and enlightened and highbrow. Kinkade isn't really my style, but he's well within the romanticist/idealist tradition, and he's exceedingly skilled in the technical side of painting (which is pretty difficult in itself). I predict that 50 years from now, he'll have the same reputation as Norman Rockwell: nostalgic appreciation from most people, loathed by a handful of cloistered marxist art critics.

Unknown said...

I love the Lego business card. If we extend that concept does that mean members of congress would have to put their business cards on bacon?

Kris N. said...

Dan - I also went to a late-night engagement last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will you be commenting at all on this event?

Jeff B said...

Regarding California and tuition breaks, we do it right in Fresno. We allow our illeqal students to be Student Body President. Go CSU Fresno.

DJP said...

Kris - if I can see it another 3-4 times.

For research reasons, you know.

For the children.


Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Thanks for the pleasant reminder Dan that a Palin is pretty much always making somebody nuts somewhere.

You know that bull had to be thinking, "you really want a piece of me?"

I highly recommend that readers read all the loony left stuff first… get your blood boiling real good… and then end by watching that 80 year singer on Britian’s Got Talant and the boy with the American flag and his personal escort. They just make all the other nonsense fad away.

DJP said...

Grim, I think you're right. It minds me of folks who sneer at John Williams' music. Well, I like both Kinkade Kinkaid Kinkaide however-you-spell it, and I like John Williams.

I'm not supposed to? Marks me as a knuckle-dragging bucolic oaf?

Oh well.

Kris N. said...

Well, if it's for the children, then....I will eagerly wait for a review. Ebert gave it thumbs down, for what it's worth.

DJP said...

Are we talking about the same movie, Kris? The one I'm talking about, he gave three stars -- but made (I think) two glaring mistakes in his narrative.

Rhymes with "Bethly Ballows"?

Rhology said...

how would you feel about the announcement, "Thomas Kinkade to repaint ceiling of Sistine Chapel?" (And I ask as a non-hater.) Maybe something like you feel reading this?

Approximately the same way I'd feel if I heard that Tim Burton were going to do a sequel to the Wizard of Oz, or that someone would remake it and star Michael Jackson.
Hmm...the possibilities...

Kris N. said...

Oh snap! Didn't do my homework on an article I read that misquoted. And you're right...after reading his actual review, I did notice there are a few missteps in his narrative. I wonder if he read the book first or just came into it as a film critic. Reading first tends to shade the glasses a certain way, for sure.

And yes, rhymes with berry daughter.

Our youth pastor will be doing his own review during Sunday School for the teens on Sunday. May have to stop up and get his view.

Sonja said...

All this brouhaha about the alleged assaults being committed by TSA agents has caused Homeland Security to become "annoyed" at the flying public.

After all, Sen. McCaskell calls the groping "love pats".

Who knew?

DJP said...

Gee, I wonder (A) which political party Sen. McCaskill is?; and (B) Whether we have any footage of her having her being checked out by the TSA as the mom I linked was handled?

Rachael Starke said...

So, the late-night prayer meeting was good?


The TSA thing just boils my blood.

The Turkey Cake curdles my stomach.

And Lenny, as an ex-pat Aussie and as a Sarah Palin non-sympathizer of Barabara's variety, may I congenially remind you of one Pauline Hanson?

Glass houses, mate. ;)

Brad Williams said...

Alas that TSA has come to this. I can see now that my only recourse is to become a multi-millionaire and buy my own jet.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

"Gee, I wonder (A) which political party Sen. McCaskill is?"

GZimmy said...

My daughter suggests even our dog could beat Obama in 2012.

DJP said...

If that were my choice, pretty sure I'd vote for your daughter's dog.

More pluses, fewer minuses.

David said...

I hate to side with San Francisco on anything (if I cared about sports, I'd oppose the 49ers just because), but I would be thrilled to see involuntary circumcision banned everywhere. No one has a right to do that to anyone without a direct command from God — which no one has had for the last 2000 years.

GrammaMack said...

"where is the ACLU on this?"

According to a comment on that mom's blog, "I urge you to file a report with the ACLU in regard to what happened. They are collecting incidents to use in a case against the TSA." A few people provided a link.

In the meantime, I'm going to check out the trains to WV instead of flights for when I go to help out when our newest grandbabe arrives.

Magister Stevenson said...

Murkowski is running to be a senator for the State of Alaska, not senator for the Republicans of the State of Alaska. She has every right to run as a write-in--and win as a write-in.
And I come from PA where it took a Democrat to do what the Republicans couldn't in getting rid of our former shame--Arlen Spector (thank goodness we didn't take the Democratic victor in that primary--we have some sense left).
The true test is how the Republicans in DC handle Murkowski. If they welcome her back, well, that won't bode well for us. Business as usual. But if the Republicans drop her to the bottom, treat her like someone from outside the party (which she now is), then maybe the Alaskans will think about that next time they vote.

Sonja said...

I read the comments on Stetzer's blog and the one posted at 2:50 is pretty funny, in warpish sort of way.

It's an interesting approach to the groping -- if everyone pretends to like it, maybe TSA will stop doing it.

Gator Cat would get my vote for sure!

Rupert said...

I truly hope that Sarah Palin does run for president. The sooner she signs off on her candidature the better.

Aaron said...

I'm not a huge Palin fan, but I'd vote for anyting on two legs before I'd vote for a Democrat.

David, I disagree heartily. I think parents ought to do what's best for their children when they are young. It's much preferable to do it when you are a baby than as an adult (just read Genesis to figure that out). I thank God and my parents that I was circumcised. The thought of not being so, is a disgusting one.

I do appreciate, btw, how much Australians care who we pick to be President. If only they cared enough to help pay for free health care to the millions of people who come here (while simultaneously rejecting immigrants to their own country).

Aaron said...

Magister Stevenson: I would be happy if the Alaskans actually thought at all the next time they voted.

Aaron said...

Where's Stan? I'm thinking my island idea sounds better and better every passing day.

Anonymous said...

I should have noted that this is one of the best H&Ts EVER!!!

And that is saying something!

Josh Morrison said...

"I'm thinking the answer can be spelled in two letters, the first being an "n" and the second a vowel."

You're not suggesting that we start saying "ni!" to women?

DJP said...

LOL, I was wondering whether some Pythonite would suggest that.

And it was you!

David said...

Sir Aaron:

Galatians 5:12. Just a suggestion.

Angie B. said...

Okay, I've read the H&T. I'm ready for your HP review, since I went and saw it yesterday, and my hair is still blown straight back. Not an enthusiast, just occasionally enjoy it.

Definitely not for kids, in my mind.

DJP said...

It's started, Angie. Want do some further research, yeah, that's the ticket....

Aaron said...

Seriously, David? I mean, really, are you suggesting I do the following?

I wish that those who are upsetting you would castrate themselves!

David said...

Seriously, David?

Hey, don't look at me; I didn't write Galatians.

DJP said...

Right; and the one who wrote Galatians was not talking about circumcision undertaken for any other reason than as motivated by desiring to be under the law of Moses (4:21), as part of accepting a perverted and damning non-Gospel (1:6-10), and as part of trying to be declared spiritually righteous in God's eyes by keeping the Law (5:4). Paul is making no comment whatever about anyone who has that or any other bit of surgery done for other reasons — because, after all, the author says that circumcision in and of itself is nothing (5:6), and he himelf felt free to recommend it if it served other purposes (Acts 16:3).

To suggest that Galatians 5:13 applies in any way to someone who has no problems with circumcision today apart from trying to earn justification by Law-works is a pretty violent diversion of Scripture, and would have Paul thus condemning himself.

David said...

Yes, Dan, I understand that. But Sir Aaron has implied that it must be done: “It's much preferable to do it when you are a baby than as an adult.” In other words, if it’s not done to the baby, he’s going to have to get it done himself, later. Not he might choose to do it at a less pleasant time, but he’s going to have to do it or he might not, and that would be unacceptable (“disgusting”). I’m not objecting to the statement of one who “has no problems with circumcision today apart from trying to earn justification by Law.” I’m objecting to one who has a problem with not circumcising.

I understand what Paul was addressing, and that I’m stretching the application. Yet, speaking for myself (not Paul), I think the sentiment is appropriate. And like Paul, I’m not saying I actually want anyone to do that; I just want them to lay off imposing their preferences — for whatever reason — on others.

Understand also: if a man wants to be circumcised himself, that’s no skin off my, er, nose. I think he’s sadly misguided, but that’s his problem. I only ask that he let other men make their own choice, as well.

DJP said...

Still, even if Aaron thinks circumcision is an absolute necessity for whatever reasons, unless he is thinking so because it is an absolute necessity in order to be accepted as righteous by God, he's nowhere near Paul's strictures in Galatians.

David said...

"Still ... he's nowhere near Paul's strictures in Galatians."

Yes, I acknowledged that in my second paragraph above. As I said, I'm applying the same sentiment, though, in defense of helpless, choiceless babies.

For the children, you see, and the adults they will grow to be.

Aaron said...

@DJP: I appreciate the exegesis of Galations 5 on my behalf. I thought for sure it would have to be done.

@David: So you knew I wasn't preaching circumcision as part of salvation and still invoked Galations 5:12 anyways? I really can't believe you invoked Holy Scripture because it's how you feel.

We make choices for children all the time that are initially painful to them. We give them shots, take blood, and do other procedures which are painful. We do what we believe is best for them regardless of the momentary pain it may cause them. I personally believe it's an important sanitary and health issue. And delaying it until later in life will cause much more pain if a man is required to do so. But that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. I'm not the one trying to force you to live by my opinion by threat of law (since you agree with San Francisco's attempt to legally ban the procedure) or ad hominem attacks via invocation of Galations 5:12.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...


Sorry David, but when it comes to circumcision from a non-biblical position… Sir Aaron is pretty much right on anyway. I wouldn’t agree with him if he said someone had to do it (which I doubt he is saying) but I sure would agree with him that someone should do it… for a whole host of medical reasons. And if that someone can’t make the decision for themselves because they are just a baby then, IMO, it is the prudent thing for the parent to have done.

Robert said...

@David: I guess that my parents and the doctors involved should be jailed for cutting off my extra fingers at birth as well, right? C'mon man...either you are not a parent or you're just not thinking about the implications of what you're saying. From immunizations to operations in certain situations, parents are the one who have to make decisions. What if a baby/toddler has a tumor? Do you do chemo or try to remove it if it is cancerous? How about brest milk vs. formula? Somebody has to make these decisions, right?

And that is even taking as an aside the health issues involved with circumcision. If I followed your way of thinking, how could I justify making a decision between homeschooling, private school, and public school for my children? How could I justify choosing what to feed them? How about what church to take them to? I don't have direct commands from God on any of these. What we do have from God is a commandment for children to obey their parents (so long as the parents are in line with God). This is in essence God giving the parents authority over the children. This authority is to be used in humble, loving service to the children.